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The Biggest Relationship Deal-Breakers For Each Zodiac Sign

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The Biggest Relationship Deal Breakers For Each Sign.

No matter how great your partner is, they’re going to do something that is beyond annoying for you. Some of their behaviors you can learn to live with, but there are other habits you absolutely can’t tolerate. We usually refer to these as relationship dealbreakers.

Nobody is alike, nor are their dealbreakers. And here’s where knowing astrology comes in handy, because each zodiac sign has its own dealbreakers. You may not agree with your zodiac sign’s dealbreaker, but knowing it is a good first step to discovering your own.

What constitutes a dealbreaker? Maybe you fell in love so quickly that you were blind to the not-so-awesome aspects of their personality. Sometimes you need to go through tough times with someone to see what they’re made of, and there are other times when you know their flaws but you decide you can overlook them. But eventually, those same qualities you thought were fine begin to annoy the crap out of you.

It’s a great idea to know exactly what your dealbreakers are so when you’re in a new relationship, you’re not blind to the things that cause a breakup. If you find that your partner is the kind of person who stays out all night and then misses work the next day, that could be a major dealbreaker for you; for your partner, the fact that you never want to go out on a work night might be a dealbreaker for them.

ARIES: No chemistry

Aries not being able to connect with their partner on a physical level is a major dealbreaker. If the sex is average and their partner isn't making any kind of effort to improve it, there's very little Aries can do; they're already passionate, exciting, and sexual geniuses! 

Sometimes it doesn't matter how gifted two people can be at sex if there's no chemistry or connection. Once Aries has done all they can in that department, if things aren't better in the bedroom, they are going to move on.

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TAURUS: No pride in their appearance

Taurus are down-to-earth and don't tend to be superficial, but if their partner doesn't take care of themselves and is sloppy, that's a dealbreaker. Sure, everybody has days when they just want to lay around in sweat pants and ripped t-shirts, and that's not a problem for Taurus. What they can't tolerate is someone who rarely showers, smells, doesn't brush their teeth, and is generally ungroomed.

Taurus admires beauty, and things that smell and feel good. If their partner refuses to make an effort, that's disrespectful to Taurus and to themselves.

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GEMINI: Their opinion isn't valued

Can you even imagine a Gemini with someone who talked over them, acted bored when they spoke, or who generally discounted their opinion? No, neither can we.

One of the things Geminis love is good conversation and debate. They're educated, have well-researched and thought-out opinions, and if their own partner doesn't want to hear them and their point of view, it's clear that person doesn't value Gemini or see them as an equal.

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CANCER: Absent when needed

One of the best things about having a partner is having someone there during challenging and emotional times. Our partner should be there supporting and loving us. This is especially true for Cancers.

If their partner is never around when they need them, that is a major dealbreaker. Cancer makes it a point to be the kind of person people can go to in a time of need or even when they just want to hang out, and that's what Cancer expects in a partner. 

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LEO: Stingy

Leos are one of the most generous zodiac signs. They love to give gifts and spend money on their loved ones. Leo's love language is gift-giving, so if Leo's partner is constantly stiffing the waiter on a tip, or is overly frugal or cheap, that's not going to fly. 

Leo doesn't want their partner to be a spendthrift, but being generous to others is a quality Leo wants in a partner. If their partner tries to them to go on a budget or curb their spending habits, that can mean the end of the relationship.

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VIRGO: No curiosity or desire to learn

Virgos tend to want their partners to be just as interested and curious about everything as they are. If their partner is satisfied with the amount of knowledge they have and are never curious or interested in learning something, that's a dealbreaker for Virgo.

Without curiosity and ongoing education about life, you become stagnant and dull. The worst is when Virgo's partner shows no interest in the things Virgo is interested in.

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LIBRA: Always in a bad mood

Everyone has good days and bad, but what Libras object to is someone who isn't having mental health issues but, rather, enjoys being in a bad mood. Someone who thinks it's cool to be aggressive, angry, and mean. Libra will try to cheer them up, to interest them in fun things, and try to get them into a better state of mind, but it will be useless.

For a while, the Libra individual will take it personally and believe that it's because they're not doing something right. But gradually, they will realize they're just banging their head on the wall and that the relationship is never going to be a healthy one.

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SCORPIO: Cheating

Lying and cheating don't go over too well with Scorpio. If Scorpio's partner is caught cheating, that's a dealbreaker that Scorpio won't compromise on. It was difficult enough for Scorpio to trust in the first place, so once that trust is broken, there's no going back.

It's almost impossible to rebuild that trust and the only way to ensure that it doesn't happen again is to end the relationship. Even if the cheating is only emotional, it can still damage Scorpio's trust.

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If Sagittarius' partner never wants to go out or do anything and are content to stay home, that can be a dealbreaker. They'd prefer a partner who travels, but they're willing to compromise and have solo trips, as long as their partner is still up for going out, trying new things, and working to keep their relationship fresh.

To Sagittarius, this kind of disinterest in new experiences means their partner really isn't interested in their life. 

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CAPRICORN: Financial house of cards

If a potential partner is terrible with money, has no savings, and is always on the run from people and organizations they owe money to, Capricorn will see that as a major dealbreaker. Capricorn doesn't want to have to take on their partner's debt, and they don't want to always feel on edge when it comes to finances.

Capricorns have a healthy respect for money, and if their potential partner doesn't, that's an issue this zodiac sign probably won't be able to get past.

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AQUARIUS: Too high maintenance

If their partner is constantly having meltdowns and overreacting, that kind of behavior is a dealbreaker. Aquarians don't have a talent for handling or supporting someone when they're being overly emotional, and they don't like the feeling of having to tread carefully with their words and actions so as to not inadvertently upset their partner.

You can have emotions and share them with Aquarius, but if they rule your life to the extent that you're always out of control, you're not a good match for them.

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PISCES: No sense of humor

Life can be ridiculous, and one of the best ways to get back in hard times is to be able to see the humor in things. If Pisces' partner has no sense of humor, that's a real dealbreaker for them.

Pisces have a great ability to see the silly side of life, and because they've got such a creative and unique brain, they see the humor in places that other people miss. Laughing together is a way that some couples bond, and if someone can't find the funny, they're not the person for Pisces.

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