12 Things You NEED To Know If You're Suddenly The NEW Zodiac Sign

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What's The 13th Zodiac Sign? 12 Signs It Fits You PERFECTLY

Yes, there’s a BRAND new zodiac sign!

By Tara Block

It's been a weird week, you guys. Not only did I discover my Patronus is an ADDER (a poisonous snake — gross), but apparently I am not a Sagittarius: I am an Ophiuchus, aka the "snake bearer," the new zodiac sign for anyone born from Nov. 29 to Dec. 17. While the Patronus is a bummer for this Ravenclaw (no offense, Slytherins), I'm actually quite relieved to embrace this new-but-not-new, unofficial sign.

I've never felt 100 percent comfortable with being a Sagittarius, as I couldn't relate to the sign's personality traits such as adventurous, courageous, philosophical, and, the big one, outdoorsy. But after researching Ophiuchus and reaching out to astrology expert and health and wellness coach Didi Wong, I think I may have found a closer fit!

Here are some of the traits associated with this controversial 13th zodiac sign. If you're an Ophiuchus, can you relate?

1. You're smart and creative.


"An Ophiuchus is both intellectual and creative — he or she aims to be the best in everything, which can inspire others to do great or make them feel inadequate," Wong told us. Hey, we can't help that we're highly driven.

2. You're a procrastinator.

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As is often the case with creative people, an Ophiuchus can be a procrastinator. We'll get to that... eventually.

3. You make people laugh.


One of the traits of an Ophiuchus is having a sense of humor and just generally being in a good mood.

4. Patience is not your strong suit.


An Ophiuchus can be a restless and impatient. "Expecting everything to be done quickly can easily leads to mistakes," says Wong. And as far as relationships go? "In a new relationship, an Ophiuchus partner may want to do too much AND too soon, and the excitement and novelty could shorten that seven-year itch into months."

5. You look on the bright side.


Another trait is being happy and positive — having a glass-half-full attitude.

6. You're trustworthy.


You're the friend everyone goes to tell you their secrets. Wong says, "An Ophiuchus is dependable — he or she is someone you want to call first when you have news and ideas to share."

7. You're brutally honest.


An Ophiuchus won't sugarcoat the truth. We're honest folks, but sometimes a little too honest.

8. You're curious.


Wong says, "An Ophiuchus has an adventurous spirit and is always eager to explore the world, diving into the unknown and reliving memorable experiences. Even more, because they have curious souls, they engage in gossip-like behaviors." We just want to know everything about everything — is that a bad thing?

9. You're judgmental.


"Sometimes being too critical is good because you know what you like, and it means you have a strong sense of who you are," Wong says. "However, no one likes being around others who appear to be discouraging." #judgingyou

10. You're empathetic.


"Empathy is one of the most redeeming traits an Ophiuchus manifests," says Wong. "He or she enjoys helping others in times of need, wants to understand how certain experiences have shaped those around them, and rarely is judgmental without merit." See, when we judge you it's because you deserve it. Just kidding. But really.

11. You can get a teensy bit jealous.

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An Ophiuchus person has a lot of passion — which can be both a good AND a bad thing. "While being passionate is a double-edged sword, an Ophiuchus carries the stronger weight of this trait, exhibiting jealousy and secretive and arrogant qualities," Wong says.

12. You have sexual pizzazz.


Wong says, "One of the most important parts of a relationship is perhaps physical attraction toward one another. If you find an Ophiuchus, you will no doubt experience passion between the sheets — and elsewhere, too!"

This article was originally published at PopSugar. Reprinted with permission from the author.