Your Zodiac Sign's LOVE Tarot Card Horoscope For The Week Of November 12-18, 2017

weekly horoscope and tarot card reading for November 12 to 18, 2017
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The English word "love" doesn't quite capture the essence of this complex emotion in all its wonder and magical layers.

You love eating strawberries. But that's not the same love you feel for your significant other. And even then, the way you love your bae when he (or she) brings you flowers is vastly different from how you love them when you choose to leave them behind because your paths, unfortunately, cannot go together any longer.

That's what your weekly horoscope and tarot card reading for November 12 to 18, 2017 is all about. Exploring the myriad layers of love through all 12 signs of the zodiac with a special tarot card for each that reveals a specific wisdom you need to apply to manifest the love you desire.

So, let's dive in.

ARIES: Princess of Staves

No one can say that you lack passion, Aries. And neither can they say you lack enthusiasm. But often you allow yourself to get carried away by every inspiration that strikes you, however impractical they might be.

Spontaneous couple's vacation for a fortnight? You leave before you have even made proper arrangements at your workplace. A blind date set up by an unreliable friend? You are too enthusiastic to weigh everything before you say yes. 

And while this immaturity has a distinct child-like innocence attached to it, which makes all the fumbles difficult to stay mad at for long, according to the law of probability, there will come a time when an inspiration truly leads you down a wrong path.

So this is the Tarot's wisdom for you: Whenever an inspiration strikes you, discuss it with the most practical person in your inner circle, whether it is your mother, brother, or your bae. This way you will respect the voice of caution (if there is one) and then take a step back from your enthusiasm to make the right call.

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TAURUS: Justice

Are you in trouble right now, Taurus? Are you worried you will be wronged? Relax.

Justice is a card of fair play and unbiased evaluation, and its wisdom for you is this: If you are on the side of right, you have nothing to worry about. The situation will work out in your favor eventually.

But if you know that your hands are not entirely clean, then you truly are in trouble. Justice will be done, regardless of how much you cry.

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GEMINI: 2 of Cups

Ah! Wonderful news, Gemini! It seems love is in the air for you. The 2 of Cups is a card of romance. Of the moment that follows the push-and-pull of initial attraction when you finally give in and become two from one. And that's this card's wisdom for you.

Allow the enchantment of this union to take you places you have never been before. Embrace the headiness of desire and the yearning for more. Now is not the time to worry about the future.

The truth is: You will have fights and nasty days later. No relationship can escape the inevitable discord. Your parents couldn't with you. And neither did your friends. So how can you expect this relationship to be any different?

So focus on the romance for now. Don't destroy the moment by fearing something that has not even happened yet. Live in the moment and live in harmony. You will find your way eventually.

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CANCER: Temptation

Love can be as gentle as a breeze that tickles you silently under your chin and as passionate as a raging summer tempest that does not leave room for anything else. And you, Cancer, are feeling the latter right now.

This temptation is heady. You are consumed by it. This need. This desire. You feel you cannot control it. This inevitable spiral into their arms. But you are wrong.

Temptations are difficult to resist. But at the end of the day, it is always your choice. To give in or to stand firm. Which one is it going to be?

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LEO: Tradition

My dear Leo. The whole world thinks you are a player who lives for the romance, but only the ones close to you know the truth: you are simply looking for the one, and know that when you find him (or her) you will not look any further.

But how will you know if it's the one if you keep running away before the relationship gets real? Give it some time to grow. Because if you truly want to marry the "one," you need to first train yourself to be in a relationship and navigate the systems within it that eventually fall into place.

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VIRGO: 5 of Coins

On the outset, the 5 of Coins can seem a terrible card. After all, who wants to turn a card over to find a poor woman making her way through a blizzard with only rags on her back?

But the wisdom of this card for you is not about losing money. It is about the fact that poverty is not always about how much money you have. Sometimes the one who has the most can actually be the poorest. Poverty is how you perceive your situation. Whether you live with an abundance mindset or a lack mindset.

Because the truth is, you are your greatest resource, Virgo. So make the most of your life with what you have and always keep tapping into your inner strength and resourcefulness to make more.

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LIBRA: Ace of Staves

Libra, the Tarot has spoken. And here is it's wisdom for you: Unleash yourself. Let your passion, energy, and inspiration lead you where you want to go.

In life, things rarely land on our laps without an effort. Even if that effort is just a daily practice of gratitude and trust in the Universe. So unleash yourself. If you want something in life, whether it is in your career, love life, or anywhere else, what you give out is truly what you get back. So give out positivity and lead an inspired life.

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Are you scared of change, Scorpio? I hope you are not because your life is going to take a drastic turn soon. And you can feel it too. That inevitable pull of fate and desire inching you closer to a cosmic event that will change your life forever.

Give into it. Change is the natural way of life. And all relationships must change one day or another. Besides, you have always wished to merge. So why are you scared now?

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SAGITTARIUS: Ace of Arrows

You are quite blunt with your words, Sagittarius. And while you do not wish to harm others with them, you often end up doing exactly that with your tactless arrows of truth. But it's time to stop now.

The Ace of Arrows is a card of truth. Of being unbiased and seeing everything with clarity and crystal-clear focus. And that includes the wisdom to know the difference between the truth that must be spoken and the one which is just an unconscious ploy to prove you are a know-it-all.

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CAPRICORN: 10 of Staves

You are proud of what you have accomplished in your career, Capricorn. And you know you will continue to grow and conquer your field. But the wisdom of the 10 of Staves is that you need to be mindful of where you are headed.

Because there will come a time when you will suddenly find yourself buried under a tower of responsibilities you did not sign up for. Yet that is exactly what success brings with it. The responsibility of more than one person who looks up to you for guidance.

So be prepared and train your sentinels well. Because without a perfectly oiled system of delegation and support, your responsibilities will soon crush you under their weight.

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AQUARIUS: 3 of Staves

You have an idea that you know needs to grow for the betterment of the human race in whatever capacity, whether big or small. And you have established the roots of it and built it up sustainably. But now it's time to grow further. To move out of the nursery and grow in the wild.

So the wisdom of the Tarot for Aquarius is this: Don't just plan. Take actions based on what you have outlined.

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PISCES: 3 of Arrows

The hardest part of loving another is the fact that one day they might choose to walk away and leave you shattered by the wayside. And you may not like to think about it too much, Pisces, but closing your eyes to this truth is not going to make it disappear.

That's the wisdom of the 3 of Arrows, Pisces. Heartbreak is very much real. But that doesn't mean you freeze your heart and never love another with everything you have got. Because the end of a relationship does not mean it failed.

Thinking like that only demeans all the good times you have had together and everything the relationship taught you about living. It simply means your paths have diverged now. And that you will eventually find your path running parallel to another's.  

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Valeria Black is an author and Tarot reader known for her in-depth psychological analyses. You can connect with her on Twitter @ValerieRBlack.