What Does The Moon Tarot Card Mean?

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The Moon Tarot Card

When I started reading Tarot cards, I remember thinking the meaning of the Moon Tarot card could simply be defined as "things that happen at night." And while I still interpret this nocturnal card that way to an extent, over the years I've come to know the Moon Tarot card means so much more.

Moon Tarot Card Meanings

The Moon gives you a second chance — you can stay and accept your fate, or you can rebrand yourself at will. It's all up to you.

Upright meaning keywords: illusion, intuition, uncertainty, confusion, complexity, secrets, fear, anxiety, subconscious, dreams, vagueness, instability, deception, misconceptions, insecurity, the Feminine psyche.

Reversed meaning keywords: Release of fear, repressed emotion, inner confusion, unveiling secrets, subsiding anxiety, truth, regaining composure, clarity, understanding.

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The Moon Tarot Card Description

When looking at the Moon Tarot card, up in the sky, between two distant towers, we see a bright yellow Full Moon, hovering over two canines and a lobster, with visions of grass, sea and mountain range. The wild animals represent our tame side, and our wild side. The lobster represents our crawl to life, our potential and our earliest memory.

The towers are also opposing ideas — our good nature, and our bad. The water is the subconscious, the mind. And the terrain is our earth, and we are beneath the Moon, figuring ourselves out. Are we good, or are we bad?

Photo: volkovslava / shutterstock

The Moon, in the Tarot, is ultimately mystical. There is something magical and secretive about this card, and it never really fits into any reading, as it seems to immediately shift the interpretation to mean that there's something going on that you must take notice of, and perhaps it's your own behavior.

The Moon shines equally, with a neutral expression on its half-face, on all of us earthly creatures. But are our actions all worthy of such beautiful Moonlight?

The Moon card suggest to the reader that they (you, I, we) need to move through life in a more balanced way as, eventually, the spotlight will come our way and our behaviors and/or bad habits will be revealed.

Upright Moon Meaning

Upright in a spread, the Moon tarot card asks you to look beyond the illusion, to use your psychic ability, because there's more to what's going on than meets the eye. Seeing this card upright instantly implies that everything is not as it seems. You're being required to look deeper, to employ your inner senses, your intuitive ability.

The Moon is also the number one card that tells you to trust your gut and investigate what's going on inside you. Why do you feel that way? What is it that keeps getting your attention? Why are you so stuck? The upright Moon sheds light — that's what it does, and the nocturnal light is what reveals your dark side as well as your psychic side.

The Moon Tarot card is also a great card of femininity and womanhood. It can show up in a reading to represent a wise woman in your life, or it might very well be you, as the Moon. When you relate to this card as yourself, it's because you know yourself to be nurturing, protective, security-driven and constant. That which is associated with the Goddess is apparent in your very own nature.

This card is also associated with menstruation, the monthly flow, ruled by the cosmic lunar force in our sky, our Moon. It can be found in darker scenarios such as crime, betrayal and confusion. This meaning is not restricted to women, however. The Moon's shine reveals the feminine in all beings.

The cards that come up beside the Moon Tarot card tell how the Moon should play.

For example, if the Moon Tarot card is next to The Lovers Tarot card, then it's pretty clear that those lovers will connect. If the Moon is surrounded by The Tower Tarot card and, say, the 10 of Swords, the Moon is telling you to get out of Dodge, and fast.

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Reversed Moon Meaning

The reversed Moon is symbolic of depression, anxiety or other negative energies that can stifle expression and cause insecure feelings being cleared. When reversed, the Moon Tarot card is a sign your life is about to become easier, like a cup full troubles has overturned. Finally, all of that psychic energy can be released.

When the Moon is reversed, the meaning is release. Pent-up energy dissipates, answers come, and so does completion along with them.

The Moon is serious energy. We've all seen what the Full Moon can do to us here on earth. Heck, it makes us some of us scream yellow bonkers. So, when its representative card, The Moon, shows up reversed, it's giving you a break.

How that completion shows up is a whole other thing. The Moon's release can show up as you coming to terms with something awful about yourself, or giving up a long time habit. You know the truth about yourself. You know just how bad you've been (in whatever way), and the Moon Tarot card is saying, "Now's the time to act. No more regrets, only action."

Reversed Moon still gives us that duality, though. The Towers below and the canines still cemented to their earth along with the lobster offer the lesson that nothing really changes until you're willing to look at it deeply and do what needs to be done. Don't let your bad habits go too far. Don't let incomplete tasks go unfinished for too long. Life is short, so make good on your promises to yourself.

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The Moon Tarot Card's Meaning in Love and Relationships

When the Moon Tarot card comes up in a love reading, it's there to make us take notice.

Love and Relationships: Upright Moon Meaning

Something needs to be paid attention to. Something within the relationship is either going wrong or needs to be looked into so it doesn't go wrong. When upright, the Moon Tarot card can mean it's time for a deep conversation with your partner, because this relationship has all the potential in the world to be long-lasting and wonderful with some nurturing.

The Moon Tarot card can also act as a prod for you to be a better partner. It's not a warning, but it does come up to alert you to the idea that you might want to take a look at your stubbornness, or your inability to open up on certain topics. The Moon shines light, and in a relationship, you have to decide what you want seen and what you want to keep in the shadows. Perhaps the Moon's light is seeping in, which means it's time for you to live more freely, in love and in honesty.

If you are single, an upright Moon card means someone you are dating or interested in may be deceiving you or may not be all they seem to be. Take your time and get to know them better before taking things to far.

Love and Relationships: Reversed Moon Meaning

A reversed Moon Tarot card in a love reading means something may be wrong in your relationship or that you need to confront a difficult reality. The Moon is here to reveal what you must pursue in order to find the truth.

When the Moon Tarot card comes up reversed, it's a good time for you to take a beat and think about your relationship. It's worth taking this card seriously.

If you are single, a reversed Moon can indicate you are regaining confidence and should trust your intuition. If you don't, there is a chance you may ignore serious warning signs.

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