Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of January 7-13, 2019

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A tower of lies.

Blessed are those who get to live an entire life without ever suffering the pain of heartbreak. Unfortunately, most of us don't fall in that category. Either because we delude ourselves into dating losers, or because we are too chicken to admit that our personality and baggage repels away everyone.

But in your zodiac sign's weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for January 7 to 13, 2019, we will focus on just that: all the romantic lies that thwart us from finding the one and living happily ever after. Scared yet? Let's find out what the tarot and astrology have in mind for you this week.

ARIES: Queen of Wands

You are very upfront about your wants and needs, Aries. And that's a good thing. You almost always end up getting what you want because of it.

But this trait also has a shadowy side. It's called selfishness. And only you know how many times you have been accused of being that. Of bulldozing through other's opinions and needs just so you can have yours met first. Of refusing to admit that you are selfish. Of doing exactly as you please even when it affects other people and their lives.

Do you now understand why your relationships tend to fall apart sooner or later? It's because love is about giving. It's not about taking.

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TAURUS: The Emperor

You are good with money, Taurus. You learned that quite early in life. And we wouldn't be surprised if you already have amassed quite a lot to your name.

Unfortunately, rich people also tend to be big snobs, and that's your vice too. You think you rule the world just because you are a pro at stacking up the money bills, the world and your partner.

Well, that's just not true. Neither the bit about being the king of the world nor the bit about being better at making decisions than your partner (or being their keeper).

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GEMINI: 7 of Pentacles

You don't have a single hard-working bone in your body, Gemini. And that's the painful truth you cannot run away from.

Isn't that why you keep procrastinating and then cram right before the deadline? Why you keep flaking on people when it's really important for you to show up? Why you have a long list of projects and activities that you began with great gusto and then left off once you got bored?

Nurturing a relationship is hard work too. And until you admit this weakness and work upon it, you will continue to flit from one fizzled relationship to another and never find fulfillment.

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CANCER: Ace of Cups

Cancer, out of all the zodiac signs you are the one who truly knows how to love someone. You are a natural at giving and nurturing! Unfortunately, you are also very sensitive, which is why you shy away from potential relationships and hide away your tender side from potential partners.

And while that does protect you from heartbreaks, it also closes you off from ever experiencing love in all its wild and selfless glory. So don't use your sensitive side as an excuse for shying away from love. It is your greatest strength... only if you are willing to be vulnerable.

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LEO: Princess of Wands

Love can move mountains, raise the ocean off the floor, and compete with the stars in the sky. At least, that's what you believe love to be about: An all-consuming force that sets fire to our heart and our spirit.

Well, your beliefs are your enemies, Leo, because in reality, love is like a rollercoaster. It grows slowly until one day you suddenly find yourself tipped over the point of no return into the land of real love. It plateaus, and climbs, and dips, but never stays the same.

So fix your beliefs. Because if you don't, you will always keep switching partners as soon as the honeymoon phase is over and will never get to experience the thrilling adventure of love with all its challenges and ecstasies.

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VIRGO: The Hermit

People tell us that the only way to find love is to dive into the sea of romance and learn to swim. But that's not true. Why? Because you will set yourself up for failure if you dive in before you are ready.

That's why, Virgo, the truth you need to see right now is your need for solitude. Because only when you are alone can you work upon yourself, your baggage, and your insecurities. And once you have put in the work (which can take many years) will you suddenly become a beacon of light that attracts everyone to it.

When you are that, you will realize that to find the one you don't need to swim with the sharks. You just need to be a lighthouse that draws everything towards it.

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LIBRA: The Devil

If you have been into astrology for a while now, Libra, you must have heard that your zodiac sign craves relationships like oxygen. You might have also been told that you are a natural good at partnerships. Well, here's some bad news: that's a load of bull.

In reality, you were born a Libra to learn how to be in relationships. And that, my dear, can take many Libras almost half their lives!

Why? Because being in a relationship is like being under the influence of a sedative. It pushes all your real-world worries into the background. Worries like improving yourself, ridding yourself of toxic baggage, and focusing on your purpose in life. At least, it does when it's a bad relationship and you don't know who you are.

So if you have been using your relationship drama as an excuse to stop working on yourself, wake up right now! Because it's exactly that. An excuse.

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You like to hide yourself behind elaborate masks and silence, Scorpio, even when you are in a relationship! Why? Because knowledge is power and you don't want anyone to have any power over you.

Well, the pitfall of living in the shadows is that you will never have an honest relationship in your life. People don't trust closed books, you know? How can they when opaqueness in all other areas of life often leads us down bad pathways?

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You need lots of space to thrive, Sagittarius. That's why you shy away from relationships. People sooner or later get clingy and that irritates the crap out of you.

Well, that's one way of looking at life. But the other way is to take action and skip off on a solo trip or a personal thingummy. After all, why wait for your bae to give you space when you can wrest it for yourself in a peaceful manner?

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CAPRICORN: Princess of Pentacles

Are you financially stable, Capricorn? Have you achieved all that you want to achieve in your professional life? At least, a major chunk of it? If the answers are no, don't focus on finding love right now. Even if you are 35 years old. The cons of being a relationship will be more for you than its pros at this time.

Just focus on your goals for now. Because once you conquer them, that's when you will have the right attitude (and the time) to be in a relationship and nurture it properly.

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AQUARIUS: 7 of Wands

You have always been a black sheep, Aquarius. And black sheep always have to defend their position when the herd tries to engulf them or berate them for their "weirdness." At least, they have to when they are young and powerless.

But you aren't young and powerless anymore. So why keep fighting with whoever has a different opinion than you? Most people don't have the power to harm us. Besides, this aggressive stance of yours is the main reason why your dates stop calling you and why you constantly have issues with the people in your life.

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PISCES: Queen of Pentacles

Do you forgive your partner easily when he showers you with apology gifts and begs for your forgiveness? Does he have a habit of committing the same mistake again and again and keep promising to change his ways?

Being a forgiving soul is not a bad thing, Pisces. It's only bad when you trust the offender to not repeat the mistake when he has proven that he will never change. And worse when you accept gifts in return for forgiveness because then they know that they can "buy" your forgiveness.

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.