5 Key Things To Know About Dating An Aquarius

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Dating An Aquarius: 5 Key Things To Know

Dating an Aquarius is a wild ride. This is a relationship that, once this mysterious zodiac sign finally opens up to you, will be full of excitement and new experiences.

Of course, before you can really get into the most exciting part of the relationship, you have to be patient with the Aquarius zodiac sign while she opens up to you.

I know, I know — not a lot of people have patience for a zodiac sign who never really seems like she's even remotely interested in you, but there are a few ways to get her to be more honest about her feelings with you, instead of her just pretending she hasn't noticed you yet.

The first thing to know about dating an Aquarius is that they're looking for someone who can be their best friend.

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If she knows that you actually want to make a connection with her that is more than just a casual hook-up, she'll be more inclined to show you the real her. That said, there will be times when all Aquarius wants is a casual hook-up, and these often don't amount to anything.

Even though Aquarius is an air sign and is often open to all possibilities, there are times when she is very decisive, and no one can sway her from changing her mind. As an Aquarius myself, I know how it looks to other people.

An Aquarius personality can seem very intimidating and cold to people, but that doesn't mean that she isn't also warm and friendly.

Secondly, you can call her too complex and mysterious all you want, but the guard she puts up is really just her making sure that the people who are in her life aren't fake; Aquarius puts a lot of effort into cultivating friendships and relationships! And when she's really into you, she's going to want to start building an unbreakable, solid foundation that's going to connect you two.

But no matter how you feel about Aquarius when you first meet her, everyone should date an Aquarius at least once because she's going to change your life. That sounds cheesy, but even a short relationship with her will have you trying new things, getting out of your comfort zone, and knocking your socks off in bed.

And even if the relationship ends, she's one of the zodiac signs you'll keep thinking about long after it's over. Call me biased, but Aquarius is someone you should definitely date, at least once. Here's why.

1. Aquarius can handle just about anything.

Not much can shake an Aquarius. We have strong cores that keep us cool under pressure in almost any situation. So, whether you're coming to us with a tough past or some issues you're still learning how to work out, we're the partners who will accept you no matter what. Plus, we've never been ones to shy away from a challenge, so bring it on!

You can also trust us to get deep. Not much can scare us away, so let's stay up late and tell each other our greatest fears and what we want to accomplish most in life. Secrets are safe with us because we know how important it is to be able to rely on someone completely. If you think we'll get scared off, don't worry — we can handle it.

2. An Aquarius personality is curious by nature.

Try that new fusion restaurant, learn how to weld, listen to new music, try that new position in bed — we'll do it all at least once. You can count on us to always be down to try something new because if we don't do it with you, we're probably off trying that new thing on our own... except maybe that new position (kind of hard without a partner and all that).

Aquarius is one of the more adventurous zodiac signs in astrology and we're always more than eager to experience as much as possible in life. If you want a partner who will open you up to new things and show you that even a boring Sunday can be an adventure, Aquarius is the one for you.

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3. This zodiac sign is a great listener.

We might not always be the chatty type, but we are always down to listen, especially to someone who means a lot to us. If we’re dating, you’re already pretty fascinating to us and getting to dig around inside that brain of yours is a good way for us to get to know you.

When you’re with an Aquarius, you should be prepared to talk more than listen because we’re not the kind of zodiac sign that constantly needs to talk to fill quiet moments. We’re comfortable when we can just be with you and enjoy the silence.

For us, listening to someone we’re dating is a way for us to connect with them on a deeper level. We don’t always have to talk about ourselves, either. When it comes to conversation topics, the sky’s the limit with an Aquarius. All we really care about is getting you to open up to us so that we can really get to know who you are.

Plus, one of the things Aquarius wants the most in a partner is someone they can call their best friend, too, and you always tell your BFF everything, right?

4. And they respect boundaries.

If any zodiac sign knows what it’s like to feel like everyone is always up in your business all the time, it’s Aquarius. We take painstaking measures to make sure that you have the boundaries you need while dating us because we know firsthand that being nosy never really works out well for a relationship in the end.

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Granted, we can get a little too distant at times, so it’s important to keep honest, open communication with us. We’ll always try to let you know how we feel, but you definitely have to do the same.

Aquarius is definitely not the kind of zodiac sign to go poking around into your personal life. If you want to share something with us, we know you’ll do so once you’re comfortable enough around us. We don’t get clingy or overbearing, either. We know that having a life outside of a relationship is very important, and we respect that you need to be your own person (that’s what we want, too).

Above all else, we understand how important boundaries and giving each other space are. We can still be super-affectionate and cuddly, but we won’t suffocate you, either.

5. One of the best Aquarius traits is their freaky nature.

If you want a partner who will always keep you on your toes, then Aquarius is the one for you. We’re used to getting the weird stares and we don’t really care what anyone thinks about us, so as long as you’re okay with doing things you normally wouldn’t in a relationship, then we’ll make a good match.

Dating us means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone. Don’t worry, though; we won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to, but we will hope you’ll try new things with us occasionally.

Aquarius is definitely one of the most entertaining zodiac signs. When you’re having a bad day, we’ll embarrass ourselves just to see you smile, and when you want to have some fun, we’ll find something fun and memorable to do together — like going to an ax-throwing range or taking an impromptu weekend road trip.

We can be pretty serious and sometimes even hard to read at times (shocking, right?), but one thing you can always say about dating an Aquarius is that we’re never boring.

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