The Hard Truth About Loving A Leo

Why are leos so hard to get along with? Leos are loyal — until they lose interest.

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To start with the wonderful, Leos are hilarious. Now, they’re not the usual laugh riot types (not like Cancers or Virgos), but they certainly have a way with words. 

Two female Leos I know are adept at dropping one-liners and sardonic wit with such unbelievable timing and coolness that you almost feel inclined to call them hipsters.

They’ll be the ones who won’t just see online, they’ll buy the mask, then they’ll wear it while shopping for a horse headlamp as a friend takes their picture.


The male Leos I’ve known well were all actors. And in most cases, they were ridiculously talented. Smooth and calm and almost off-putting in the degree of self-contained they were off the stage, but get them on the stage and suddenly an explosion would come.

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Leos and Aries are very similar in the manner by which they make a first impression. It is often with an almost disinterested air, which can result in people being intimidated.

Yet, it isn’t because they don’t want to know you. The Leo (and often times Aries) feel you should come to them.


They want to be the center of attention, but like other signs, Leo doesn’t want to have to do anything to get attention; they just want you to know better.

The female Leo (and often other fire signs like Sagittarius and Aries) will take whatever thing you can do —  and then they'll do it better. Annie Oakley, marks-woman of the old west was a Leo. Amelia Earhart, record-breaking pilot and the first woman to attempt to even try, was also a Leo. See a pattern?

In the court of the Zodiac, Aries may be the general, but Leo is the king.

They're happy to give up control if they know you're doing their bidding or have their best interests at heart, as long as it is understood that they are still in charge.


There's a sour side to Leo, too.

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A Leo is loyal to an extent that is to be commended until they lose interest.

Then they’re just gone. Literally. They’ll come into your life, wrap their arms around you and settle into being worshipped by you, then one day, "poof." Just gone.

They don’t recognize the disappearance as a negative thing. Interesting, given that their opposite is Aquarius, the other sign is a thousand times likely to up and disappear on you.

Another thing to watch out for with a Leo is their temper.

A Leo can fly so far off the handle that they’re no longer the person you knew. And it can be the simplest thing in the world that sets them off.


I once encountered a Leo male who was given a tomato, despite having a severe aversion to the fruit. He hauled out and threw it at the wall of a building hollering that he hated tomatoes. Normal? Not really.

Leos can be lazy. When I say lazy, I don’t mean it in an insulting way. It’s more the lion tendency of just hanging out in the sunshine.

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When it comes to being social, going out and shin-digging, making effort of any kind really, they can seriously fall short of expectation.

Especially after they get comfortable with a situation.

When it comes to work and school and furthering their own interests, they can go balls to the wall.


However, when it comes to interactions with other people or bettering their relationships, sometimes they just can't be bothered.

This rock I’m sunning myself on is so comfortable though…

They’re a fire sign, so one can expect some combustible tendencies, but in the end, if you are properly ensconced in their good graces and you know how to fan their ego and show them how happy you are to orbit around them (and how happy you are in many cases to make a good amount of the effort) they'll not only be wonderful company and friends, but they might even start returning the favor.

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Caitlin Carrigan is an author of Literary Fiction, Alternate History, Magic Realism, and everything else under the sun​.