How The Astrological Alignment Of Mars And Jupiter Will Affect Your Life This Week

Mars and Jupiter alignment
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If you truly want something, you have to make it happen.

During the early part of January, two heavy hitter planets will align and give us the extra nudge to go after everything that we most want. These two planets rarely align in the skies, so the next time we will actually feel this similar energy won’t be until 2020.

When uncommon planetary action happens, it means that something truly special is occurring in the heavens above us. And that's just what the Mars and Jupiter alignment will bring us.

Mars is the planet of ambition and decisive action. This planet has the power and conviction to go after what it wants despite any sort of roadblock or seemingly impossible action.

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Jupiter is the planet of expansion and magnifies anything that it touches, which means that as these two align in the skies, we’re going to be feeling a fire within our veins to get up and take action in our lives.

There is no better time than the start of a new year to go after everything that we want, so the Mars and Jupiter alignment is almost making it impossible to stay where we have been, even if we want to.

The interesting aspect of Mars is that sometimes he gets a bad rap because he governs strong emotions like lust, passion and anger. Yet, the truth is we need these emotions just as much as we do patience, kindness and peace; it just depends on if we are able to handle our emotions and feelings in a healthy way.

With Jupiter on the scene, we might be having more feelings arise that make us incredibly aware of areas of our lives that we are seeking change in. But we must not let our anger get the best of us in these situations; rather, we should channel it into taking action to resolve the issues.

It seems that for many there is a brink coming up, or perhaps we’ve already stumbled upon it, in which we are being challenged to make some big life changes and upgrades so our outer circumstances will better match with who we are internally and unconsciously. But life is never just a one direction process; we spiral and sometimes it seems that no matter how much we want to move forward, we can’t. (Sound familiar to 2017?)

But the reality is, we feel that frustration for a reason; we feel those inklings of anger or disappointment because we are ready to make a change, even if we can’t actually move anywhere.

Yet, sometimes how we see things isn't truly how they really are. We all look at various life situations with different lenses, seeing the positive or negative, but it’s not the situation that needs to change so we can move forward but the lens through which we are viewing it.

This is the part where we’re going to want to wrap Jupiter in a great big hug. Because Jupiter likes to go big or wait — there’s not really any other option for him.

He just likes to go big so he’s going to be widening your perspective and helping you see those frustrating or difficult situations in a new light. It’s not that anything would have suddenly become magically better, but the way in which we see it will have changed enough so what seemed impossible yesterday suddenly seems possible today.

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It’s moments like this that we view as miracles, but in truth, it’s actually just divine timing. However, that is just one aspect of this planetary alignment; the other is that it’s not just enough to see things in a new way — we actually have to get up off the couch and pledge to do things differently.

This is the part where we are going to have to leave our nice little comfort zone. What is ironic though about that ideal is that our comfort zone actually holds us back. And sometimes it’s not even all that comfortable, but it is known, so we’d rather continue on frustrated or unhappy because at least we know what to expect.

But let’s get real: that was so 2017, and this year, that attitude just ain’t gonna cut it.

This year is all about matching up the external and the internal; it’s about making those changes that have been a long time coming and it’s also about making choices that truly align with who we really are.

The reality is we aren’t going to do any of that by still clinging to what we have done or putting it off until tomorrow. Sometimes we really do have to wait for the perfect time but mostly it seems we just have to decide to make the moment perfect.

Making this even more supportive of transformations is that both of these planets will be meeting up in the watery and deeply transformative sign of Scorpio. This is a sign that likes to go deep; it’s the alchemist of the Zodiac and has no patience for trivial matters or those that are artificial. Even more so, Scorpio likes to do things just so he might see what happens and what the reaction of others might be.

All of this is going to be adding up to the planets essentially kicking our butts into gear so we don’t miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

But these planets aren’t just about drive or action; they also want the best for us too. They want us to live abundantly, happily in love with love and with life itself; sometimes we just have to clear the way so that what is trying to manifest can find its way to us.

The most important aspect in all of this is that nothing changes unless we actually make the choice to indeed change it, and while this is just the beginning of the year, sometimes it’s futile to put off something until a better time. Especially once we realize there is no better time than now to go after what we want. 

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