7 Ways To TRULY Love A Libra Woman (As Told By One)

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How To Love A Libra Woman
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Listen up!

Libra women are some of the most fun, social, and loving people in the zodiac. When you first meet her, a Libra woman will charm your pants off with her seductive smile alone. It can feel like the whole world is in this one person; that's the kind of effect a Libra woman has on you.

She may even have cute dimples or another defining feature that catches your eye, as many Libras do, but one thing is for sure: She really is something special.

Her laugh may be infectious and carry across a room, and she probably makes you think the word "stunning" the minute you see her. Whatever it is that makes her so irresistible to people, it is easy to see why everyone is drawn to her.


The charismatic Libra woman can charm even the grumpiest man and make anyone crack a smile.

With such an amazing personality and optimistic outlook on life, it might seem hard to imagine a woman like this getting angry (like fiery, better-get-out-of-the-way angry), but trust me: A Libra woman can, and will, hold her own in an argument.

Libra women love to be loved, but they want someone who will be patient with them when it comes to opening up. With every new relationship, it can be hard for her to truly know what she wants and be able to vocalize that, but rest assured, once a Libra woman loves you, she definitely shows it.

In return, all she asks is for someone to love her as much as she loves them. Here's what you need you to know about how to love a Libra woman for EVERYTHING she is.


1. Approach her with sensitivity.


Libras can sometimes be easily affected by other people's emotions and tend to be empathetic toward others, no matter what the situation may be

In fact, she's so empathic that she cries when you're crying, just because she feels emotions so strongly. When a Libra is in a relationship, she wants to know (first and foremost) that her feelings are cherished and respected by her partner. If she tells you how she feels, good or bad, you better listen up; she doesn't open her heart up to just anybody.


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2. Listen to her — really listen — when they're upset.


Libra women swallow their feelings in a sacrificial way to please others and make sure everyone around them is happy. This isn't necessarily because she is a push-over or worried about other people's happiness over her own, but rather because simply making others happy makes her happy.

This isn't always her default attitude, though. If she's openly tearful or speaking passionately about a topic, you should know that she isn't happy. It is incredibly important that you listen to her and actually HEAR what she's trying to say.


3. Don't start conflict for no good reason.


Libras hate conflict, so she would SO rather walk over coals or give a cat a bath than be around any kind of discord. She wants everyone in her life to respect one another and treat each other like equals. If going at someone's throat every chance you get is your idea of a good time, chances are, she wants nothing to do with you.

The point is, if your Libra girl is passionately sounding off to you, it means it's important and it would be in your best interest to help her work it out. The thoughts she's expounding upon have likely been cooped up in her mind for some time and she's finally ready to share them with you.


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4. Never call her "intense" or "needy."


Libra is the sign of partnership. She's consistently looking for her soulmate and will take her time finding the perfect person. Let me make something clear: it's not because she's co-dependent — she just wants to feel understood, so she's seeking a partner who truly gets her.

She wears her feelings close to her chest because she doesn't want to get hurt. She will reveal them to you when she's ready and not a moment before. Don't push her to speak her mind when she's not in the right mindset. She will let it out when she feels like you will get her with no judgment.


5. Don't doubt her commitment, even if takes time for her to warm up.


It can take time for a Libra woman to get to that point where she's self-sacrificial in a relationship. You must prove your love to her before she can open up wholeheartedly.

She also needs to feel safe in order to open up. Once she feels like you are 100% committed to her, she will fly to the moon for you. I don't know if Neil Armstrong was a Libra, but you get the point.


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6. She needs to see you love her  with actions, not words.

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Remember the famous quote in Jerry Maguire: "Show me the money"? That was definitely written with Libra women in mind. No, she's not a greedy gold digger, but she DOES need to see that you love her through and through.

Just saying "I love you" isn't enough for a Libra (sorry, not sorry). Take her to her favorite restaurant for dinner, buy her a present that's totally her. Actions over words are just the sort of thing she loves.


7. Let her have her alone time.

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Libras love to tell stories about their lives. Allowing you to hear these anecdotes makes her feel loved and valued. But she also loves her alone time to feel like she has absolute freedom and some peace to work through personal issues. 

Here's an example of a famous Libra who exemplifies my point: Avril Lavigne. She's the quintessential Libra. She expresses herself in an emotional way in her music, which is beautiful, but more than that, she has that "don't mess with my feelings" attitude. She will let you know when you f*cked up.


So if you love a Libra woman, remember to appreciate and validate her feelings, let her have alone time to decompress, and always, always, ALWAYS show her you love her with your actions.