The Prettiest Zodiac Signs — And The Most Attractive Feature Of Each One

Is beauty really in the eye of the beholder?

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Recently, someone said to me that pretty is a thing anyone can be, but that it’s a superficial and somewhat temporary condition. They went on to say that beauty is something altogether different. One can be pretty and still carry a heart of stone ugliness within them.

Beauty is this eternal potential inside a person — any person — that transcends the physical appearance. Beauty is what a person sees in their mate after the initial glamour of their appearance wears off. 


But pretty does have its place. 

We can find the prettiest zodiac signs in different characteristics, or even by consulting our horoscope.

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Certain people have a flair for creating themselves as pretty creatures, while others like to surround themselves with pretty things — a reflection of their inner desires.


What we think is pretty is subjective. Not only that, it comes with prejudice and expectation. We don’t all think the same things are pretty, nor do we find prettiness in any certain standard of facial or bodily features.

If we think light skin is pretty, does that mean we think darker skin is not? If we think big eyes are attractive, does that mean we unilaterally dislike elongated eyelids? If we think a full mouth is most desirable, do we then, en masse, think a petite rosebud of a mouth is unacceptable? Certainly not.

All people have something pretty about them, and I once heard someone say that all eyes are pretty. Think about that. In a way, I would suppose that’s true, as eyes have a natural beauty to them, no matter what they look like.

But according to the zodiac, we are built to feature particular aspects of ourselves, physically. Based on astrology, we are more prone to shine in certain departments over others thanks partially to our ruling planets. Therefore, we have made a list of what makes each Sun sign pretty and why.


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Let’s look at the prettiest zodiac signs and the most attractive thing about them.

1. Pisces

The prettiest zodiac sign

The Pisces sign is the prettiest due to their creativity and compassion for others. While Aquarius wears those shoes well, no one looks better without shoes than the Pisces woman.

Pretty feet and toes — a foot fetishist’s grand prize. Look to Pisces for the prettiest metatarsals around! They also have gorgeous eyes!

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2. Virgo

The most charming zodiac sign

Virgo has a way with words that make them most charming to those around them, making them naturally attractive.


She’s the girl in the bikini with the best tummy on the beach. If a belly button can be considered pretty, then Virgo’s got the button of choice.

The pin-up girl with the tiny waistline? She’s probably a Virgo.

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3. Leo

The most fetching zodiac sign

Leo rules the heart, and the heart is found in the chest. And that means some of the most beautiful breasts around can be found on a Leo woman.

If you love breasts, you’ll find the prettiest ones imaginable on the Leo woman. Their self-confidence also boosts their pretty level.

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4. Aries

The most daring zodiac sign

Being that Aries rules the head, you’re likely to see full-faced, agreeable prettiness here, in all features.

She's one of the most beautiful zodiac signs. A strong brow will hint at intelligence and fierceness makes the Aries woman both pretty and strong-looking.

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5. Libra

The most delicate zodiac sign

Libra has a delicate beauty to them with their fairness and diplomatic nature.

For physical beauty, you’ll want to watch a Libra woman walk away because baby’s got back — and I literally mean "back." Libra rules the kidneys, and in terms of prettiness, you’ll find that she’s got a back you’ll want to massage for hours.


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6. Taurus

The hidden beauty of the zodiac

Taurus is a hidden beauty. Their personality traits of tenderness and sensuality are something one has to dig to uncover personality-wise.

You’ll want to kiss the neck of the Taurus woman because she is the one with the beautiful throat. The way she turns her head or lifts her chin — this is enough to drive a person mad for their prettiness.

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7. Sagittarius

The most striking zodiac sign

Sagittarius's spontaneity is something that is both fun and attractive. She’s got legs, she knows how to use them.


Sagittarius is known for her gorgeous thighs, and much like the thoroughbred horse that her sign is compared to, you’ll want to bet the ranch that they’re even prettier wrapped around your head.

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8. Gemini

The most darling zodiac sign

Whether she’s just walking down the street or swimming, you’ll notice the Gemini woman’s arms. Usually one of her attractive features, there is something very pretty about her arms and musculature.

Gemini is also-super adaptable, which makes this sign even more attractive with her "go with the flow" attitude.

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9. Scorpio

The sexiest zodiac sign

Scorpio's determination and assertiveness makes this zodiac sign a sexy minx.

These ladies are the most attractive zodiac sign and are fastidious about their panty line. If there’s ever going to be what you’d call a “pretty vagina,” Scorpio ladies have the prettiest.

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10. Cancer

The most lovely zodiac sign

A Cancer woman is the most loyal person you will ever meet. 

Possibly the prettiest hands of the zodiac belong to the Cancer woman. You’ll want to touch them, admire them, and place them on your own body.

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11. Capricorn

The most subtle of all the zodiac signs

While Sagittarius holds first place for pretty thighs, Capricorn is the winner of the leg contest.

Long, lanky legs are what make Capricorn physically attractive because nobody parades them better or prettier than our Capricorn lady. But their most attractive trait is their ambitiousness. 


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12. Aquarius

The most niche zodiac sign

Not everyone is blessed with beautiful ankles... but Aquarius is. Known to be the shoe models of the Zodiac, these ladies boast very pretty ankles and look great in skirts and dresses.

Aquarius is a niche beauty since their most attractive trait is their ambitious vision, both for their future and the future of society.

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Ruby Miranda is a New Yorker who learned astrology, I Ching and all types of cartomancy and numerology from her crazy, gypsy mother. She currently writes for a wide range of esoteric publications.