Super Moon Tarot Reading + Numerology Horoscope For Spring, March 20, 2019 For All Zodiac Signs

Super Moon Tarot Reading + Numerology Horoscope For Spring, March 20, 2019 For All Zodiac Signs

The perigee Moon in Libra marks the last full moon of this year.

Your daily tarot card horoscope reading for each zodiac sign is here for the first day of spring, Wednesday, March 20, 2019! It's an energy-charged day with today's numerology of a life path 8. 

The Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries and this brings attention to a hastened pace that is bright and child-like. There's a impulsive energy to the air with a desire to make rapid change. The arrival of a Sun in Aries comes on the heels of the last Full perigee Moon of the year. 

The Moon is in the sign of Virgo for most of the day. Then, around 9:30 pm, EST the Moon will be Full and enter the zodiac sign of Libra. You'll hear a lot of terms being tossed around "Super Full Moon", or "Super Moon" or even a "Worm Moon" but the right term for it is a perigee.

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The Full Moon lasts from today, March 20th to March 21st. The Super Moon in Libra is the last of a three-part Moon cycle series emphasizing change in the form of balance and harmony. 

The life cycle is an important theme for all zodiac signs. The Full Moon, in astrology is a symbol of a time to let go of what you can't control and start over again when necessary. As the Sun crosses over the celestial equator, you can set your foot on new ground. If you have a project or plan in place that is prepared to begin, now is the perfect time to make announcements. 

In astronomy, the perigee Full Moon marks the Vernal Equinox, which is also the start of the new year. In fact, as the Sun begins to rise to the Northern hemisphere of Earth, Venus, Uranus and Mars seem to be behind her. A Super Moon, such as today's Full Moon in Libra, means that even though these planets appear to be tucked away behind the Sun, the Moon itself is the closest to Earth as it will be for the rest of the year.

The Moon bids the winter good-bye and opens the door to spring. In ancient astrology, winter season was considered to be a dangerous time for all of humanity. The fear was that the Sun would die away and never begin again. We celebrate new beginnings and also the future endings as the Sun in Aries is paired with the Moon in Libra where Autumn begins during the Sun in Libra. 

Full Moon energy makes a wonderful time for getting grounded and in touch with your earthy-side. Create a backyard campfire, make smores in your oven, enjoy the Moon's arrival. Plan to start something fresh again, and do something fun and adventurous with friends, the way both Libra and Aries would bid you to do. 

There is symbolism on each Tarot card that you can use to provide insight to your daily horoscope when things are unclear. Check out your zodiac sign or today, Wednesday, March 20, 2019, daily tarot reading and astrology predictions.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Tarot card: The Magician

Sun in Aries opens the door to the first house. This month, self-discoveries can take place emphasizing new awareness and growth all around.

Pay attention to the little things at home that make life sweet. If your partner is looking for reassurance, lavish away. In your heart you know what works and what makes the relationship feel alive and new.  

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Tarot card: Strength

Sun in Aries opens the door to the second house, property. Now is the time when the love of all things lovely become even more alluring to you. You will want to store up some treasures and enjoy home comforts.

Embrace love that's guided by security and treasured memories. Today, your love life invites more hugs and affection with a hint of romantic suggestions.

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Tarot card: The Hermit

Sun in Aries opens the door to the third house, communication. Speaking your mind in writing or creatively through words can come naturally to you.

The inner work you've done for yourself can help instill a strong sense of practicality and inner courage. Projects are more productive during the day which turns into an open mind for playful love at night.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Tarot card: The Chariot

Sun in Aries opens the door to the fourth house, family and home. Don't let the early morning distractions drive you away from the routine that works best for you.

Listen with your heart but make sure to show your appreciation. Even if it's not the most comfortable thing for you to do, remember being safe doesn't always remedy your need to be in good company. 

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Tarot card: The World

Sun in Aries opens the door to the fifth house, fun and romance. Stay true to self but remember to have fun while exploring what the world has to offer as spring starts to unfold.

You may want to take on more than you should at this time. Add to your tasks with a hefty dose of awareness and concern for time management matters. Love takes on a more practical tone. Rather than looking for grand efforts in romance, it's the little gestures that go a long way.

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Tarot card: The High Priestess

Sun in Aries opens the door to the sixth house, good health. There's no time like the present to restart a new routine and get back into the groove of things. 

You intuition may be stronger now that you've settled some things and are prepared to start a new chapter at work or home. This will be a time of cultivating new relationships and break a few rules as you find out what works in your schedules.

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Tarot card: Queen of Pentacles

Sun in Aries opens the door to the seventh house, relationships. You can find yourself longing or interested in like-minded friendship and companionship. 

For the love of all things creative and fun, take initiative and prepare your mind (and heart) for a fresh start. Let go of your heavy topics and concerns and take in a deep breath to allow new energy into your love life.

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Tarot card: Eight of Swords

Sun in Aries opens the door to the eighth house, starting over again. What you once thought was done and over may come back to you soon.

Single or in a relationship? The idea of romance opens your mind to the possibilities. You don't mind waiting for the 'right one'. Rushing a good thing makes less sense now as your practicality from the school of hard knocks has taught you wisdom.

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Tarot card: Temperance

Sun in Aries opens the door to the ninth house, travel and new cultures. Actions can and often do speak louder than words. Who knows, you might even provoke a little romantic adventure. 

It's no fun being all work and no play, but things have been busy. Set work aside when you get home and let your hair down to relax.

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Tarot card: Three of Pentacles

Sun in Aries opens the door to the tenth house, work. A situation at work or school helps you realize just how lucky you are, and your appreciation for the 'good stuff' grows.

The sentimental side of you shine through. It's a choice you make as opposed to something forced or out of reaction.

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Tarot card: The Sun

Sun in Aries opens the door to the eleventh house, friends. You can notice intimacy increasing between you and your partner as you do things together and find a common goal to share.

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Tarot card: Six of Wands

Sun in Aries opens the door to the twelfth house, spirituality. You will learn what works and what doesn't work in your dating life. Plan to screen out faster and better than before since you'll be thinking with your heard and your heart, not just out of need. 

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