How September's New Moon In Virgo Will Affect YOUR Life In The Next Few Weeks

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How September's New Moon In Virgo Will Affect YOUR Life In The Next Few Weeks
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The time has come for the truth to be revealed.

The time has come for the truth to be revealed. On Wednesday, September 20th, there will be a new moon in the sign of Virgo — yes, September's new moon in Virgo. A new moon is a dark phase when the light is literally blocked and we find ourselves in total darkness. Yet, this phase is also a time for new beginnings.

This is the first new moon since the new moon in August that was a part of the great solar eclipse, which means that we will be pushed one step further on our unique journey towards our individual destinies.

Each eclipse cycle lasts for six months, meaning that from now until February 2018, each month will be like showing a little more of the bigger picture that we won’t get to fully revel in until a new cycle begins.

This cycle began in Aquarius with an opposition to Uranus, which means that the next half of the year is going to be all about rebelling against the status quo to get to the core of not only who we are but also what kind of life we want to build.

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Last month was about setting the change into motion and making some bigger life choices about what we have to do in order to get to where we envision we should be. It was the beginning of what is to come, but by no means have we seen the grand finale of what is working its way into fruition.

But that’s the thing about growth: it occurs mostly when we are busy focusing on other things.

This September's new moon in Virgo will be all about owning who we are.

As we grow and change in our lives, there is no way to actually truly evolve if we are still hiding or running from the truth of who we really are. To look ourselves in the mirror, seeing and accepting all of our darkness and light is the bravest thing that any of us could ever do.

As the nights are dimmed from the new moon, light will begin to shine from within all of us — not just superficially or temporarily but in a way that is deeply rooted in our soul’s purpose on this earth.

Yet, there isn’t any way to actually start living our purpose if we are still denying who we really are and what really calls to us. This means that although the new moon tends to be more relaxed and passive than the full moon, this won’t be the case for this energized and rebellious moon in Virgo.

The sign of Virgo is often thought of as the virgin and all the qualities that come to mind when we hear that word. But in truth, it’s been said that it’s more about being unattached to specific energies. At the time of this new moon, it’s not that we are feeling a virginal quality to our thoughts or ambitions, but rather how we go about accomplishing them is more open ended and loose.

Essentially, we are flexible in the method because we are certain of the destination. Yet, it still all comes back to us — to who we are and who we want to be. It’s about owning our truth and dropping our masks, coming home to ourselves for possibly the first time ever and knowing that we might have to make some people unhappy in order to be true to ourselves.

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Life is all about hard choices. In a perfect world we would be able to make ourselves happy and all of those that are close to us, but in reality, it’s often those closest to us that have a distorted sense of who they want us to be. So we sometimes have to let people down in order to grow into who we are meant to be.

None of this is separate from the other areas of our lives and while we may be stepping out into the light and owning all that we are, it’s also going to be rippling through our romantic relationships, our familial experiences, and even our careers.

It’s basically the time of the year when everything comes up for review, and no longer are we apt to keep something or someone around "just because." Once we feel the rumblings of ourselves becoming real with who we really are, there won’t be any way to tolerate anything from anyone that we have in our lives.

During this lunation, we could see unexpected break ups or endings, but also sudden and spontaneous acts of commitment; it just depends on how real those relationships have been and if they have been fostering the real you. There will be a lot of passion around this moon, but it won’t be in a casual setting, so it’s the slow burning flames of love that will be the hottest this time around.

Arguments between friends and family could become more apparent during this time, but it’s wise to pay special attention to the why’s of the situation. If it’s coming up around this time there’s a good chance that it hinders some aspect of your authenticity.

Careers or jobs may begin to feel unfulfilling for those that chose a paycheck over their passion, and if you begin to feel that way just know that this is the beginning of all that’s to come. So, it’s wise to go slow and know that any big changes that are meant to happen will slowly occur between now and February.

There’s never a truly good time for anything. It’s an illusion that we make up to delay or put off the inevitable of something that scares us, and while being seen for who we are is enough to make our hearts quake with fear, this time there is just nowhere to hide.

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Everything we want is here in front of us: the romantic relationships, the satisfying career, the friendships of those we feel connected to. But it’s up to us to step out from behind the curtain and make the choice to be ourselves.

After all, we’ll never have what’s meant for us until we make the choice to be who we really are. 

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Watch the video below to see what happens during a full moon and how it affects our behavior:


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