Suit Of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings In The Minor Arcana Deck

What's your future hold for your career and wealth? Find out with Tarot!

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In Tarot, there are 78 total cards that you can pick from. The cards are separated into two groups: the Major Arcana cards and the Minor Arcana cards. From there, the 56 Minor Arcana cards are separated into four different suits with 14 cards each, one of which is the suit of pentacles.

In general, the Minor Arcana cards represent the trials and tribulations we face daily. The Minor cards reflect what’s happening in your daily life and they offer insight, like all other cards, on different situations in the present that are affecting you and what you can take to get to where you want to be. 


The Minor Arcana cards hold energy in your life that can be easily changed by your actions.

The suit of pentacles tarot cards often show up in tarot readings about career and wealth.

The Suit of Pentacles is all about your work and financial situation and material possessions. 

If a card in the suit of pentacles comes up in a spread there are both positive and negative aspects. The positive aspects include realization, prosperity, and manifestation. The negative aspects include possessive, greedy, and uneconomical.

The pentacles cards are related to the Earth astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. The people who identify with the pentacles are practical, generous, career-minded, and down-to-earth. 


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Suit of Pentacles Tarot Cards & Meanings

Here’s a detailed list of each of the 14 cards in the Pentacles suit. 

Ace of Pentacles

Appearance: The ace of pentacles card appears to show a hand presumed to be coming from the heavens holding a large coin, open to anyone to take. The landscape around the hand shows a bountiful garden and mountains. 


Significance: This card means you will be offered a new opportunity associated with wealth and manifestation and you can turn it into something meaningful because the card encourages you to make the most of this opportunity.

Upright Meaning: This is the start of you manifesting your goals and achieving what you have set to do with your career or finances. You may have a new chance to create wealth in other forms too like happiness, love, and potential. 

Reversed Meaning: You are feeling hesitant towards moving forward with your opportunities or finances. You might be overthinking or second-guessing yourself, figure out if this is what you are meant to do or accept. If you are having trouble try a different approach and be realistic, take more time planning but be careful because your time might be cut short. 

Two of Pentacles

Appearance: The two of pentacles depict a man dancing while juggling two coins with an infinity symbol connecting the two coins. In the background, two ships are going up and down riding the rough seas. 


Significance: This card means that you can juggle an infinite number of problems with time and energy management. It also means that with focus and attention you can manage the highs and lows of life.

Upright Meaning: You are juggling a lot of things from priorities, responsibilities, and positions, but you are killing it. However, you should manage your time and energy so you won’t lose balance, don’t get too busy and overwork yourself.

Reversed Meaning: This could mean you are way too overcommitted and overworking yourself. Let this be a lesson to get organized and reassess your responsibilities, priorities, and goals. 

Three of Pentacles

Appearance: This card depicts a stonemason working on the construction of a cathedral. Next to him on either side are two architects holding the plan for the design.


Significance: This card means that you both parties including yourself or employer are skilled in your craft, you value and respect each other's experience and opinion. You are essential to the architects in your life and the architects like the agreement that you all have going on. 

Upright Meaning: Take this card as a sign to collaborate with others and create an alliance or team to achieve greatness. This also means that you have reached the first milestone in your plan that you want to achieve and you should keep going.

Revered Meaning: You’re not on the same page as your partners or team members and this is making it difficult to achieve your goals. This also could mean that your efforts aren’t being appreciated and you might have to change direction to lead back to your goal, but also be open to asking for help.

Four of Pentacles

Appearance: This card depicts a man on a stool outside the boundaries or fences of his hometown. He’s got his arms wrapped around a coin so he won't lose it while balancing a pentacle on his head.


Significance: You don’t want anyone to take your money, however, being so attached to it can make you stuck, unable to move anywhere. You are alone in one place stuck with fixating on money and wealth alone. 

Upright Meaning: You should question your relationship with money and through this wealth, you have a focus on your long-term financial success now and in the future. Find a balance between spending and saving money so you don’t lose what’s important to you like family and friends. 

Reversed Meaning: You have realized what’s important to you and that money won’t make you happy. Losing your grip on materialistic things is good. However spending money unconsciously isn’t good, don’t turn into a greedy money-hungry person, create a stable environment. 

Five of Pentacles

Appearance: This card appears to have two poor people walking through a cold and harsh snowstorm, one injured and the other on crutches and a thin blanket to keep him warm. Behind them is a church with its window lit up with light.


Significance: The church is a symbol of hope and spiritual support for you and a partner or friend, however, you both are too focused on your journey that you can’t see the help being offered to you.

Upright Meaning: This means that you have hit a hard time and experienced a loss in life from a financial loss. However, this shall pass soon as it doesn’t have a long term impact on your life. Help is nearby, you just need to forget your current mindset and find the people that can support you.

Reversed Meaning: This means that you have gotten over a loss and a new opportunity has arisen. However, don’t worry if you don’t have ‘enough’ Trust the universe with support and it’ll help you. 

Six of Pentacles

Appearance: This card shows a rich man in a rope handing out coins to two kneeling beggars. A balanced scale is in his left hand and the coin in his other.


Significance: This card is reflecting your financial security and represents giving and receiving wealth. This is a reminder that the balance can change unpredictably and be generous towards others because in the future you might need help from them. 

Upright Meaning: You have the abundance of wealth, love, wisdom, and support to therefore give to others, and every contribution you make is appreciated. If you are accepting those things from others, think about how you can eventually replay them with your help or future wealth. 

Reversed Meaning: Make sure to remind yourself that you are also giving time and spending money for yourself. Make sure to not give money out freely to others who won’t return the favor. 

Seven of Pentacles

Appearance: This card appears to show a man leaning on his farm tool gazing at the fruitful crops. His face looks overworked and stressed.


Significance: This card means that you have worked hard for where you are now and you can take a break and look at your success. However, even though it takes work towards success make sure to not overwork yourself so you won’t be exhausted. 

Upright Meaning: Celebrate your achievements in life thus far and then also question yourself if you’re happy and on the right track. Hard work will pay off, you just need to be patient and focus on the present and work with what you got. 

Reversed Meaning: You should examine the work that you are putting in and make sure you’re being satisfied. Don’t waste your time and effort on resources that won’t produce good results, make sure to re-evaluate your situation.

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Eight of Pentacles

Appearance: This card depicts a man working hard etching out a pentacle shape on eight coins. He has separated himself from his home to work on his craft. 

Significance: This card means that you have put time and effort into a project and dedicated yourself 100 percent to it, giving no time up for mistakes and concentrating very hard to become a master at what you do.

Upright Meaning: This could mean you have a lot of perseverance and work ethic and are willing to spend all your time and effort to become a Mastercraft woman. This represents a powerful commitment to the work-energy to your life, just make sure to stay true to who you are.

Reversed Meaning: You are giving all your energy focusing on your improvement to become the best version of yourself. However, don’t lose sight to the bigger picture, not everyone is perfect, we all have our flaws. 


Nine of Pentacles 

Appearance: This card shows a well-dressed woman surrounded by a plentiful garden. She is wearing a golden robe and red beret with gold coins surrounding her in the bushes depicting her wealth and status. She wraps the grapevines behind her in one hand holding a gold coin and a falcon sitting on the other hand.

Significance: You stand in the fruitful accomplishment of your desires representing your healthy relationship with money. You can enjoy the result of your work without indulging in it too much. You have intellectual and spiritual control. 

Upright Meaning: You can finally bask in the abundance of your success, you deserve it after all. You have financial freedom and independence and don’t need to rely on others to support you. 

Revered Meaning: Reflect on your self-worth and value, don’t compare yourself to others. Know that you are worthy and you are enough. Also know where the work limit should stop and take time to relax, don’t let work overrun your life.


Ten of Pentacles

Appearance: This card appears to have an old man sitting down wearing a robe with two dogs at his sides. A couple with a child stands next to him. 

Significance: You have created a legacy that you can share with loved ones as well as your wealth and you have a deep connection to family.

Upright Meaning: You’ve reached completion of a journey or goal and you are proud of what you have achieved. This card represents commitment, lasting foundation, and satisfaction. Family is also very important to you and you respect tradition and security. 

Revered Meaning: Are you satisfied with your life accomplishments so far or what your life looks like right now or are you doing what you think you should be doing because of societal pressure? Rethink what matters to you to regain security and your sense of self.


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Page of Pentacles 

Appearance: This card shows a man holding a gold coin standing in a field of flowers, behind him a new field ready for a new cycle of harvesting, and a mountain range behind that field.

Significance: You are upon new challenges that will come soon and obstacles you will face while questioning how you will manifest wealth in the future.  

Upright Meaning: You are aware of your material blessings and need to figure out how to manifest and turn your dreams into reality. You’re excited about future possibilities and taking a practical approach to things. You are also open to learning new skills and devoted to what’s the journey.


Reversed Meaning: You might be exploring new possibilities but you aren’t ready to give your all to it yet. You need more time to review and process your decision and learn from past mistakes. Make sure to keep an open mind ahead. 

Knight of Pentacles

Appearance: This card shows a standing horse with a knight sitting on top looking at the gold coin in his hand. There’s a field behind him that’s already been plowed. 

Significance: You’re in no hurry to rush to take action on the path that you’re on. You’re willing to do the work, even if it may be repetitive, to figure out what your dreams are.

Upright Meaning: You are dedicated and hardworking and put affront effort to reach your goals and achieve your dreams. You have to complete all the assigned tasks and mundane aspects of life to achieve success. You’re on the right path, just stick to it and you will achieve greatness.


Reversed Meaning: You might need a bit more of a scheduled and thought out approach to your dreams and goals. You might feel stuck or bored in the steps you need to take, but know that you can switch it up and be spontaneous. 

Queen of Pentacles 

Appearance: This card shows a woman sitting on a stone thrown engraved with fruit trees, goats, and symbols of success. She’s surrounded by plants and flowers and a rabbit jumps nearby while holding a gold coin in both hands.

Significance: You realize the success and sensual pleasures that you sit in and can finally nurture your wealth and material success. You have a respect for mother nature and your life is in alignment with your dreams and goals. 

Upright Meaning: You show a lot of love to those around you and give all your love and support for those you care around and those who surround you. You have a balance between home and health and you have a comfortable lifestyle. 


Reversed Meaning: You use this caring energy towards yourself on a personal level, however, this can lead to an unbalanced relationship between home and work life. You might have an inner conflict you need to figure out and seek out help in the home or with your employer at work to give more or less attention to balance things out. 

King of Pentacles

Appearance: This card depicts a king sitting on a throne carved with pictures of bulls and grapes and vines designed on his robe. He holds a scepter in his right hand and a gold coin in his left. Flowers and plants cover the floor and a castle is behind him.

Significance: You have a strong connection with your Taurus earth sign and can sustain your wealth and success over time. You have a good sense of self-discipline and control. You’re proud of your accomplishments and achievements that you have built through efforts and determination.

Upright Meaning: You have achieved success, wealth, and know your self-worth. When you apply your knowledge and experience to your future visions, you’re able to achieve great success. You don’t need to prove anything to yourself and you don’t need to take any more risks in life.


Reversed Meaning: You might be very stubborn and strict on your approach in your career right now and that’s hurting your relationship with wealth and money. You need to try something different even if you don’t want to because change is a good thing. 

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