Who Is Your Zodiac Sister Sign (And What You Can Learn From Them)

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Your sister signs are more important than you think.

I always try to learn something new. Whether it’s from people I’ve just met, my friends and family, or even my horoscope, I love when people have something new to teach me. This is especially true when I meet someone who is a lot like me — right down to the personality traits and interests — because I already know whatever I learn from them is going to be right up my alley.

Look at it this way: you and your BFF were brought together for some reason, right? And that reason was probably that you two shared the same interests and dislikes. Of course, there were still things that you learned from each other because that’s what we do — we connect with people through learning and shared experiences.

So maybe she taught you how to walk in 5-inch heels like a pro and you taught her how to act confidently in any situation. But in both instances, you learned something that was meaningful to you.

Okay, walking in 5-inch heels is impressive, but it’s not exactly meaningful. And just like you and your best friend are similar, you are very different (no matter how many times people mistake you for twins), and the zodiac signs are the much the same.

Your sign has certain traits and quirks that only your sign can possess, but did you know that your neighboring signs (AKA sister signs) while very different can be good teachers? It’s true! The sign that comes before and after yours might not seem like they’re very similar to you, but they have characteristics you can learn from.

It might seem difficult to understand, but think of it this way: if someone you knew was naturally confident, you might want to get to know them better and become their friend so they could teach you how to be more self-assured.

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Makes sense, right? Of course, you don’t actually have to like your zodiac sister sign (just like you don’t have to like your real neighbor or sister, either), but you can’t deny that they can be good examples for the type of person you want to be.

So, who is your zodiac sister sign? Here's what your sign can learn from their sister sign because I know you want to know.


Aries is plenty devoted to her friends, but she often forgets to stay devoted to herself. It isn’t so much that she doesn’t care about herself, but her main focus tends to be on having a good time with the people she cares about.

Aries can learn devotion from someone who has spent her entire life mastering it: Taurus. Because Aries isn’t selfish or narcissistic to begin with, like Taurus, learning devotion to herself shouldn’t be a complicated task. Instead of committing solely to her friends, she should learn that there is enough love and dedication inside her for herself, too.

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Taurus may be devoted to herself, but she could use a few pointers on how to express herself. She often lets her stubbornness and personal convictions get in the way of expressing how she truly feels about things, even if she really wants to say something.

Instead of closing herself off, Taurus needs to learn the art of expression from one of the most expressive signs: Gemini. Gemini not only knows how to communicate what’s on her mind, even if it’s an unpopular opinion or something controversial, but she also doesn’t care what others think of her, as long as she says what she needs to. Taurus knows the value of speaking up, she just needs a few pointers.

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Gemini puts everything out on the table, no matter what the situation is, that she often forgets to keep her cards close to her chest. Whether that means forgetting to leave a little mystery about herself or wearing her heart on her sleeve, Gemini needs to learn how to protect herself more.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being open and willing to share everything, but this can turn negative before she realizes what she’s doing. Cancer can teach Gemini how to protect herself through self-care (like spending time away from people) and simply just listening instead of talking. It might be hard, especially since Gemini is so set in her ways, but it’ll get her to start thinking before she speaks.

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Cancer might know how to protect herself, but she definitely needs a lesson on how to love herself. She spends all of her time and effort making sure everyone else in her life is loved unconditionally that she forgets she has needs, too. Without love for yourself, you can’t really expect to love others, right?

If anyone knows the value of loving yourself, it’s Leo. Not only can she teach Cancer to be more open to loving herself, but she can also teach her that being selfish is often needed, and to not feel guilty about putting herself first sometimes. Cancer may feel like this goes against everything she believes love is, but all changes happen slowly, so there’s no reason for her to rush through it.

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Leo has spent so much time figuring out what works for her — in life, love, and everything in between — that she doesn’t often get out of her comfort zone and learn new things. To her, it might not seem like that big of a deal, but to others, it feels like she doesn’t really care about trying something new.

The lesson Leo needs to learn is just... to learn. And no teacher is better at that than Virgo, who is always learning new things in life and about herself. She might realize that she likes new things or actually wants to get out of her comfort zone, instead of forcing it. Not only that, but Virgo can teach her that different and uncomfortable is actually a great thing to experience.

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Virgo may know a lot about herself, but she knows more about other people. She spends so much time making sure the people in her life know how much she cares that she forgets to care about herself. Instead of nurturing others, Virgo needs to learn how to nurture herself — body, mind, and spirit.

The best teacher for this lesson is Libra, who frequently takes time to think about what she wants, even if she doesn’t always go through with it. Libra can teach Virgo that while you might not always have time for yourself, learning how to nurture your feelings, wants, and needs to be just as important is a huge step.

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Libra knows how to nurture and think about what she wants and who she is, but she doesn’t often take the time to know these things. What does this mean? It means that Libra has a sense of herself as a person, but she doesn’t usually put this perceived self into action. That means people might think they know who Libra is, but they can often be wrong.

If anyone knows themselves better than all the other signs, it’s Scorpio. Not only that, but everyone else knows who she is, too. Knowing yourself isn’t just about having an identity, but also being able to put your wants and needs into direct action, which Libra desperately needs to know how to do.

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Scorpio is the type of person to know what she wants out of life and make that the end of discussion. What she really needs is someone to teach her how to explore herself, instead of staying neatly within her comfort zone. And if anyone can do that, it’s the natural-born explorer, Sagittarius.

Scorpio is too caught up in making sure people know who she is and what she likes that she forgets to ask herself if that ever changes. Does she want to be more than this cookie-cutter version of her sign? How do you even know what you want after a long time of being the same person? Sagittarius can teach Scorpio how to answer these questions and stop being afraid to explore everything life has to offer.

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Sagittarius loves being the free spirit that goes with the flow, but there’s not much room for improvement there. Instead of being the person you can rely on 100 percent of the time, or someone who cares about making an effort, Sagittarius likes to let life move her. This might seem admirable to some, but really just flaky to others.

Sagittarius can learn how to improve from someone who is always trying to improve: Capricorn. Capricorn might seem like she’s all seriousness and strict, but in reality, she just knows that improving and growing takes time and dedication. This lesson alone is good for Sagittarius to learn, but no matter how she does it, Capricorn can also teach her how to stick with this improvement.

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While it is true that Capricorn is constantly improving, some might say it’s because she doesn’t really know who she is yet or who she wants to be. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can make her question who Capricorn is on a regular basis.

Having someone like Aquarius to teach her how to find herself will put these constant worries and thoughts to rest. If anyone is a pro at showing people that you can be whoever you want to be without judgment, it’s Aquarius. Sometimes, Capricorn just needs to be told to get out of her head and enjoy being Capricorn, even if that person takes awhile to find.

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Aquarius has spent a lot of long nights finding herself, but like Scorpio, it can feel more like a cookie-cutter version of herself. If Aquarius wants to learn how to totally create a person who is unique and undeniably herself, she needs help.

Creating yourself from the ground up or just into a better version of you has been mastered by Pisces. She is able to reach within herself to really unearth the person she is (without feeling the need to change for others). This is an easy concept for Aquarius to understand, so following in Pisces’ footsteps shouldn’t be too hard, as long as she remembers to keep at it because creation is always happening, not just a one-time thing.

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Pisces is a very introspective person, which means she focuses a lot of time and attention on the person she is within. What she forgets is that only part of her being is hidden, whereas the rest of herself is for everyone to see. This means that she needs to learn how to speak her mind and stand up for herself, even when others make it hard.

For a teacher like Aries, there’s no fear in being different or saying what she needs to say, which is someone that Pisces should look up to. Aries can teach Pisces how to be assertive without worrying about what other people will say, which not only strengthens Pisces’ confidence with other people but within herself, too.

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