The Meaning Of Each Minor Arcana Tarot Card In The Sword Suite

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Tarot readings provide us with insight into past, present, and future.

It shows us how we can adapt to anticipate our immediate and future challenges.

In a reading, cards are drawn and displayed in a spread to tell a story. Each card in the tarot deck has a different meaning, and its positioning in the spread shows how it can be used to your advantage.

Within a full deck of tarot cards is The Minor Arcana. It is comprised of four decks of suit cards: wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. Each suit represents a different area of the observed reading.


The Suit of Swords represents the mentality and intellect of our readings.

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It deals with reason and preparedness. The cards within the Swords suit serve as a guiding light to the path of our thoughts and values.


It acknowledges potential challenges up head and shows the reader how to best equip themselves to deal with them.

The suit contains 14 cards, numbered from ace to ten with four additional face cards.

The image on each card is an indicator of the card’s larger meaning. In tarot readings, there is always a larger meaning to be interpreted than what is on the surface.

Each card has a corresponding story and personality.

As cards from the Suit of Swords are pulled in a drawing, conflict in the person’s life is revealed.

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Be it heartbreak, struggle, loss, or illness, the swords will reveal the pain in your life.


Luckily, they are rooted in reason and action. Not only will they reveal the problem areas, but also show you how to fix them.

Understanding the meaning behind each card in the Suit of Swords will make your readings more informed and more personal to your needs.

Here is an overview of all 14 cards’ generalized meanings in both the upright and reversed positioning of the Minor Arcana's Sword suite (plus numerology)!

Ace of Swords

Ace is the equivalent of one, and this card is the symbol of guidance in the midst of challenging and changing times.

The image of a sword piercing a crown implies triumph and optimism when one feels tested, or even inferior or the task at hand.


Drawing this card should make you feel victorious and inspired to tackle whatever life is throwing at you.

In it’s reserved positioning, the Ace of Swords suggests that you are unable to see the most important thing in your life at the moment.

Your reasoning may be working against you to create more problems for you, rather than cutting down obstacles.

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Two of Swords

The two in the Suit of Swords represents a conflict between two potential choices to be made, and it's an invitation to harmony.

The image of a figure with their eyes covered describes how you may feel blind to the true path ahead.


The best thing to do when this card is drawn is to open your heart to communication and work diligently to find a solution.

In the reverse positioning, this card means that disagreements in creativity will provide you with clarity towards your outcome in the end.

Take the arguments and find a middle ground. The solution will be stronger when you allow the conflicting sides to work together.

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Three of Swords

The image of a heart with three swords piercing through it suggests that this card reveals separation in life or the end of a romantic relationship.

Although this card has an overarching theme of gloom and sadness, it can be interpreted as the heart finally freeing itself of toxicity and frustration. You can be free again.


In the reserve positioning, this card shows the upside of a terrible breakup.

The clouds are parting, feelings are on the mend, and you can look to the future with a hopeful heart that things will find their balance.

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Four of Swords

The fourth card reveals that you should take a break from the pressures of worldly beings and return to a place of spiritual openness and awakening.

You may be feeling pressure around you from work, school, or people and wanting to relieve yourself of anxiety, but you feel guilty taking time for yourself. This card is your invitation to personal peace.


In the reversed positioning, the meaning takes a different interpretation.

This card reminds you to balance your solitude with interactions from others. Sometimes staying in our heads too long can make us feel trapped.

Sharing with others can help you stay out of a funk.

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Five of Swords

This card signifies the person is picking up the pieces from a battle lost.

Although the war is still continuing, this loss should inspire you to regroup and restrategize in a way that makes you prepared for the times ahead.

A more modern interpretation leans less toward physical altercation and more towards verbal and emotional turmoil.


Our words have direct implications on others, and this card is a healthy reminder of that.

In the reverse positioning, this card shows a grasp on your competitive impulses.

You are learning not to immediately judge a book by its cover.

Keep an open mind and use this card as a reminder that not everything is a fight in your life.

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Six of Swords

The person that draws this card is typically known for their knowledge and ability to problem solve and see things through an all-knowing eye.

It tells of the ability to differentiate fact from fiction, even when the lines are blurred. This person is trusted and respected.


In the reverse positioning, this card is a warning that you are in a period of time where you are abandoning rational thinking for reactionary behavior.

You are hindering your own personal growth by not reaching your fullest potential through logical thinking.

You’ll want to pay close attention to and even moderate the way you process emotions before acting if this card is drawn.

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Seven of Swords

This card shows an image of a soldier infiltrating enemy lines to gain a leg up on their upcoming battle.

It is a suggestion to use your wits in order to move ahead in life.

By working smarter, you will avoid any unforeseen mishaps and have a true grasp on the challenges that lie ahead of you.


It the reverse positioning, this card is a reminder of the things we do that fail or fall underappreciated.

You may feel like you just aren’t measuring up to those around you, but any action derived from an honest heart produces an honest personality.

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Eight of Swords

The Eight of this suit is often known as a “test” card. When this is drawn, the person may be finding themselves in a situation that will test their patience and ability.

The outcome will reveal their strengths and weaknesses.

This test can be outward, meaning involving other people, or inward, meaning a struggle within themselves.


Either way, this card reveals a chance to absolve themselves of any anxieties surrounding the challenges ahead.

In the reverse positioning, there may be feelings of projection of your personal problems onto others.

It is a reminder to characterize your wellbeing on the immediate circumstances around you, nothing less and nothing more.

Do unto others as you want to be done to you.

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Nine of Swords

This card suggests feelings of hopelessness or loss. The image of a woman, alone and afraid, serves as a mirror to the card drawer's own feelings.

Your heart is concerned with feelings of uncertainty or inadequacy after a tragic loss. Maybe you’ve departed with someone you love or are grieving a familial life.


This card acknowledges your pain and urges you to slow down your thoughts and appreciate who you are at your core.

In the reverse positioning, this card serves as a call to action to come out of a place of darkness and despair.

You will see a light at the end of a depressing tunnel soon. You are invited to invert your thinking and see things through a more positive light.

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Ten of Swords

This card represents the closing chapter of a book. It seals off what has been and welcomes what comes next.

There may be feelings of tragic loss and grief, but there should also be a sense of relief.

Things may be finished, but that means there is no more anxiety or stress about what could happen next.


This card often is drawn at a moment of complete burnout.

It should be seen as a warning to cease all further attempts to wrestle with the heaviest problems of the heart and move forward.

In the reverse positioning, this card comes as a warning of the dramatics.

Perhaps the card drawer has been acting out in an attempt to seek attention from someone they care about.

This card positioning urges that behavior to stop as it is not helpful to anyone involved.

Strip your heart of the need for others to validate you and you will feel much happier at the end of the day.

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Page of Swords

The Page is a warning card for the drawer to be patient. They must process and receive all the news with grace.

The card urges for thought before action.

At the same time, the Page encourages the card drawer to speak out against the issues they feel strongly about.

As a messenger, this card gives power to whoever draws it.

In the reverse positioning, the card suggests that too much sharing has commenced.

The card drawer may be too critical of others and feel the need to share their opinions, regardless of the consequences.


Turn the attention to yourself in these times. Perhaps there are ways you can improve instead of turning the finger to others.

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Knight of Swords

The Kights of Swords shows that change is imminent. Often we can feel when something is coming in our future.

This card comes as an invitation to take that change head-on and with courage.

When this card appears in your reading, is shows that you are brave and ambitious.

The Knight is rational and always thinks things through. He is direct and daring.

This card makes you a soldier embarking on a new journey!

In the reverse positioning, this card shows that you may be waiting for a change, yet it feels like it will never come.


Open your mind and your heart. The change may be right in front of your eyes. All hope is not lost.

There is still time to act, but it must be done quickly if you don’t want to be left behind.

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Queen of Swords

This card represents a woman, most often older and wiser, that serves as a guiding light in times of confusion.

It suggests being smart, intellectual, honest, and sincere.

When drawn, you are warned that advice from someone you trust is coming to you, and you should take it.

It can also be seen as a light shone on something you are suppressing. The Queen is all-knowing.


In the reserve positioning, the Queen suggests the suppression of deep, emotional feelings.

You may have felt that caring for yourself and processing your emotional turmoil is unproductive.

But this card serves as an invitation to process your own needs above those of others.

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King of Swords

The King of Swords shows someone who is more likely to use intellect and rationale over emotion and passion.

There is a strong head over heart mentality with the King.

Although rational thinking is not a bad thing, it should be used cautiously, as the drawing of this card warns.

In the reverse positioning, the card shows that rational thinking has been abandoned and your integrity should be renewed within yourself.


Look deep into your heart and your mind to find your moral compass.

Think about what you can do for those around you and you will find yourself fulfilled in ways never before imagined.

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