15 Memes And Quotes For All Scorpio Zodiac Signs

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15 Memes and Quotes For All Scorpio Zodiac Signs

Scorpio is a lot to handle but is it all worth it? Scorpios are known for intimate behavior and outbursts, but there's also more to them than you realize. 

These memes and quotes best summarize Scorpios so that we can shine their good and bad sides.

Scorpio are the best friend everyone needs as well as one of the strongest zodiac signs.

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Let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be on a Scorpio’s bad side.

They have an inner storm that’s silent until you push to their breaking point.

A Scorpio’s weakness is their emotion, which will make them prey.

A way for them to control their emotions is through meditation and daily exercises.

Trickery will not slide around Scorpios. They can easily win the deck of cards with questioning and manipulation.

Even though they can be a sitting flame, their charm can draw others near.

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Their promiscuous behavior helps them strive to be loving, faithful companions, but jealousy can get the best of them.

A few of their strengths involve expressing a great amount of bravery and self-assurance, which helps them to keep moving forward.

They’re attentive and focus on reaching their goals by all means.

Their downfalls involve controlling behavior, impatience, and inability to forgive easily.

Here are the perfect matches for Scorpios (so no one gets burned)!

Taurus, Cancer, and Libra.

Romance with Scorpios are like two people dancing, and not knowing exactly where they are.

Scorpios are mysterious. If you date Scorpios, pay attention to their signals.

Even though Scorpios love dominance, they also desire for their partner to initiate risks.

At first, Scorpios are drawn to lusty moments, but as the relationship progresses, they grown devotion to the other.

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Scorpios can be private so it will take time to let them open up to you. Similar to a light switch, Scorpios can be warm and then cold.

There’s no in-between when their emotions are bothered.

Disturbing their trust will shatter their heart, which they’ll try to fix with revenge. It’s difficult for them to forgive and forget.

On the bright side, if you stay true to them, then their loyalty will be limitless. As a Scorpio myself, I can vouch on this particular subject.

Anytime the people I care about immensely are in pain, then I want to be by their side doing everything I can to assist them.

Whether this is cooking them a meal or fetching their favorite milkshake at McDonald's.

We can get attached to people that we feel their pain enough to help make it stop.

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Here is why you should have a Scorpio as a best friend. They won’t sugarcoat the harsh truth.

Go ahead and ask them if those pants you bought, make your butt look fat. Even though it sounds aggressive, it’s actually coming from the heart.

Your self-esteem will boost up if they give you a compliment. They won’t encourage a little ego for no reason.

Scorpios can be devoted to other friends. They won’t share anything that’s emotional if they know can’t handle it.

When Scorpios see loved ones in pain, then they suffer excruciatingly as well. It can feel so real to them, that it will make the journey to recovery difficult for them.

In any situation, it’s good to have that one friend that over-analyzes anything and everything.

They want to call the worst-case scenario just as much as the rewarding ones.

Here are fifteen memes and quotes for all Scorpio zodiac signs, that anyone can relate to.

1. What Scorpios say: I just checked my schedule and I don’t see ‘dealing with your bullshit’ penciled in anywhere.

— Scorpioquotes.com, Pinterest

2. One does not simply ignite the wrath of a Scorpio.

— Danielle, Pinterest

3. Scorpio’s problem #458: I think too much and then end up putting myself in a bad mood.

— Unknown, Pinterest

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4. You can hear the ice cracking when Scorpios turn cold.

— RoHiT, Pinterest

5. A Scorpio can ignore you so hard that you will start to doubt your own existence.

— Scorpioquotes, Pinterest

6. That knife you stuck in my back became useful when it came time to cut ties with you.

— Scorpioquotes, Pinterest

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7. Scorpios get so “zoned” out sometimes, you’d think they were sleeping with their eyes open.

— Zodiacsociety, Pinterest

8. When a Scorpio is following their own path, they’re unstoppable.

— Scorpioquotes, Pinterest

9. If you think a Scorpio doesn’t notice you, think again. They don’t have to look obvious to scope out their surroundings.

— Zodiacsociety, Pinterest

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10. Scorpios speak three languages: English, sarcasm, and flirty innuendos.

— Scorpioquotes, Pinterest

11. Legends are born in November.

— unknown, Pinterest

12. That face you make when you realize… someone is dumb enough to cross a Scorpio.

— Danielle, Pinterest

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13. A perfect mixture of sweetheart and sass.

— DailyHoroscopePlus, Pinterest

14. A Scorpio can easily “play dumb,” so you will underestimate them and they will strike when you least expect it.

— Zodiacmind, Pinterest

15. You think Karma is a bitch, wait until you piss off a Scorpio.

— unknown, Pinterest

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