What You're In For This Weekend, As Told By Your Sign's Theme Song

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Fun, Free Daily Work & Love Horoscope For Friday, March 18
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Free daily horoscope for Friday, March 18.

It's the weekend, and if that's not a reason to dance we don't know what is! Get started by singing along to your zodiac sign's weekend theme song, brought to you by your daily horoscope.

Pisces: If there was a charm meter, you'd be off the charts. Maybe it's all the birthday love that's been coming your way. Whatever it is, it's up to you whether you want to work your magic in the boardroom or the bedroom. By Sunday, you’re in a shopping mood — buy yourself something pretty.

Pisces' weekend theme song: Genghis Khan —Miike Snow

Aries: Friday and Saturday may be busier than you’d like, but you prefer to stay in your work so you gotta do what you gotta do. Don’t think a little work will stop you from thinking about romance. The good news is by the time Sunday rolls around, the stars are perfectly aligned for date night —  make sure you make those reservations!

Aries' weekend theme song: It's Not Unusual —Tom Jones

Taurus: You want to run away from home, but in the adult sense — a vacation, of course. Even if you have to work on-the-go, you’re a pro at mixing business with pleasure. Single bulls are very likely to meet someone through a friend, so get out for a group brunch and keep your eyes, ears and heart wide open.

Taurus' weekend theme song: I Wanna Be Sedated —The Ramones

Gemini: You start the weekend off being money-minded. We know you can make just about anything fun, but it's still a bummer to put hours in on the weekend. Just remember it’s all worth it, and give yourself Sunday to breathe. Lucky for you, Sunday is the best day for love this weekend.

Gemini's weekend theme song: Heartbeats —Jose Gonzalez

Cancer: Looks like the luck of the Irish graced you early and will continue one into the weekend. It's a great time to make some moves on projects you're passionate about. However when it comes to matters of the heart, take it slow. You’re looking for some real commitment, and you need to be smart about it.

Cancer's weekend theme song: Prototype —Outkast

Leo: You are your own personal trainer this weekend. Hustle, sweat, and push yourself to the limit. The tough workouts will help to clear your head. Don’t make any major decisions when it comes to any ups and downs you’ve been experiencing in a relationship lately.

Leo's weekend theme song: Romeo and Juliet —Indigo Girls

Virgo: On one hand, most things are looking up for you. On the other, there are some discrepancies between your needs and those of someone close to you. You want to be there for them, but aren’t quite ready to make any sacrifices. You’ll find the right balance — just stay positive.

Virgo's weekend theme song: Love Vigilantes —Iron and Wine

Libra: Your constant efforts at balance find success this weekend. You manage to fit in time for work — and not just survival jobs, but your passions as well. You can sense the tides turning in your favor, so you take full advantage. Sunday is the time to relax and let yourself be pampered. Come Monday, you’ll still be smiling about the weekend.

​Libra's weekend theme song: Hot Thing —Talib Kweli

Scorpio: You're a true power player this weekend.  You can't stop, and won't stop for anything. Inspiration keeps striking, too. And good for you — it’s the best strategy that wins the war!

Scorpio's weekend theme song: Wanna Be A Baller —Lil’ Troy 

Sagittarius: You have a ton of plans on your weekend agenda, and everyone’s trying to fit you into their calendars. Try to remember to save some time for yourself, too. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and accept that you just have to go with the flow.. You'll have a lot more fun if you just let go and see where this crazy weekend takes you.

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: Wraith Pinned To The Mist And Other Games —Of Montreal

Capricorn: Listen up: we know you’re the workhorse of the zodiac, but don’t forget that sometimes you need to brake for love. It’s time to stop and open up your heart and schedule in someone who is worth the time. If you’re flying solo, there’s no better time to go shopping for the right fit. Romance is in the air — breathe it in.

Capricorn's weekend theme song: The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get —Morrissey

Aquarius: You’re on top of the world. Fit in a workout so you can keep those endorphins flying. Focus on yourself until Sunday, when it’s time to share a little love with someone special.

Aquarius' weekend theme song: Until She Comes —The Psychedelic Furs