How To Read The Hermit Major Arcana Tarot Card, Including Astrology & Zodiac Sign Meanings

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Meaning Of The Hermit Tarot Major Arcana Card
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Let's get introspective!

Tarot cards are a very helpful tool when it comes to looking ahead and gaining insight into your future. When you need guidance, inner strength, you might reach for the cards and pull the Hermit Tarot card.

What does the Hermit Tarot card mean?

The Hermit Tarot card means it's time for you to take a step back while doing work and connect to your Big Why. You are preparing to do something that will need inner strength and higher wisdom.

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You can't do a task without the Universe helping you. Your work has a spiritual purpose and you're traveling along a path that is a light to others, where your experiences are shared and people admire them.

And how does the Hermit relate to the Full Tarot card deck?

When doing a Tarot card reading, you will want to read your cards accurately, and when you are new to the Tarot, it's good to understand how Tarot and astrology connect with one another. 

If you have any prominent questions regarding your career, relationship, family, or any other topic, you can gain clarity if you decide to consult a deck of tarot cards.

However, for beginners, when you don't understand how Tarot cards work or what the symbolism means, doing a single-card pull, 3-card spread or a full-reading isn't very helpful when don't know what each card means.

How many cards are in a full Tarot card deck?

There are 78 cards to a full Tarot deck, and two separate parts make up the whole: the 22 Major Arcana cards, that describe the Fool's Journey and the Minor Arcana which has 56 suite cards which have 14 cards per suite (Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wands).

Most beginners start with the Major Arcana Tarot Deck because it's easier to learn with a smaller amount of cards to read at one time.

Also, the Fool's Journey is about your personal situation, whereas the Minor Arcana involves the external circumstances out of your control, but help a reader see what's involved in the overall situation. 

So, you have a 1:21 chance to pull a The Hermit Tarot, a special card associated with the Virgo zodiac sign. To give you a little more guidance, here is the meaning of the Hermit Tarot card and how it connects with astrology.

What does the Hermit tarot card mean, per astrology and zodiac signs?

The Hermit Tarot card, like the Virgo zodiac sign, is heavily associated with work. The Hermit Tarot card means accomplishment, wisdom, achieving your goals and discovering the truth.

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How are the Hermit Tarot card and the Virgo zodiac sign are similar?

Virgo, in astrology, is service-oriented. They are the organizers of the zodiac. Virgo rules the 6th House of the astrology wheel.

The 6th house is about vitality and how well you can perform as a worker. It shows how strong and reliable you are during the act of performing service to others.

How to read the Hermit Tarot card symbolism

The symbolism of the Hermit Tarot card takes time to understand.

On the face of the Hermit tarot card, an old man wrapped in a dark cloak that was often worn by Monks.

A monk, like Virgo, dedicated his life work to service, but he also understood the spiritual aspect of duty.

These men (and women) would spend extended amounts of time in meditation and served others extends a lantern and holds a staff while standing on top of a mountain.

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What does the Hermit Tarot card mean?

The card depicts someone who is spiritually accomplished. He has achieved sacred and otherworldly knowledge. He has inner strength and courage. His source of energy comes from the Universe, not just his human body.

He is ready to share his knowledge and skill with others. The man is in motion and committed to reaching his goals. His lantern is turned on, he not only works night and day, but he is an example to follow. He recognizes the journey he is on and you can see his work.

Inside the lantern, he is holding is a 6 point star, known as the seal of Solomon, and it stands for wisdom. The staff he is holding represents power and control.

Tarot cards are also interpreted by their placement on a spread, if they fall out when shuffling the deck, or if you pull the card upright or in reverse. When drawing Tarot cards, they can have different meanings depending on if it lands upright or upside down.

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How to read an Upright Hermit Tarot Card and what it means

If the Hermit Tarot card is drawn upright, it means that you are looking for knowledge that comes from inside of you. It also means that you are considering indulging in more alone time.

However, do not restrict yourself from taking the necessary time you need to reflect on the world around you. If you actually take the time to think and process things, it will help your mind become freer of clutter.

The Hermit card upright also alludes to your attempt in working towards your goals in a way that is real and reflects your true self.

When you get this card, it could mean that you are working on self-reflection in order to figure out what is right and what the next step on your journey should be.

It could also mean that someone is about to emerge into your life and they will provide you with guidance and mentorship.

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How to read a Reversed Hermit Tarot Card and what it means when upside down

If you get the reversed, Hermit Tarot card, it means you are working too hard on things that drain your spiritual life. You are in a place in your life where you want to be alone and are looking for more alone time.

However, if you get alone time it could negatively impact yourself and those around you. Although you are on a journey towards finding your inner truth, going towards a lonely place towards introspection might drive you mad at this time.

Right now, your mind is packed full of thoughts and images you might not be able to figure out.

If you get a reversed Tarot card, it is not the right time to go inward because it may lead you to a lonely and confusing place that you will have trouble coming back from. You should try to find your truth while still connecting with those around you.

In terms of career, the reversed card indicates that you are ready to figure out something that might have been bothering you for a while.

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How the Hermit Tarot card is different from the Virgo zodiac sign

First off, every zodiac sign is associated with and ruled by a Tarot card that is part of the Major Arcana.

The Virgo zodiac sign and the planet Mercury is directly ruled by the Hermit Tarot card. The Virgo is also represented by the Virgin in astrology.

However, this should not be taken literally. A Virgo’s virginity is in relation to their continuous sense of self they carry throughout their life.

Virgo is the embodiment of someone who is most satisfied and content when they are by themselves and alone.

Virgo’s are also known for striving towards perfection. These strong traits found in Virgo’s directly relate and are brought to life in the Hermit Tarot card.

Some sites say that the Hermit Tarot card is also ruled by the Aquarius zodiac sign and the planet Uranus. This could be because of its spiritual element.

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What number is associated with the Hermit Tarot card, per numerology?

The Hermit tarot card is associated with the number 9 in numerology. The number 9 also relates to Aquarius because of its humanitarian traits.

Since Virgo, the Hermit, and Aquarius are concerned with helping others, this makes sense. 

The Hermit is in an introspective place brought on by his struggles and now he is trying to push past everything that stands in his way in order to achieve his goal and continue on his journey towards success and perfection.

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The negative aspects of the Hermit tarot card?

Just like the Hermit, Virgo’s tend to be perfectionists and are constantly working towards achieving their dreams.

Clearly, the Hermit card is the perfect card to be aligned with the practical and reliable Virgo due to their similarities.

Now you have more insight on the Hermit Tarot card and how it connects with the Virgo zodiac sign.

Hopefully, the next time you do a Tarot reading and draw the Hermit Tarot, you will be able to channel the traits and characteristics of a Virgo and practice self-reflection in order to achieve your goals. Good luck and get introspective!

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