10 Most Popular Tarot Card Decks For You To Buy

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10 Top Decks To Consider When Buying Tarot Cards
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You want to learn the tarot, but you need to know what type of deck is easiest to use.

Purchasing a tarot deck for the first time can be exciting and overwhelming. There are so many amazing decks to choose from, after all. 

Some seasoned tarot card readers think you shouldn't purchase a deck for yourself, but receive it as a gift instead. I think it's perfectly okay to purchase a tarot deck for yourself because who makes all those rules anyhow? 

If you feel connected to having someone else purchase and/or choose the deck for you, that's fine.

But if you want to take your time and find the tarot deck that feels right for you and purchase it yourself, here you will find the best tarot decks, as well as the reasons why they might make a good choice. 

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Choosing your own tarot cards and even making the purchase yourself is empowering. And why not? Your tarot cards are bound to feel like something you can connect to energetically for great readings.

It's a personal purchase, regardless. However, if someone wants to buy or purchase a tarot deck for you as a gift, knowing what you actually want can make it fun, too.

There are so many tarot cards on the market, ranging from beginner to advance tarot reader level. You can feel overwhelmed with so many exciting choices to choose from, and some tarot cards even have astrology-based themes for zodiac signs.

Each tarot deck comes with unique artwork, symbolism, and some include a quality companion "how-to read this tarot deck" book. 

The energy you feel about a particular set of tarot cards and their packaging are things to take into consideration when deciding what deck you want to invest in. 

I've taken the liberty to come up with a list of some of the most beautiful, popular decks out there. It's a drop in the bucket, though!

Here are 10 stunning Tarot card decks to consider when making your first purchase. 

Perhaps you will find the perfect tarot deck or maybe some ideas for what you would like in a deck (and would not). 

1. Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

This deck has 78 cards and was originally published in 1909. It's considered the gold standard for tarot decks, as most decks are modeled from this deck.

A great beginner deck, there's plenty of information available about how to use this deck. The deck contains highly symbolic artwork but is pretty basic in artistic design. It's easy to use and sold in many locations and platforms.

(U.S. Games Systems, Inc., $21.95)

2. New Age Gilded Tarot Deck

The Gilded Tarot deck is a 78-card deck by artist Ciro Marchetti. This is a beautiful fantasy deck incorporating Medieval and even steampunk design elements. 

The artist used both hand-drawn and digital designs to create this fantastic and beautifully colored deck. It's a vibrant deck modeled off the traditional Rider-Waite symbolism, and would make a lovely choice. 

(Amazon, check prices and reviews)

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3. Renaissance Tarot Deck

This lovely deck of 78 cards, created by artist Brian Williams, uses Greek god and goddess type figures, as well as mythology scenes to portray the symbolism of tarot. Each card takes an opportunity to touch upon the stories and themes of ancient mythology. 

With golden touches through the deck, its bound to be entrancing to use. The subtle colors and design style are reminiscent of the historical art style of the Renaissance time period.

Having this deck could feel like owning art you could have seen in a museum of ancient works!

(Amazon, check prices and reviews)

4. Dreams Of Gaia Tarot Deck

The Dreams of Gaia deck contains 81 cards by artist Ravynne Phelan. Each card is an artistic design dream, with colors combined in strong and vibrant detail. The colors used allow the cards each embody a bold symbolic statement. 

Every card in this deck is beyond beautiful and the nature theme throughout the deck is highly enjoyable. If this deck connects with you, you would love it so much that you may never want to use another. 

(Amazon, check prices and reviews)

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5. Good Tarot Deck

This is a 78-card deck. The cards in this beautiful deck are ethereal and delicate; there's a fairytale feel to each card with soft flowing colors and lovely card designs. 

I like the energy of this deck because it offers a positive vibe to all the cards, no negative approach; instead, it offers positive feedback even to tricky situations.

These cards have dreamy psychic imagery and symbols rooted in ancient times. The cards have a simple vibe and offer growth-centered interpretations. 

(Amazon, check prices and reviews)

6. Crystal Visions Tarot Deck

Crystal Visions is a deck by artist Jennifer Galasso and has 79 cards. This dreamy deck was named for Stevie Nick's album "Crystal Visions." This deck has an unknown "blank"-type card to indicate an unknowable element when drawn. 

The Crystal Visions deck is based off the Raider-Waite deck, using exquisitely beautiful card designs to convey the energy and symbols of tarot. The images are straightforward and clean.

The figures in the cards, while beautifully drawn, are bold and as tarot should be, symbolically full. For instance, the Death card has Rider-Waite symbols, and others such as runes and the Egyptian ankh.

(Amazon, check prices and reviews)

7. Cosmic Tarot Deck

The Cosmic Tarot is a 78-card deck created by artist Norbert Losche. I was struck by both the images and energy of this cosmically beautiful deck. To me, it has an art deco theme, which I have a soft spot for anyway.

The dignity in these cards is evident to me. I love the colors used, as, while muted, they are still intense. Definitely a deck for wrapping in a silk scarf!

(U.S. Games Systems, Inc., $26.95)

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8. Vice Versa Tarot Deck 

The Vice Versa Tarot deck by two artists', Massimiliano Filadoro and Davide Corsi, is a very unique deck. It's comprised of 78 cards, but every card has a fully designed backside, a reflection image of the front, for a total of 156 images.

Alternate meanings are included in the guidebook. I wouldn't call this a beginner deck, but if you love them, remember that you don't have to have a standard starting point if you have the passion to understand them. And the artwork will be there to fuel your excitement along the way. 

(Amazon, check prices and reviews)

9. ShadowScapes Tarot Deck

ShadowScapes Tarot Deck was created by artist Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. There are 78 cards in this stunning deck, splendid with heavenly watercolor images. 

This deck also focuses on positive energy, and the companion book is loaded with 78 ephemeral stories to go with each card. A deep lesson lies in each story.

I have loved using these cards and my readings have been very insightful; the perspective I'm able to gain from them is notable for my experience. 

(Amazon, check prices and reviews)

10. Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck is a 78-card deck by artist Kim Krans. This is a really cool deck of cards.

Themed like the Gaia deck with nature as the prominent symbols, instead of painted or colored images, these cards are more similar to hand-drawn sketches with vibrant pops of color in each, giving emphasis to the colored portion.

The Wild Unknown is a very popular deck and the tarot cards are easy to understand. The companion book is 207 pages of detail on understanding the animal totem symbols in each card. 

(Amazon, check prices and reviews)

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