Which 2 Beginning Tarot Card Sets Are The Best, According To Reddit

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Tarot Cards Review + Best Sets For Beginners (According To Reddit)
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My experience with tarot card readings is pretty limited to the numerous ones I’ve seen on television. You know the scene, there’s usually a wide-eyed optimist getting a reading while their pessimistic friend scoffs in the background (it’s practically a cliché at this point).

While I am more open-minded than the rude friend scoffing in the background, I am by no means the wide-eyed optimist when it comes to tarot card reading either.

I’ve never experienced an actual tarot card reading myself, but in all honesty, I don’t buy the idea that random drawing of cards can actually predict the future. However, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it out if the opportunity were to arise and I do think that there could be possible benefits to the practice.

I tend to hold the idea that, people who actually believe wholeheartedly that tarot card readings actually tell the future tends to have something emotionally charging happening in their lives that is making them believe (not that it actually works in that way). Although, as a whole, Tarot card reading is growing in popularity among Millennials, and many believe that it helps guide their lives.

While there isn’t anything to prove or disprove the future/fortune telling aspect of tarot cards; I’m far closer to the side that simply doesn’t buy it. But, there’s no proof either way so I won’t be the person who conclusively says “there’s no such thing as fortune telling!” I’m not the all-powerful knower of everything. You do you!

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From my research, it looks like the most likely origin of tarot cards were initially created as an astrology game. So, it seems that the only real purpose was/is — entertainment and possible reflection. And, like anything else, there are small groups of people who may possibly be taking it a bit too seriously.  

Tarot card readings seem more akin to taking an arbitrary online quiz than they are to actually be a good indicator of the future. However, that doesn’t make tarot card readings less fun (or possibly useful, in their own way).

For example, I enjoyed this explanation on Tarot cards usefulness from GEEKitty on Reddit:

I've learned to read Tarot cards and apparently have some skill with them (I'm able to link cards together into a plausible narrative). / I absolutely do not 'believe' in Tarot cards, but I see them as a really valuable tool for considering the state of your life.”

GEEKitty goes on to explain how they believe that tarot card readings force people to evaluate their lives and this often makes them try to change it in some way (generally, for the better).  

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Tarot cards seem like they have the potential to act as an alternative to the inkblot test in psychology by making us bring forth images and evaluate different aspects of our lives and emotions.

Regardless of the validity of the mystical future telling aspects of Tarot cards, they can still be fun and helpful for self-reflection.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at tarot card reading and want to learn more about astrology or your zodiac sign by using tarot cards. Here are the Best Tarot Card Sets For Beginners, according to Reddit:

1. Highest amount of points response:

“If you're just starting out, I'd stick with the Rider-Waite deck and the Celtic Cross spread. Then, when you start to feel more confident in your abilities you can look around for a pack which 'speaks' to you, and try different spreads.”

River Waite Deck AND Book Set

Exploring Tarot Using Radiant Rider-waite Tarot: Deck Book Set, Amazon.com

This all-inclusive set seems ideal for beginners as it comes with a book to explain everything AND a set of cards to get started. Plus, it has illustrations! I don't know about you, but when I'm learning a new skill, I adore an illustration to help me fully understand a concept. Personally, this would be the one I would go with if you want to start learning about Tarot cards!

Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread: Cutting to the Chase, Amazon.com

This one seems ideal if you want to learn, but you have less time to commit to learning the practice since this one advertises as "no muss no fuss". While it doesn't look like this one comes with cards (so, you'll have to purchase those separately), it seems like this one gets right into the fun of the readings without a lot of "how to" reading. I'm thinking this is good for those who just want to play and not learn the ins and outs of the Tarot. 

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2. Second highest amount of points response:

"I purposely study using the Thoth deck and it's accompanying book "The Book of Thoth" by Aleister Crowley (he may have a reputation, but he knew his stuff).”

Thoth Deck

Thoth Tarot Deck, Amazon.com

Are you a fan of astrology? Then this could be the deck for you as it contains astrological attributes and comes with instructions for use. This deck may be a bit of a pricier route though as it looks like you get the most value out of this if you buy the book, The Book Of Thoth, to go with it (the book can be found below).

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Accompanying Book - "The Book of Thoth"


The Book of Thoth: A Short Essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians, Amazon.com

For those interested in more of the historical aspects of Tarot cards readings, this could be the best route for you. This book delves into the study of the Egyptian tarot and pairs great with the above Thoth deck (found above). 

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