What Does The Empress Tarot Card Mean?

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What is The Meaning Of The Empress Card In Tarot?

The reading of Tarot cards is a tradition that has been around for centuries. It is used as a way to foresee what has not yet happened, and also to bring wisdom and guidance to different life situations.

The Empress Tarot card is the third card of the Tarot, and the one that radiates complete divine feminine energy.

The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

Upright meaning keywords: Divine femininity, pregnancy, motherhood, creativity, womanhood, sensuality, balance

Reversed meaning keywords: Insecurity, trouble conceiving, lack of abundance and growth, forceful or domineering

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The Empress card is one of the most benevolent cards in Tarot, and holds a powerful and beautiful message.

The Empress Tarot card is one of true womanhood and motherhood. It calls us to be softer, both with ourselves and those that surround us, including those we care for.

Whether we are male or female, this is a card signifying that we indulge more in our nurturing side, which also means all things domestic.

The Empress Tarot card is not just about divine femininity or pregnancy, but truly relishing in a healthy and productive home life in which we all feel supported, loved and encouraged to grow. This is a very plentiful energy denoting that whatever situation was the focus of the reading will be one to continue growing.

There is also a strong connection to creativity, success and intuition with this card, signifying that it might be time to explore a new spiritual path.

The Empress Tarot Card Description

Most often, the Empress card is depicted as a woman appearing at peace, laying back with a flowing gown, wearing a crown with twelve points.

The points represent the signs of the zodiac and the months of the year, showing a connection to the world around her.

The gown she is wearing is decorated with pomegranates, a food that traditionally signifies fertility and abundance.

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Nearby is the symbol of the planet Venus, deepening the connection to the divine feminine and love. She is also surrounded by a lush forest, emphasizing her connection to the earth, as well as the fruitfulness of growth associated with this imagery.

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Upright Empress Meaning

To pull an upright Empress card in Tarot means that whatever you are questioning or looking for answers within, will be abundant with new growth.

The Empress is the most powerful foreteller of pregnancy in all of Tarot. And while it is often seen as a quite literal representation of new life, it also points to the idea of being pregnant with possibility.

This is a card that is so abundant and fulfilling, it brings a wealth of possibilities to any reading. It also holds a powerful meaning when it comes to self-care by asking us to care for ourselves as we would a child, and to make sure we take time to nurture ourselves, both in body and in spirit.

When we see the Empress card, it signifies that life will take a more positive direction.

We will feel greater clarity in living from our heart. Greater creativity will lead to financial abundance, love will become deeper and more passionate, and our lives will swell with the intensity rooted in pursuing a spiritual awakening.

While this card only carries positive energy, there is a warning associated with it: if of child bearing age and a pregnancy is not desired, make sure to take precautions, as it does signify that this is a likely outcome, whether it is planned or not.

Reversed Empress Meaning

Even though we do not like to use words like "bad" or "good," because in life and in Tarot everything is seen as being in balance within one another, the reversed side of this card is more challenging and brings difficult energy.

While right side up, the card denotes nothing but abundance and growth, reversed it is the lack of it that carries the greatest significance.

Pulling the Empress card in reverse signifies a disconnect between the reader and their feminine energy, which both men and women can carry.

A lack in feminine energy can look like being overly controlling, disconnected, cold and mechanical. There can be a disconnect to our body, sense of sexuality, and even the world itself.

To block receiving our own feminine energy can heavily play on our mother wound and the type of love we encountered as a child.

This card also can signify an obsession with the material and physical aspects of life, including money, clothes and the social approval of others, while we neglect or ignore those closest to us in our lives. There may also be a penchant for throwing oneself into work and neglecting their emotional life.

Receiving the reversed Empress card asks you to pause, slow down, and try to incorporate a softer, more loving approach for yourself, those around you, and life, in general.

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The Empress Tarot Card's Ruling Zodiac Sign

In the symbology of the Empress card, the image for Venus is shown, which connects it to the ruling signs of Taurus and Libra.

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However, because Libra is the sign of the scales and is more often associated the Justice card in Tarot, it is emphasized in their shared air energy. This means that most interpretations of the Empress card are connected to the earth sign of Taurus.

Taurus is one of the ruling signs of Venus and is known for seeking pleasure in all things. Much like the Empress shown on the card, Taurus would love nothing more than to lounge around enjoying the beautiful joys that life offers.

The connection between these two is further emphasized in the lush forest behind the Empress.

The Empress Tarot Card's Meaning in Love and Relationships

When we see The Empress card in Tarot, in terms of love it means that our love lives will be soon taking a turn of direction.

Love and Relationships: Upright Empress Meaning

If we are single, we can expect to meet someone soon that will lead to a lasting and passionate love affair.

The Empress is not just about casual dating or one-night stands, but true romance. So, when we pull this card, it means that area of our life will be dramatically affected in some of the best ways possible.

For those in a committed and loving relationship, an upright Empress card means the relationship will continue to grow and become deeper. While this can mean an engagement or greater commitment, it can also signify that the spiritual connection is one with strong roots and can weather any storm that comes along.

There is also a strong indicator of an intense sexual connection for those in an existing romantic relationship who pull this card as part of a reading.

Of course, in its most literal meaning, this card is also one that signifies a pregnancy is on its way, so be sure to take precautions if that is not the desired outcome; however, it may also be welcome news for those who have been hoping to expand their family.

Love and Relationships: Reversed Empress Meaning

If we pull the reversed Empress card, it can mean that we are having difficulty being our real self in relationships or dating scenarios. We will not really be attracting partners that resonate with our truth.

There is also a likelihood of fear, control, and a lack of truth in existing relationships. To overcome this, we must try to always be ourselves, and disregard the opinions of others.

For those in a relationship, a reversed Empress can mean we have a need to express our emotions and feminine qualities. Get to the root cause of why we suppress our feelings, and trust your intuition.

Another meaning of the reversed Empress is the need to express our feminine qualities, balancing the feminine and masculine, no matter our gender. While not the best news if reversed, it signifies that it is never too late to pull back and expand our feminine energy, all so we can receive what is meant for us.

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