Science Says Women With These Traits Are The Most Beautiful

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The Most Attractive Traits Of Beauty In A Woman
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Scientists have been doing some pretty important research these days. They are waking up early, heading to the office and putting in some real work to make these groundbreaking discoveries.

Their latest breakthrough? Figuring out the traits of beauty in a woman and which face is the most attractive in the world.

The winning mug? Amber Heard.

This isn’t too big of a surprise as her face is the perfect example of the Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi rule. This is the perfect ratio combo between the chin, lips, eyes, nose, eyebrows, jaw and face shape. Amber falls at 91.85 percent on this scale.

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Dr. Julian De Silva of The Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery in London points out the people who have the best features. So, if you are ready to start comparing your looks to the stunning women of the red carpet (you probably already do this anyway), here are the most beautiful features out there.

1. Kim Kardashian’s eyebrows

2. Scarlett Johansson’s dreamy peepers

Amber Heard’s perfect nose

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3. Emily Ratajkowski’s lips

4. Amber Heard’s chin

Want to see how your features measure up? First, print out a passport-style photo of yourself on A4 paper. Now, you’re going to measure your different facial features to get the phi score percentage.

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Nose: Measure the nose length from the widest point of the nostril. Then, measure the width from the widest point. Divide the length by the width. If the number is bigger than 1.618, divide 1.618 by your nose ratio. If the number is smaller than 1.618, then divide the nose ratio by 1.618

Eyebrows: Figure out the arch length by measuring eyebrow from the nose end to the arch in a straight line. Get the full length by measuring eyebrow from that same end to the opposite end in a straight line. Divide these findings. If it is bigger than 1.618, then divide by the eyebrow ratio. If smaller, divide by 1.618.

Lips: Measure the lips from end to end and then divide the length of the lips by the width of the nose. If it’s perfect, the number will be 1.618.

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