What Does The Star Tarot Card Mean & Why Is It Ruled By The Aquarius Zodiac Sign

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Meaning Of The Star Tarot, Ruled By The Aquarius Zodiac Sign

You are a shining star.

What does it mean when you do a tarot card reading and get The Star card?

Can it tell you how someone feels about you?

In general, each card can reveal if a person has positive thoughts towards you or not. However, every card in the tarot isn't not romantic in nature.

The Star card is part of the Major Arcana which tells of the Fool's Journey and where a person is in their own life.

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When you get the Star card, either in a three-card reading or a full spread, you are definitely being asked to pay attention to the spiritual side of your life.

The Star card is a positive omen. It means that you are being gifted with supernatural support.

Your life is going to be granted with an opportunity. You may receive a monetary blessing.

Other keywords that come with The Star card include hope, optimism, angels, and higher learning.

What does the Star card look like?

There are various symbols on the Star card and each carries with it an astrology and numerology meaning.

The face of the Star card shows a woman who is kneeling at the edge of a pond.

She is holding 2 pitchers and is pouring one of the pitchers back into the pond and the other she is pouring onto the ground.

As she is a picture of fertility, she is nourishing the land.

One of her feet is submerged in the water which shows her spiritual abilities and the inner strength she has a woman.

She has the other foot on the ground which shows her practical strengths and abilities.

Behind her is a large star that is surrounded by seven smaller stars which represent the seven chakras.

The bird that is resting on a tree branch represents the holy ibis of thought.

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The Star Card, Upright

The Star is there to bring you strength, hope, and renewed power.

When you get the Star card, you are being blessed by the universe.

This card follows the Tower card, which brings about trauma.

Thus, this means that you have overcome the worst that could happen and you have done so without losing your hope.

Remember, all you need is courage and some faith and the universe will bless you by bringing you what you need.

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The Star Card, Reversed

When you get the upside-down Star, it may be feeling like everything is turning against you.

Everything may feel like you will never be able to overcome all obstacles you are having and you may have lost all faith in yourself.

You have to remember that you have to have hope and faith to be able to find the motivation you need to overcome everything.

It's important to nurture your hope and stay positive, don't let your fear get the better of you.

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Numerology & The Star Card

The Star card is the 17th trump card of the Major Arcana.

The numerology of a 1 and the 7 indicate that you are learning to be led by your spiritual search rather than focus your attention on earthly things.

Together 1 and 7 add up to the number 8, which is the Powerhouse in numerology.

The power that you are learning to master comes from your higher power and your spirit guides, and not just from money.

Astrology & The Star Card

Aquarius is an air sign and known for its spiritual mentality.

Aquarius relates to the Star because, as we see in the picture, she is pouring water into water and into the earth.

The holy ibis is very sacred, which is why it is present in the card because it is representative of the intellect of Aquarius.

The combination of the Star and Aquarius work well together to improve humanity while also providing hope and inspiration.

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