50 Best Taurus Memes That Describe This Zodiac Sign

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Thanks to their love of routine and inability to compromise, this stubborn bullish personality provides some pretty hilarious Taurus memes.

If you're a Taurus or know one, these will be painfully relatable. Your Taurus friends are secretly sensitive, so they may not love to laugh at themselves but they'll sure crack a smile with these memes. 

As the second of the zodiac signs, Taurus is well known for being blessed with heaping loads of strength, stability, and a love of routine. This grounded Earth sign is also the most down-to-earth person you'll meet.

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They stick by you through the tough times... so long as you don't try too hard to push them out of their comfort zone or tell them they're wrong. You really don't want to tell a Taurus they're wrong about anything.

Of course, they're also the most stubborn zodiac sign. That said, you have nothing to worry about because Taurus will use that headstrong aspect of themselves for the greater good, always making sure the people they love get their needs met as well.

50 Best Taurus Memes

Send these memes to your favorite Taurus for a good giggle. Or, if you're a Taurus, consider these memes an accurate representation of your personality.

1. Activity? Don't know her.


Friend before a trip: Don't forget to pack workout shoes!

2. Suddenly, I can't read.

Treating yourself won't solve all your problems.

3. Know your worth.

Taurus: Anytime their friends ask for relationship advice...

4. I hate to say I told you so.

When they finally forgive someone and it backfires like they knew it would.

5. Social media is not a personal journal.

Thank you, for making that announcement that no one cares about. 

6. Do not forget this.

Me: *dying on the inside*

Me: I'm still that b****.

7. They just can't help it.

When you wanna hang out with people but your perpetual self-doubt makes you feel like you're not really part of the group and they just tolerate you.

8. Taurus is almost always hungry.

9. It can be a problem.

When you realize you're acting like a brat, but you're already in too deep and can't stop.

10. Wasn't all that interested in this conversation anyway.

When you're arguing with your man and he suddenly has a good point, so you're just like ... Whatever.

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11. Are you even surprised?

When you prove someone wrong.

12. I do what I want!

When you know the solutions to all your problems, but you just don't wanna do them.

13. Take that!

14. Money, money, money on Taurus' mind.

"Hey, baby what's your sign?"

Taurus: Dollar

15. Oops, hurt my own feelings.

Taurus after romanticizing a stranger and hurting their own feelings.

16. I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

Taurus when the waiter tells you they are out of filet mignon.

17. Gotta go home.

Taurus after coming out of the comfort of their own home for more than 5 minutes. 

18. Will do anything to go home.

Me getting ready to cry in front of my manager so he can send me home early.

19. Things that trip you up.

20. Hand me a crystal ball because clearly I'm psychic.

Taurus sitting back and watching things happen that they said would happen.

21. Taurus does not do compromise.

22. Too lazy to be hungry.

The Taurus dilemma: I'm hungry but I hate to move.

23. Feeling judged. 

How a Taurus feels when they got the aux but nobody's nodding their heads. 

24. Forget forgiveness.

25. Accept me for me.

I'm like dropping hints that I'm a Taurus.

"I just think it's funny how..."

26. Comfort zones are called comfort zones for a reason.

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27. Night sweats and overthinking...

28. Catch flights, not feelings.

When you start caring so you don't have to remind yourself to be cold and distant so you don't get hurt

29. Telepathy isn't flirting?

30. Thinking hurts.

Stop thinking about everything so much, you're breaking your own heart.

31. Inside, I'm boiling over.

When people describe you as chill but you're literally always on the verge of a mental breakdown and always mask it by acting unbothered. 

32. Giving up but never giving in.

33. Take no prisoners.

"I'm sorry for everything that I've don..."

Taurus: *blocked*

34. As if!

35. Many think Taurus just has an icy cold heart.

36. Fill up my cup.

37. Ouch, there goes my ego.

Taurus, Virgo and Aquarius when they're proven wrong about something: Shoot me, it would hurt less.

38. Look mom, I can fly.

39. Glam, glam, glam!

40. Put this in your Tinder bio.

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41. The only side I see is my own.

Person: Hey can you look at things my way and acknowledge you're not always right.


42. Send this to win every argument.

I'm sorry but you're wrong.

43. Ain't this the truth.

Taurus: I'm not lazy, I'm just selective with my time and energy.

44. I have a lot of time on my hands.

Someone: What episode are you on?

Taurus: 26

Someone: But you started watching it yesterday.

45. Night in, anyone?

Why the f*** would you wanna go big when you can go home.

46. Accept me for me.

47. Trust issues.

"I love you"

"HAHAHAHAHA, no you don't"

48. I wasn't coming anyway, TBH. 


49. Honesty is the best policy.

Ex: My mom still asks about you.

Taurus: Yeah, well my mom and I talk s*** about you. 

50. Why sleep when you can think instead?

Taurus: overthinking the same scenario at 3 AM

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