What Job Should You Have, By Zodiac Sign

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What Career Is Right For You, By Zodiac Sign
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What job is right for you? Looking for a job is hard work. With a whole world of different job opportunities out there, it can feel super overwhelming trying to find the best fit for you. Maybe you’re about to go into college, and you want a sense of direction before diving right in.

Maybe you’re an established business owner that’s looking into going into a new field.

What career is right for you?

How do you find your passion and turn it into a dream job? By zodiac sign with astrology!

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Your horoscope can help you to see what you're designed to do?

If you just want to know if you should really go to Med school like your parents keep suggesting. Your Sun Sign can help you out.

Here's how to find your passion and see what career or job is best for you, by zodiac sign.

Careers that are right for Aries

Aries, trust me, you do not want a desk job. You have a lot of passionate energy that would be wasted sitting behind a desk. You have natural leadership ability, even if you can be a little bit impulsive.

Your best fits are jobs that require some strength and leadership. A police officer would be a good fit. If you’re not super athletic, a job that allows for movement, diversity, and travel with the chance of high ranking positions is ideal.

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Careers that are right for Taurus

Taurus needs stability and routine. You thrive on being able to predict exactly what happens and being able to have a plan A, B, and C. Desk jobs would be more your speed, or something that involves your eye for precise creativity. Jobs like interior designers have a mix of both creativity and predictability that would suit you nicely.

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Careers that are right for Gemini

Gemini, you thrive on no structure at all. You like to be able to control your own life fully and be able to do whatever you want with it. You do have a lot of energy, and you can also be very skilled with words.

Journalism and poetry could be great fits for you. Self-employment, in general, is an idea that could allow you to express yourself creatively while also being your own boss.​

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Careers that are right for Cancer

Cancer’s are empathetic and emotional and thrive on being able to help others. You do still retain some of the water signs, signature creativity, so law and medicine could be too stifling for you, depending on the rest of your chart placements.

A great fit for you would be teaching. You love to see other’s shine brighter because of the help you gave them, and seeing young children grow into intelligent adults is just for you.

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Careers that are right for Leo

You thrive in the spotlight, even though at times you can crumble under scrutiny. One of the best fits for you is law and politics.

These high profile jobs can be very stressful, but they allow you to be in the public eye but still do good in the world. Pop culture fame is also well suited to you if you can become Insta-famous.

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Careers that are right for Virgo

The analytical mind of Virgo is well suited for finance, research and start-up kinds of jobs. Your detailed-oriented mind means that you focus well on your work, and not on the opinions of others.

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You also don’t necessarily need to be the leader of the gang, but you can execute projects on a smaller scale very well.

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Careers that are right for Libra

Libra’s are best suited for law-related fields. You rely heavily on balance, justice, and truth in your everyday happenings. You have a way with words, similar to Gemini.

You make a great member of a team but also do very well on your own. You have an air of sophistication that you bring to everything you do.

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Careers that are right for Scorpio

Scorpio’s are beautiful and dramatic souls. You don’t take criticism well, but you do like to be the center of everything when it comes to your reputation.

You would do well in the spotlight. Promoters, marketing, and Hollywood would all be good fits for your outlandish and loud persona.

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Careers that are right for Sagittarius

You have an endless amount of energy. What makes you different from Leos is that you don’t thrive off being the center of attention.

You need creativity and flexibility in your life. Pilots, flight attendants, travel journalists, and even stuntmen could be fun, unique, and entertaining jobs that will fulfill your sense of adventure.

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Careers that are right for Capricorn

You are made and built for the business world. You have an excellent sense of leadership and no-nonsense attitude that is exactly what many companies need to lead their teams.

You do well on your own as well as as a direct team member. You are super well suited for CEO positions at big companies. You will fit in just fine in high-pressure environments.

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Careers that are right for Aquarius

You don’t fall into the traditional career path. Your very nature is to question and push the boundaries of the typical life plan. But, since we as a society deem having money as a necessary part of life, non-profit work and the tech industry are good fits for you.

They call for innovation and social activism, which satisfies your innate needs as an Aquarian.

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Careers that are right for Pisces

You are part of hands down the most empathetic sign in the entirety of astrology. You probably already are the natural therapist of your friend group.

Your insight into the human mind and profound understanding of emotions make you a perfect fit to study psychology at any level, whether it be counselor, therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

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