Tarot Card List + Meanings Of All Cards In The Major & Minor Arcana

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Tarot Card List + Major & Minor Arcana Meanings

Learning about tarot cards can be super overwhelming. There are many different cards in a deck and to do a tarot reading you feel like you need to understand each one.

One of the basic things about tarot cards that you should know before delving deep into the world of tarot is the basic makeup and breakdown of a tarot card set.

How many cards are in a deck?

There are 78-cards in the typical tarot card set.

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A full deck of tarot cards is split into the Major and Minor Arcana.

Major Arcana tarot cards focus on big life events that can happen within your life.

The Minor Arcana are the suits that deal with the everyday events that happen in life.

Here's a brief rundown of each Major Arcana card.

The Major Arcana

This Arcana is considered to be the most important one in a tarot deck because it deals with major points in human life.

These are the basic cards that are included in the Major Arcana.

Here's a general meaning for each tarot card in the Major Arcana:

0 – The Fool

A new beginning. Rushing ahead and not being aware of what you don't know.

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XI – Justice

Fairness. A karmic change in circumstances where you benefit.

I – The Magician

Skills that you possess coming into good use. A need to learn something new.

XII – The Hanged Man

Waiting on someone else and feeling impatient.

II – The High Priestess

A need to trust your intuition.

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XIII – Death

A loss. Something ending and a new beginning.

III – The Empress

Position of leadership where you start a new business. Being intuitively guided by feminine energy. A mother figure.

XIV – Temperance

Thinking. Worry.

IV – The Emperor

Leadership. Desiring to attract a strong mate.

XV – The Devil

Falling into bad habits. Leaning on your vices.

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V – The Hierophant

Tradition. Old ways of doing things. Aligning with a large institution to achieve your goals.

XVI – The Tower

Sudden trouble.

VI – The Lovers

Two paths. Making a decision. Dating more than one person and needing to choose one.

XVII – The Star

Spiritual guidance. Answer to prayer.

VII – The Chariot

Overcoming challenges. A need to push forward and to be unwavering.

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XVIII – The Moon

An enemy in disguise. A moody person.

VIII – Strength

Courage. You will have a victory.

XIX – The Sun

Good times, even during adversity.

IX – The Hermit

A need to retreat. A time for spiritual renewal.

XX – Judgement

Trust your instincts. To think for yourself.

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X – Wheel of Fortune

Opportunity coming your way.

XXI – The World

The start of a new period of time. The circle of life.

The Minor Arcana

This Arcana is broken up into four different suits.

These suits have ten numbered cards and four face cards.

These tarot cards deal with the everyday events of life.

The different suits and numbers deal with different things that can happen in your life.

Here is a basic breakdown of this Minor Arcana:


The Suit of Wands is associated with the fire element and pertains to creativity and the ability to create new things.


The Suit of Swords is associated with the element of air and pertains to action and behavior; how a person responds to situations or what is holding them back.

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The Suit of Cups is associated with the water element and pertains to emotions and feelings surrounding situations.


The Suit of Pentacles is associated with the earth element and pertains to the material aspects of life, especially finances.

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