How The Chaos Of Mercury In Retrograde Will Deeply Affect Your Zodiac Sign And Horoscope In The Next Few Weeks

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Mercury in retrograde
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There is a price for everything.

From March 22nd to April 15th, Mercury will begin his first retrograde of the year in the fire sign of Aries. Not only will Mercury in retrograde affect your horoscope, but your zodiac sign might have a hard time adjusting.

During a retrograde in astrology, the planet appears to be moving backward in the sky even though it’s just slowed down for a short period of time. Most transits by this planet occur in about three weeks, yet they always serve a purpose.

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Mercury is the planet that represents communication, coordination, travel and how we express ourselves on a daily basis. In Aries, Mercury likes to move fast and without hesitation; he has a point to get across and knows exactly how to do it. He’s confident and filled with self-assurance.

In this placement, Mercury is sure of what he needs to express with no time for second thoughts or even doubts. But that’s when we aren’t in retrograde motion.

In retrograde, everything slows down. Normally this is a fast-moving planet and so he likes to keep life, including our relationships, moving along smoothly, but during this period everything is going to take longer; everything is going to feel like it was paused or at least put into slow mode.

During this Mercury in retrograde, it’s easy to become frustrated and become annoyed because things aren’t going to according to our plans. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t happening exactly as they are meant to.

During these retrograde phases it’s important for us to remain flexible in all aspects of our lives. Expect that things won’t go the way that we had envision and leave extra room and time to be directed to the unexpected. It’s not that this retrograde will knock us completely off-base, but it does mean that it’s going to be asking us to practice patience as we move through this transit.

It’s very much going to feel like a red light/green light scenario where, around the Pisces new moon, we feel the tremblings of a new idea or direction begin to take seed, and with the start of spring and Aries season just a few days later, we’re going to feel very much as if it’s time to move full speed ahead.

But then, Mercury turns retrograde and that movement we were so excited about might seem like it’s suddenly become futile.

What’s important to remember is that even though that initial fire may feel like it’s subsided, it’s only an illusion; we are still very much moving ahead, and are working on building up the new aspects of our lives. What this retrograde is doing is really just giving us a little more time to get it right, yet this doesn’t mean that how we’re going about it now is wrong, it just means that sometimes we’re meant to put a little more planning into a situation before we actually act upon it.

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Once the veil of the eclipse window lifted in early March, everyone was very much focused on the growth that was now possible, but only because of what was also cleared over the past few weeks. That doesn’t mean that we jumped headfirst; rather, we have more likely taken a step back into the quiet where we could think about what we want, and also how to go about setting up our lives so we can manifest that vision.

This was the power of Pisces season where we were drawn in, and now even though we are set to spring quite literally into action, we’re being asked to take it just a little bit more slowly.

It’s not that we’re making any mistakes, but rather, we’re meant to take our time with this process. Perhaps it’s the setting up of a new job or life situation or even beginning a new relationship. Whatever you’re currently in the process of setting up is exactly where you are supposed to be.

But sometimes, we rush the beginning of things because we think somehow that what’s to come is better or more desirable, and with Aries in the mix, he is sure that the best is truly yet to come. So in this case, this retrograde is really just slowing down a bit so that we can better enjoy the scenery.

We’re being asked to take our time, still move ahead, still plan, still make changes and grow, but all while enjoying the steps along the way. Sometimes, we need to be reminded that life isn’t about arriving somewhere quickly, and to enjoy the moments that wait there (whether it’s a job, a date, and a vacation).

Life matters, each and every moment — not because it’s necessarily where we want to be, but because it’s what we’re meant to experience.

During this period, we have to be watchful of that hot Aries temper coming into play if things trigger us and the timelines that we had anticipated. We also run the risk of have more arguments because what we’re intending to say isn’t what the other person is hearing, and becoming so frustrated by this slowing down experience that we feel tempted to just throw our plans out the window altogether so we can start over again.

The upside of all of this is that with all of that excessive fire energy, we will be feeling more sexually aroused and likely to work that off in very fun and uninhibited ways in the bedroom. It could also be a time when we experience fantastic makeup sex as well.  

Right now we are being asked what our dreams are worth, and what we are willing to put up with or be patient for in order to actually enjoy them. It’s not about having to sacrifice who we are or our needs, but instead, understanding that things don’t happen as we want them to.

Because everything in life has its price, and sometimes it’s simply the ability to be patient for what it is we know we want.

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