Monthly Astrology Horoscope Forecast For March 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

Monthly Astrology Horoscope Forecast For March 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign
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Your monthly horoscope is here for March. Retrograde season begins + three Moon events this month!

Your monthly astrology horoscope forecast is in to let you know what's in store this March 2018 for all zodiac signs.

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This month, retrograde season begins with both Uranus, and then Mercury enters season mid-month. In March, we have two Full Moons and one New Moon. It's as though March is making up for the lack of a Full Moon that February did not have.

This will provide a nice, nurturing energy for all zodiac signs as things begin to heat up when the Sun moves into the 1st House of astrology, Aries the sign of the Ram!

This month may still be for lovers, as Venus is still in the sign of Pisces, but it's also a time to get yourself together. Virgo is the critical eye that we need to see what needs to be restructured. 

So, if you still have the Christmas tree up, put that away. If you're feeling like painting the walls, why not give in to your longings?

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Virgo loves beautiful surroundings, particularly home environments. They may be sticklers for rules, but if you've ever been around a Virgo friend, mother, or lover, you know how they also can be quietly playful, child-like, and nurturing. 

Pisces is happiest when the energy is about nurturing and love. So, begin the month with this in mind. You are balanced. You are amazing, and this month is going to be awesome!

Here's what's happening in the universe that affects your monthly horoscope and zodiac sign and what this month's planetary changes are for March 2018:

Note: These apply to everyone, however, if one of the planets is your planetary ruler it will have more of an effect on you.)

March 1st: Full Moon in Virgo

Well, if you needed an excuse to do your Spring cleaning this month, here's your signal. No, those clothes that you'll never fit in again aren't bothering you because it's time to go on a diet. It's time to get organized and care for your self in a new way.

Out with the old and in with the new, Virgo says. Not only is Virgo providing you a nurturing nudge to get your clean on, her energy is also encouraging you to show up for your favorite people and let them know you care. 

March 6th: Venus and Mercury enter Aries

We go from a quieter and more passive approach to conversations and become a bit assertive. Unlike Pisces who may mull over an idea for sometime before reaching a conclusion, Aries is quick to decide and move on to the next great idea.

Be careful not to be caught off guard if your passion for words comes through in conversation with others. Mars rules Aries and so there's a chance that being too flippant when you don't mean to be could create a bit of tension with others. 

March 8th: Jupiter goes retrograde in Scorpio until July 10th

Progress slows down and we have a reason to table projects that aren't working during this time. There may be delays or perhaps changes in the energy that make others hesitant about moving forward. It's a time to consider your own thoughts and ideas of what you're working on to make sure that your time is invested in a way that will benefit you later on.

​March 8th: Mercury enters shadow phase before retrograde season

We can sense the tension that rises when Mercury begins to give us a nudge that it's time to reflect on our journey, relationships, ideas and thoughts. During this phase, we may notice others wanting to be more intentional while handling problems that stem from the past, and maybe even resolve issues that seemed to be resolved but need a final comb over. 

March 14th Jupiter semi-square Saturn 

This is a harsh aspect and we feel it. The desire to grow is met with restrictions and it will be easy to get frustrated at our progress and we may feel as though we should take some kind of swift action to break through plateaus. Rather than push through or try to find a workaround, let the chips fall where they may and rest on the knowledge that this too will pass. 

March 17th: New Moon in Pisces

We gain a boost of new perspective realize that it's about the journey. Perhaps it could be the tension of the month building and we are finally ready for a big release that can only come from within.

March 17th: Mars enters Capricorn

Whatever you are doing, you'll want to be on your A-game. Positioning will be everything at this time, and all zodiac signs will be willing to put in the time, energy and effort to find it.

March 20th: Sun enters Aries

We learn to tackle things new projects and perhaps feel more energized than we did the last month. There's a desire to get out more, to move more, and to get active. 

March 22nd: Mercury turns Retrograde until April 15th

​Mercury goes retrograde in the sign of Aries. Not being able to dominate a challenge is the greatest challenge to the self-starter of the zodiac. We all get a taste of this anxiety and start to contemplate what brings our sense of doubt to rise. 

March 31st: Venus enters Taurus

If you love food or are a natural foodie who loves to cook, you will enjoy foods, especially decadent foods more than before. Soft, fuzzy clothing, comfy blankets, and anything that appeals to the senses will be more attractive and alluring. Home and family will also come into focus. We will be willing to work hard for the nice things we want. 

March 31st: Full Moon in Libra

We realize how things are going in our relationships and see ways to improve areas that aren't working well for us. 

Now, that we know where the planets and celestial events are lined up for this month, here's how your zodiac sign can prepare:

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ARIES (March 21 - April 19)


POWER CRYSTAL: Citrine or garnet

POWER DAYS: 8-9, 18-19, 26-27

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 6th House — Health, Fitness, Organization, Social Causes

Aries, if you have a Moon or rising sign in Virgo, this energy will be felt even more for you. This is a time when you'll want to start getting serious about your health goals. This month, Aries is extra vulnerable after February and the slowness of Pisces.

You may have already felt the boost of life return back to you this month as we speak. Make health a priority. The Ram needs energy to go. Get organized and prepare your priorities accordingly. If you've got too many items stacked on your plate, you know what to do. 

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)



POWER DAYS: 1-2, 10-12, 20-21, 29-30

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 5th House — Romance, relationships, creativity

Taurus, what a lovely world this is for you. You may be looking for love in friendships or open to romance no matter where the heart flutters this month. Spend time with friends is a great way to invest your free time. BBQs and parks, perhaps even a show may provide you a good outlet for your energy but also a chance to meet someone new. 

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)



POWER DAYS: 3-4, 13-14, 22-23, 31

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 4th House — family, home

Gemini, this month you may find that you are more interested in making your house a home. The critical eye of Virgo may have rubbed off on you this month and you'll want to make sure that home feels...homey. You can create a nice little nook or update your wine rack for those long evening chats with friends. Whatever you do, you'll do it with style.

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)



POWER DAYS: 6-7, 15-17, 24-25

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 3rd House — communication, friendship, siblings

Cancer, you may not always be as clear as you'd like to be when it comes to conversation, and this month you will see some changes in the way messages are received or sent by you and others to you. Check your spam folder and outbox more often (just in case). 

In the event of friendship and siblings, if you have some brothers or sisters, spend time with them. Don't just wait for a reason to call, create a group chat or start making it a habit to stay in touch to say hello because you can. 

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)



POWER DAYS: 8-9, 18-19, 26-27

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 2nd House — Money, work, routines

Leo, this month you will find that resources and opportunities open up for you. Your routine and the way you like to do things will be challenged, but it's all for your own good. You may find that work becomes a bit more busy and your money can go as quickly as you make it (thanks, Aries energy). So, hold back on impulse spending this month. 

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)



POWER DAYS: 1-2, 10-12, 20-21, 29-30

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 1st House — self, appearance, spirituality, new beginnings

Virgo, this month is your time to shine as everything that applies to other zodiac signs applies to you as well. You get to do the changes you've been wanting to try out and opportunities open up for you.

If you've been thinking about making over yourself, your home, or trying something new, go for it. You may want to care for your health and pay attention to sleep patterns to make sure you are rested for all the things you'll want to do. 

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)



POWER DAYS: 3-4, 13-14, 22-23, 31

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 12th House — closure, healing, endings

Libra, this month, things will remain good and easy for you, but there will be some doors to close and those may be the ones that no longer serve your long term goals. As you learn to embrace what you love there will be less room for what you don't like.

Some of these closure points could be saying good bye to friendships that aren't good for you or to projects and plans you thought were important but realize they aren't what you wanted them to be. 

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)



POWER DAYS: 6-7, 15-17, 24-25

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 11th House — friendships, socialization, training

Scorpio, this month, you might be more social and interested in trying to develop your career. Finding time to do both won't be easy but you will enjoy the new life/work balance. Besides, there's a chance that your friendship circle and socialization skills will help you in the future as networking often is not only about what you know, but who. 

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)



POWER DAYS: 8-9, 18-19, 26-27

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 10th House — reputation, success, career

Sagittarius, this month, you may have some golden opportunities coming your way in career but will matter most to you will be the way others view you and your performance as a professional. You will want to be on your best behavior and no skimping on manicures.

You'll want to look the part of success that you are trying to gain. Be careful to avoid being too nit picky as well. Who knows? Perhaps an opportunity will be something you think you aren't interested in only to find that you love it. 

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)



POWER DAYS: 1-2, 10-12, 20-21, 29, 30

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 9th House — travel and education

Capricorn, this month you may be the mover and shaker of the group. Travel opportunities can open up for you. If you've been thinking about traveling abroad for school, put those applications out there. Education is another area that will be good to approach this month as you will be more open to learning new things. Anything is possible for you at this time. 

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

POWER COLOR: Blue-green


POWER DAYS:  3-4, 13-14, 22-23, 31

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 8th House — shared resources, intimacy, sexuality

Aquarius, this month, you may be seeing some changes in your relationships, particularly with your partner. If you get some financial gains, it could be through the good fortune of your partner and their own personal work or financial growth. Intimacy will be important to you and you could be more open to trying new things in the bedroom. If you are single, you might be considering how to make yourself more open and available for dating. 

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)


POWER CRYSTAL: Chrysocolla

POWER DAYS: 6-7, 15-17, 24-25

Full Moon in Virgo Energizes: 7th House — commitment, marriage

Pisces, this month your heart may be ready to approach topics related to intimacy and love. If you're married or in a long term relationship, marriage plans could develop or be spoken about. You may be more interested in the idea of commitment and wanting to establish boundaries or redefine your relationship so you know where you stand.

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