What The First Week Of 2018 Will Be Like For Each Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Horoscope For December 31, 2017 - January 6th, 2018 Is HERE

Goodbye 2017 and hello, 2018!

Your weekly horoscope is in! In with the old and out with the new! Our weekly horoscope begins with New Year's Eve and this is a chance to kiss 2017 good-bye.

For some zodiac signs, it's been a good year to some degree, but for all the best is yet to come!

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Early this month, Uranus stations direct. After being in retrograde since August 2017, this means we can finally breathe a little easier when attempting to do things that are a bit off the beaten path. Although Jupiter, our benevolent planet is in the retrograde zone, we have no planets in retrograde after the 2nd! Whew! A lucky break!

There are four (4) major planetary events happening this week in astrology:

  • January 1st — Full 'Wolf' Moon in Cancer in the constellation of Gemini. Emotional conflicts, particularly in the area of shallow commitments, arise. If you're not emotionally invested, this is the universe signaling to let it go.
  • January 2nd — Uranus turns direct in Aries. The natural wonder of cause and effect can return back to normal. Less tension can be felt in the areas of change, in fact, doors can open if you knock with true sincerity.
  • January 3rd - 4th — The Quadrantids is first meteor shower of the year. Make a wish! Although the Full Moon 'may' prevent us from seeing shooting stars early this month, the shower peaks on the 3rd and 4th.
  • January 3rd - 5th — Mars and Jupiter conjoin. 

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This is a wonderful time to honor your dreams and believe in fairytales. Let the nay-sayers say what they want, but you honor yourself during this celestial event and enjoy yourself. 

Here's where each planet will be located this week and the zodiac sign's energy that it's associated with:

  • Mercury is in Sagittarius and goes void of course to enter Capricorn.
  • Venus is in Capricorn.
  • Ceres is in Leo.
  • Uranus and Eris are in Aries (until 2020).
  • The Moon travels from Gemini to Virgo.
  • Makemake and Haumea are in Libra.
  • Pluto is in Capricorn.
  • Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces.
  • MARS and Jupiter are in Scorpio.

Here's how these astrological and planetary energies come together:

In family, work, and career:

Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio and mid-week they conjoin. This means that our deepest longings can rise to the surface. If you're uncertain about how you feel or where you want to be at this life stage, spend time on discovering yourself. Do some yoga, go for a walk or call a life coach for a session. Journaling will also be helpful for all zodiac signs, even if it's just putting random thoughts down on the page. 


The Moon moves Gemini into Virgo. What Gemini conceives, Virgo can help see it through. This is a wonderful time to let your creative energies become fruitful. Want to put up some new bookshelves or redesign a room? The timing couldn't be better. Conversations will be more exploratory, but don't think it's all for nothing. The information gathered during this time can be truly helpful for making plans.  

In love, sex and relationships: 

Venus enters Capricorn and nestles between Saturn and Pluto. Oh, boy. This is a tough place to be! This could mean that emotions are more intense and vulnerable. Don't worry if you're more expressive at this time, but do think before you talk. As Venus grows closer to Pluto in Capricorn, a sharp tongue may truly become mightier than the sword. Criticism at this time could cut like a knife. Get some? Take it into personal counsel and see if there's any truth to it. If not, chuck it!

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Health, Spirituality, and Self:

Saturn is in Capricorn for the next 29.5 years. We all get a new and fresh start. As we all move into 2018, many zodiac signs, particularly Aries and Virgo, will grow interested in good health habits. A massage will be key this week in getting that blood flowing. Be sure to pamper yourself with extra doses of loving touch, either by going to a massage therapist, seeing your chiropractor, or squeezing in during a mani/pedi and asking for the extra long foot massage!

Check out your zodiac sign below to see predictions from your weekly horoscope from December 31st, 2017 - January 6th, 2018

ARIES (March 21 - April 19)

Power color: Red

Aries, this is a wonderful week for you to hit the reset button and recharge. Ironically, recharging may not be the exact thought you had in mind for the first week of the year, but it's precisely what you need for clarity of purpose. 

Take things off your plate that you never should have added on there to begin with. 2018 needs to be about more delegation so you can do more things like exercising and spending time with loved ones. They keep you grounded. 

Aries weekly theme song: Start of Something Good — Daughtry

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TAURUS (April 20 - May 20)

Power color: Green

Taurus, this week, with so much energy changing, you might actually want to try something new and do things that you never would dream of. Thinking of a travel plan a few months ahead may be the golden ticket for you. This week, you might still carry on the social bug from the holiday festivities. Don't let it throw you for a loop. Is there a way to mix business and pleasure? Perhaps attending happy hours after work so you can network and see friends at the same time will do well for you. 

Taurus's weekly theme song: Feeling Good  — Avicii

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GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)

Power color: Yellow

Gemini, this week things may change for you in a really interesting way: love! Yes, this is your year, Gemini. If you want to make a love commitment, guess what? You can. Commitmentphobia may not be here to stay after all. Just after the first of this month, you might want to start putting your ideas into check. Write down what you really want in a partner, and what you don't. Then, aim for that goal.

If you're married already, know it can be difficult for you to spend time with family and do what you want to do hobby-wise. This area can improve as well. Be the partner you wish you had and influence your marriage in a positive way.

Gemini's weekly theme song: Chandelier — Sia

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CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Power color: White

Cancer, you get a Full Moon this week in your sign. Whoot! This may mean you're more intuitive and emotionally sensitive than usual. Not weeping and mourning, but in the sense of empathy and goodwill towards others. Your nurse nature will shine through. You may be helping a friend through a tough time or simply being there for someone. Use this time to connect with your own weakest emotions. Fill those nooks and crannies with good books, meaningful quotes, and the positive energy of a friend who loves you.

Cancer's weekly theme song: Fireflies — Owl City

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LEO (July 23 - August 22)

Power color for the week: Gold

Leo, this week you have so much to do. It's been one hell of a December, hasn't it? All play and lots of work. You've combined the two in the most amazing way to end 2017 with a bang! But now it's time to get down with the people and confront your inner desires in external ways. If you've been meaning to put out resumes or fill out applications for some kind of program, there's no better time than now. 

Leo's weekly theme song: Get Lucky — Daft Punk

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VIRGO (August 23 - September 22)

Power colors for the week: Green and brown

Virgo, you organized and planned until you couldn't take it anymore, right? Maybe. There's never too much neatness around for a Virgo, but now it's time to organize your schedule. Have you gotten all those little things you wanted to get done as far as paperwork goes? You can be sure to handle paperwork like a champ this week thanks to Capricorn, your earth energy soulmate. Make 'don't put off for tomorrow what you can do today' your motto for this week. 

Virgo's weekly theme song: Adventure of a Lifetime — Cold Play

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LIBRA (September 23 - October 22)

Power color for the week: Pink

Libra, your keyword this week is love. You'll be harmonizing more with your loved ones so expect sentimental moments aplenty. If you've never scrapbooked and have tons of digital photos to organize, this week is a great week for that. You might want to invite someone over for some wine and a walk down memory lane.

Another great activity for your sign this week involves finances. Don't cringe. You might find some pleasure in learning how to order more things you need at home online with delivery to save yourself time to do what you prefer to be doing with others. 

Libra's weekly theme song: Start Over — FLAME feat. NF

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SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21)

Power color for the week: Black

Scorpio, there are a lot of things taking a back seat this week. You won't be into pulling junk you no longer need out of the closets or trying to take on the world. This is a time to kick back a bit and observe. Are you thinking of changing something major? It's thinking time. Your analytical mind and aversion to risky activities will kick up into high gear. Work productivity can improve and as a result, you may find yourself enjoying tasks more. 

Scorpio's weekly theme song: Today My Life Begins — Bruno Mars

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21)

Power color for the week: Purple

Sagittarius, this week you may decide you've had enough time with family and friends and now you'd like to do some things by yourself (thank you very much, yes please). You may not be an introvert, but you need some downtime to resituate your thoughts and energy. If you have the luxury of doing so, skip the running around to do errands than can wait. Binge watch your favorite show, drink hot tea, take long showers, and allow yourself this time to breath and reconnect with you. It will do your soul some good.

Sagittarius's weekly theme song: Love Myself  — Hailee Steinfeld

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CAPRICORN (December 22 - January 19)

Power colors for the week: Brown and gray

Capricorn, with the Sun in your sign and other planets moving in, this is a powerful week for you to get things done and do so with extreme focus. There's a light at the end of the tunnel once 2017 closes out and the new year begins. Career and finances are where to focus your energy for the most benefit. If you're not happy with how you've handled your budget last year, this year set a new more realistic one and don't waver in your decisions. Pick up a Suzie Orzman or even a Dave Ramsey book if you're interested in studying how others think about money. The energy is right or absorbing this kind of information this week for your sign.

Capricorn's weekly theme song: On Top Of The World — Imagine Dragons

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AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18)

Power color for the week: Blue

Aquarius, spiritual lessons learned from 2017 will not only come in handy but be essential for you. You'll find them particularly helpful while working with others. This week, allow your emotional intelligence to lead you in decision making. You'll want to measure the facts against your intuition and trust your gut —always. This week is also a wonderful time for self-assessment and starting a new program if you're looking to gain some new skills for work. Don't expect to be like everyone else, as Uranus is now direct and your true colors can shine in an impressive way.

Aquarius's weekly theme song: Rise Up— Andra Day

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PISCES (February 19 - March 20)

Power color for the week: Light green

Pisces, the end of 2017 has been both an exhilarating and yet exhausting time for your zodiac sign. In all spirit of what's right and good, it's only fair to warn you that this is just the beginning. Your career is in a position to take an upswing, meaning things that you do can truly shine. So, as much as you can muster up the energy, do your best work and do not be shy about taking the credit. Things may be less eventful in home life this week, so take rest when you can and roll those sleeves up after the long weekend.  

Pisces's weekly theme song: Better Place— Rachel Platten

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