50 Best Scorpio Memes That Describe This Zodiac Sign

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How many Scorpio memes can one sign provide? Well, when it comes to this passionate, distrustful, volatile creature, the meme content is never-ending.

This complex water sign is a hard nut to crack. They’re cutthroat and unforgiving, which can be pretty terrifying at times. But it's also kind of hilarious in that dark, “if I don’t laugh I’ll cry” kind of way.

With their hard exterior and soft, sensitive interior, Scorpios are a walking paradox swinging between emotional extremes. If they’re your friend, they’re your most loyal friend; if they’re your enemy, you're in for a rocky ride.

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50 Best Scorpio Memes

Despite their secretive nature, Scorpios love to hear the truth. And the truth is that these 50 Scorpio memes are hilarious. Ruthless, but hilarious.

Whether you have a Scorpio Sun, Moon or Rising sign, or just have a Scorpio in your life, you’ll certainly resonate with these. 

1. Scorpios are independent and needy in equal measure.

Scorpio: I’m alone and I love it!

Also Scorpio: (sobs)

2. Keep yourself to yourself.

3. Got that heart under lock and key.

Them: You’ve got to start opening up.

Me: ...

4. You can’t suppress the sass. 

Scorpio: I hate my own attitude sometimes like WTF you mad about now.

5. The floor is lava.

6. Scorpios have more issues than Vogue.

Scorpio Season begins: Who do I trust? Me!

7. No second chances.

Don’t piss a Scorpio off and then try to carry a conversation after.

8. Feeling cagey?

Exciting summer plans vs. canceling plans solely because you’re not feeling good about yourself on a particular day. 

9. Back off, okay?

Scorpio to anyone trying to control them ever...

10. The outside doesn't always match the inside.

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11. All of those issues are trust issues.

What have people done to make you so cold and not trust anybody?

Scorpio: B**** everything!

12. The struggle is real.

13. An actual image of a Scorpio's brain.

14. Now that's a sneaky Scorpio.

15. Quite the cliffhanger, wouldn't you say?

16. A silent Scorpio is always scheming.

When you’re being yelled at and you’re waiting for them to finish so you can hit them with the facts. 

17. This is how Scorpios show love. 

Scorpio: Being overly possessive of people they love and fearing to let them go.

18. Scorpio's love language is sarcasm.

“I’m trying to show love but it keeps coming out as sarcasm.”

19. Scorpio Moon getting into a relationship.

20. Time to recharge your social batteries.

Me ignoring text messages until I gain enough energy to be social again.

21. Scorpio runs on...

22. Keep your headphones on or people might learn that you have feelings.

Scorpio playing sad music while being sad.

23. This is what moving on looks like.

24. There is no in-between.

Caring too much vs. not caring at all

25. Harsh is Scorpio’s middle name.

Speaking of funerals. Why don’t you go ahead and go die?

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26. Trust? Don’t be ridiculous. Scorpios don’t trust.

Scorpio Totally Trusts You and Other Hilarious Jokes You Can Tell Yourself

27. They are the drama kings and queens of astrology.

28. What's trust?

I don’t have trust issues, because I don’t trust at all. 

29. Unfortunately, Scorpios don’t come with instructions.

How To Understand A Scorpio: All the pages are blank WTF

30. Me thinking about my ex.

31. Don’t get on a Scorpio's bad side.

32. Emotions coming out of nowhere to ruin your day.

33. Scorpios have twisted minds.

34. Weighed down by their issues.

35. Cute but deadly.

What a Scorpio is actually like vs. what they want you to believe

36. This is life as a water sign.

37. Don't give away the secret.

38. Get it together.

When Scorpio is too honest with someone: Are you crying?

39. Scorpios in their emotional prison.

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40. Someone who would kill for you > Someone who would die for you.

41. Nope, don’t want to hear it.

Me when someone gives “constructive criticism”: Let’s move on to something that really matters.

42. It’s our time to shine.

Scorpios during Scorpio season vs. the rest of the world

43. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Scorpios when phase 3 of the revenge plot they made four years ago starts kicking into gear

44. Explosion pending.

45. It’s been 43 seconds!

46. The paranoia is real.

47. The RBF face is a known Scorpio trait.

I’m not in a bad mood, this is just how I look. 

48. Soft inside, hard outside.

49. You asked for it.

Scorpios be like: If you don’t want a sarcastic answer, then don’t ask a stupid question. 

50. You can’t apologize if you’re never wrong.

This is how Scorpio apologizes:

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