8 Reasons Taurus Women Are The Best Women To Love

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Why Taurus Women Are The Best Zodiac Signs To Love, Per Personality Traits, Romantic Compatibility & Astrology
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As the second children among the zodiac signs, the personality traits Taurus women possess make them the embodiment of quiet strength and beauty.

Who could resist a woman who combines the strength and resilience of a bull (the Taurus sun sign's symbol) with the graceful generosity of spirit Taurians are known to possess?

No one gets more down-to-earth than these earth sign babies, born between the dates of April 20 - May 21.

And while they are known for being stubborn, when it comes to romantic compatibility in relationships, that can only work to the advantage of anyone they love, as they dig in their gorgeously appointed heels to make sure everyone in their orbit is well taken care of.

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Quiet, driven and full of thunder, life and love with your Taurus woman is bound to be glorious as it gets!

Here are 8 reasons loving a warm-hearted and determined Taurus woman is the best, based on her personality traits, astrology and love horoscopes.

1. A Taurus woman's strength is unparalleled.


"Taurus woman has unmatchable strength when it comes to handing even the more severe emotional problems."

2. You will never have to doubt her for a moment.


"If a Taurus woman loves you, she will be more honest with you than any other woman."

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3. She'll love you like a rock.


"Taurus, aka the stabilizer, who is always consistent with what they do."

4. With a Taurus woman, you will always we feel safe and loved.


"Taurus are some of the most humble people. Looking out for the safety and comfort of loved ones is second nature to them."

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5. No one is funnier than a Taurus.

And who doesn't love to laugh?


"Taurus loves to make everybody laugh."

6. Taurus women set firm boundaries.

Which makes them some of the most secure people you will ever meet. No clinging here!


"No matter how much they care, they are smart enough to know when it's time to let something or someone go."

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7. Life with a Taurus woman is one of peace and warmth.

Plus the kind of natural beauty that can never be faked.


"Taurus is a peaceful soul, seeking flowers, cuddles, sunshine, and lots of natural beauty."

8. Taurus women are resilient, self-motivated, and self-reliant.

She will always build you up, never bring you down.

"Taurus don't wish it were easier. They just wish they were stronger."

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