How Venus And Mercury Moving Into Aries On March 6th Will Affect Your Horoscope This Entire Month

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Venus and Mercury move into Aries
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Sometimes it’s as easy as just saying yes.

On March 6th, Venus and Mercury move into Aries. In astrology, Mercury is the planet of communication and Venus is the planet of love. But what exactly does this transit have in the cards for your zodiac sign, and how will it affect your horoscope?

During the past few weeks, both planets have been floating through dreamy Pisces, focusing on feelings but not necessarily the action behind them. But all of those changes this month. March isn’t just about the feelings in our hearts but actually acting upon them, stepping out and creating something new.

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Mercury is the planet that controls our thought processes and how we communicate our thoughts and feelings to others. In Pisces, this planet had a more difficult time because it wasn’t about logical cerebral thinking; rather, those thoughts that are intuitively felt through the heart.

Mercury isn’t at home with the heart and prefers logic and action, so he's much more comfortable in the sign of Aries. Just like him, this sign likes to get things done.

Aries is a fire sign and is focused more on the “me” than the “we.” It’s not that he’s not a team player but he’s not focused on others or how they feel; instead, it's about what he wants. If he’s not happy, nothing else matters.

Aries is the sign that is least likely to people please and is the one going in the opposite direction of the crowd. This sign isn’t afraid to stand alone, and because of that they usually are seen as outspoken and confident.

But Venus feels differently in this hot-headed fire sign. She was more at home in diplomatic and gentle Pisces than Aries, which is her detriment. She’s thrown off and asked to step out of her comfort zone.

When a planet is in its detriment sign, it basically means that it’s challenged and it operates and worries about situations that normally aren’t an issue. Essentially, Venus has to work harder in Aries because while the lessons and themes are important, they just don’t come naturally.

When we have the planet of communication and the planet of love come together in the sign of Aries, it means that we’re going to start going for what we want more. It’s time to throw caution to the wind and say yes to whatever is trying to come our way. But more importantly, Aries wants us to say yes to ourselves.

It’s so easy for us to get so caught up in living for others that we neglect ourselves and our own needs. It’s sometimes as easy as forgetting that they even exist, or maybe we just think that someone else’s needs are more important.

But we all have our core self, the part of us that maybe we don’t share with everyone, and it’s where our wants, desires and dreams exist. And Aries doesn’t want us to forget about this self.

More than that though, when Venus and Mercury move into Aries, they are asking us to decide the truth in our own hearts and start making choices that are in our best interest — not our friends, families, or even society. Aries likes to act now; he knows what he wants and doesn’t see much point in delaying attaining it.

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This year is an "11" year in numerology, so we knew that it was going to deal with our purpose and direct us on the path we are meant to take. But who we walk our journey with is just as important as the work that we do.

For many of us, we’ve been reevaluating the romantic relationships we have invested in, evaluating whether or not they actually support us in becoming our best possible selves and if it’s a relationship based on convenience, expectation, or true growth.

For those that have been feeling things shake up in the romance department, know that clarity and change is on the way. Everything in life has a purpose and there is a time for everything. We all need to experience our own winter before we’re ready to grow in the new direction of spring, and that is precisely what this time is for all of us.

With Mercury in Aries, we’re going to have to be mindful of how assertive we are in our words and actions; while we’re supposed to make great strides in living for ourselves, we also have to watch that we’re not being unnecessarily ruthless when it comes to the methods we choose to employ. It’s good to be enthusiastic about our futures, but our pasts have helped make us who we are, and to completely abandon them in some ways is to lose a part of ourselves.

In the best of situations, we will be able to take the best with us so that we can then create the brightest future. Of course, sometimes that isn’t always possible, and that means that Aries just may have us burning a few bridges so we can truly move ahead.

While we shouldn’t purposely alienate anyone or anything from our pasts, not everyone is supposed to travel with us into our future, which is where the passion and focus of Aries comes in.

This transit is going to bring clarity about what we want from life, what we want from love, and how to take these crazy dreams we have and actually get them to become the life that we are building. During this time, it’s best to let go of all the reasons why we thought we couldn’t and instead focus on the reasons why we should.

After all, ultimately, until we say yes to ourselves, we’ll never be able to say yes to all that life has to offer. 

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