Your Zodiac Sign's Love Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of January 8-14, 2018

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What does the new year have in store for you?

Being in 2018 is still new. And if you are like most of us, you are hoping against hope that this year turns out better than the last one, that you achieve all your hopes and dreams by the end of it, and that your love life blossoms and blooms like never before. 

Unfortunately, life is full of ups and downs and things don't always go the way we want them to. That's exactly what we are going to discuss in your weekly horoscopes and tarot card reading for January 8 to 14, 2018.

Curious about what's in store for you in your love life, based on your zodiac sign? Let's dive in. 

ARIES: The Hanged Man

This week is going to be a big one for you, Aries. Why? Because you have received a Major Arcana card in this reading. And not just any major card, but the Hanged Man. 

The Hanged Man is a wise person who knows that life does not always go the way we want it to, and chooses to let go of the reins and turn himself upside down so he can see the world from a new perspective. And that's exactly what you will learn by the end of the week, Aries: How to let go of your iron control and let your love life bloom however it may. 

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TAURUS: Queen of Pentacles

Taurus, this week is going to be a peaceful, loving, and nurturing week for you in your love relationship. In fact, it is an extremely fertile period for you. So if you are hoping to conceive a child, you may find yourself blessed with one. And if you are not, please take extra precautions. 

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GEMINI: 7 of Wands

An enemy is afoot, Gemini. Beware. They are trying to invade what you have marked as your territory. 

So be strong and fight for what is yours. Whether that means protecting an established relationship of preventing someone else from destroying a budding romance, you will have to fight off this intruder. 

Remember: the biggest brute does not always win. It's the one who has the most to lose because they know what's at stake if they don't win. 

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CANCER: 10 of Wands

You will be weighed down by responsibilities this week, Cancer. In fact, you may end up feeling as if you are parenting your significant other

So wake up now and set down some boundaries. Otherwise, you will find yourself perpetually stuck in the role of the giver who is always left unfulfilled. Or may find the weight too much one day and choose to leave. 

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LEO: The Sun

You can rejoice, Leo, because the Sun is the ruler of your zodiac sign. That means this week is going to be an exceptionally great week for your love life. 

If single, you will find yourself energetically going after the one you desire and snagging them through your charismatic personality. And if in a relationship, you will find the week very romantic and beautiful. 

And since the Sun is a Major Arcana Tarot card, you can bet that there will be some landmark incident in your love life this week. Something good, bright, and beautiful, just like the Sun. Something you will probably not forget for a long time. 

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VIRGO: 5 of Pentacles

You will feel an intense lack in your love life this week, Virgo. In fact, you may feel like a beggar waiting for scraps but not receiving an inch. 

But don't go and drown yourself in pessimism yet. Because the truth is that you are creating the lack in your life when all you need to do it raise your head, look around you, and see the abundance everywhere. 

We experience life the way we see it. So don't see lack. You will kill opportunities that way because you will be too busy wallowing in misery. 

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LIBRA: Ace of Sword

Like the pure sound of two swords striking one another, Libra, this week you will meet someone who will dazzle you with their intelligence and creativity. 

He or she will stand out from the crowd and shine like a beacon, and you will be drawn toward them like night towards the day. But before you get too excited, here's the deal: you won't be the only one gravitating towardsthis person. 

How can you when they are that charismatic? So, acknowledge the potential of this new meeting and make sure you don't let it fade away. 

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SCORPIO: 9 of Cups

The 9 of Cups tells me, Scorpio, that after weeks of procrastinating and swaying between staying in your comfort zone and going for what would make you happy, you finally chose the latter and plunged into the love affair of your dreams

You are happy now and feel complete. Enjoy this blissful period now. Don't taint it by overthinking about the future. 

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Are you smiling, Sagittarius? I know you are. And you definitely have a reason to grin in joy. After all, the Lovers is not exactly a difficult card to decipher. And since it is a Major Arcana card of love, you can be sure that the love affair you begin this week will truly be a life-changing experience for you. 

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Emotions have never been your strong suit, Capricorn. In fact, you often try to run away from them and hide in the world of logic and reality. 

Unfortunately, this week is not going to be a piece of cake for you because this week you will find your emotions running haywire all over the place. They will be murky, indecipherable, and will leave you feeling lost in a quagmire. 

Don't resist it. Just keep swimming, otherwise you will sink. 

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AQUARIUS: The Empress

Aquarius, this week is going to be a major one for you. And since the Empress has turned up for you, you can be sure that you will find yourself in the middle of abundance in your love life. It's a time of joy. Enjoy it.

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PISCES: 9 of Wands

The mark of a true warrior is his ability to be patient and wait for the right moment to strike. That's the message of the 9 of Wands for you, Pisces

You may want to jump right into a new relationship now, but you will reap greater rewards if you wait a while longer. Just remember to wait actively because that is the only way you will know when to strike. 

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.