How The Sensual New Moon In Taurus Will Magically Affect Your Relationships This Month, Starting May 15th

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new moon in Taurus
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Everything in life is what you make of it.

On May 15th, we will experience the new moon in Taurus, a gentle and sensual earth sign. Each lunar cycle begins with a new moon, so this cycle will cumulate with the June full moon. New moons are a time for new beginnings, for a fresh start and for changing how we do things or approach situations and people.

Our new moon in Taurus will be asking us to thinking about how we approach our romantic relationships and if we are strong enough to get through the hard times together. That's good news for all the zodiac signs who want to take their love horoscope to a new level.

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Even outside of astrology, no romantic relationship is easy all the time, and while it’s important that we are the other person’s peace, it doesn’t mean that we’re not going to have those days where we make to make a conscious choice to choose love over hate.

There are two fixed stars involved with this new moon: Capulus and Algol. Often times, these stars are seen as destructive and painful, but there is another side of that as well. If we can create relationships in which we are honest, forthcoming and dependable, the difficult times that we encounter will only serve the strengthen the foundation of our overall relationship.

However, the likewise is true if we make choices to lead our lives in dishonesty, greed or selfishness. Depending upon how we have approached our current romantic life, regardless of if we are in a romantic relationship or not, will determine on how this moon affects us.

Overall, even with the difficulty that is possible with this moon, if we can move forward and make our decisions of the heart with a strong sense of spirituality or philosophy, we are apt to end up moving forward in honesty and purpose.

Taurus is pragmatic in its approach to love, yet it’s also a very sensual sign enjoying the simple pleasures of life. While the two stars that are involved with this new moon create some aspect of karma for those who have not conducted themselves with integrity and honesty, there is more to the story than just that.

Since the beginning of the year, we have said that it was going to have to do primarily with love since Venus was going to be so present in the astrology of each month, and this moon is no exception. With Venus involved, it speaks to inviting prosperity into our lives through both love and money but being generous ourselves.

This means that we need to first be willing to give love if we want to receive it. Sometimes it seems that within our relationships it’s grudges that often get in the way of a relationship thriving, and Venus with this new moon is just making it clear that all we really need to do is show up for the one we love and let them know exactly how we feel.

Thanks to Pluto being on the scene, we are going to also find that not only is change in the air but that we are able to solve problems or disagreements that before just eluded us. Taurus wants to help us make strides in the great changes that were forecasted for this year, and with her trine to Pluto, not only will be supported in that process but we also will see ourselves being more easily transformed from the inside out.

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The thing it seems we often forget about change is whether it’s a seed taking root deep within the ground or us in our own lives, much of the change has to happen below the surface and out of sight before it gets to the stage where others notice what has occurred.

This is the time when there will be more movement in terms of actually making the physical aspects of our lives match up with our emotional and mental growth that has already occurred.

The final aspect that will be involved with this moon is the Neptune-Jupiter trine. In astrology, a trine is when planets are within 120 degrees of one another. But what it really means is the planets pass really close to each other, helping one another out so that their best energies are magnified for all of us. This particular transit is all about cultivating our sense of faith, hope and love.

For so many of us, we forget that faith, hope and love are actually important aspects in our romantic relationships. Sure, we may say that love is obvious, but what about loving when it’s not easy?

In long-term relationships we can’t expect that we will never hurt one another, but we can chose to have faith in our partner doing their best even in the hardest of times. And we can hope that not only do they care about us but that they have our best interests at heart and would never consciously do anything to hurt us.

Without faith, hope and love, our relationships are doomed to fail.

It’s not always easy to cultivate those qualities in our relationships; however, the presence or absence of either will dramatically affect not only the relationship but the very connection itself. We can’t control what will happen in life, but this Taurus moon teaches us that we can control how we react to it.

In love we can choose whether we let the worst of times get us down, or if we can make the best of them together.

Love isn’t just about finding someone we think is attractive or who we share the same pastimes with, but rather, it's someone that we are on the same team with, even when it’s them we’re upset at. Regardless of how much we love someone, unfortunately it’s a guarantee that at some point we will hurt one another, we just have to decide who and how much is worth it.

Because it’s not just that life is what you make of it, but love as well. 

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