What Does The Emperor Tarot Card Mean?

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The Emperor Tarot Card Meaning Explained

Do you have too much control, or too little?

There are 78 cards within the Tarot deck.

The Emperor Tarot card is the fourth of the Major Arcana, and is part of the Fool's Journey.

What does it mean when you pull the Emperor Tarot card during a reading?

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If you pull the Emperor card in an upright reading, you’ve really got it together! You're the calm in the storm of life. and have a crystal clear vision of who you are and what you want.

However, if you pull this card in a reversed reading, it may mean you're on a bit of a power-trip. This card is calling attention to your relationship with responsibility and discipline.

In the Tarot deck, these leaders have a pearl of the age-old wisdom that can only be gained through tons of life experience.

Whether this card is read as upright or reversed, you can be sure that pulling the Emperor Tarot card means you demand to be heard.

If you look at The Emperor, you can find him lounging on a stone thrown, wearing red robes and golden crowns.

So, as you can probably assume, he represents power and authority.

The Upright Emperor Tarot card means you're in control.

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As a father figure, this card represents providing for the family and protecting loved ones. The Emperor demands respect and authority, and will create a system bound by rules and regulations.

Think about whether or not your authority is working for you.

Are you abusing this power? Or, perhaps you're a born leader and are shying away from the role. Either way, this reading should serve as a reminder to treat your peers as equals.

Romantically, take a look at your relationship and ask yourself if there is an equal distribution of power.

Do both of you have a say in what Netflix shows you are going to start binge-watching on Sunday nights? Is there a constructive dialogue between the two of you when you argue about whose family you will be spending holidays with? Is your significant other your partner in crime, or a parental figure?

The Reversed Emperor Tarot card means you feel out of control.

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The Emperor Tarot card signals that your relationship is not making one of you, or both of you, happy. If this is the case, don’t blame your partner for their seemingly controlling or submissive tendencies; instead, look inward.

Usually, these issues of power associated with a reversed reading stem from deep insecurity.

This insecurity is often caused by some childhood issues with a father figure. These issues may make it hard for you to either let go of some of your authority, or take a stand when you're called to action.

If this is the case, try to view yourself as an individual.

We so badly need some democratic energy in our world right now. Don’t be a tyrant. Be powerful. Be humble. Be kind. It’s never easy making a change in your daily routine and attitude, but try and see how it alters your relationship with the world around you.

Start by letting your friends choose the bar you go to on Saturday night. Or, stand up to your boyfriend and tell him you don’t want Italian for the third night in a row.

Work your way up to creating a better dynamic between you and those around you. Tell them that you care and you're listening. Remind them that you have opinions and desires.

You're a leader. So, use the voice you’ve been blessed with to help, not hurt.

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