Your Weekend Forecast, As Told By Your Sign's Theme Song

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Free daily horoscope for the weekend of February 26 - 28.

At LAST we are graced with the weekend. Bask in its glory with your weekend horoscope and theme song.

PiscesAs career focused as you've been lately, you need to make some time for some love this weekend. It's your birthday month, so let people pamper you. While you usually shy away from attention, right now the spotlight is on you — enjoy it! Try not to party all the way through Monday... You need to conserve some energy for next week.

Pisces' weekend theme song: Electric Feel —MGMT

Aries: You've been feeling extra zen lately. You can credit it to laser focus on achieving your goals. If you aren't already making the strides you want, you're trying to figure out why and you're prepared to put all of your energy into doing something to change the situation. Leave some room Saturday for love.

Aries' weekend theme song: Louder Than Ever —Cold War Kids

Taurus: You spend most of the weekend focused on work. You're ready to make some major moves up the ladder. It's not just about getting ahead, but about feeling a deeper fulfillment. Sunday has you looking for a more intimate connection with someone. Let the convo carry into the bedroom — where you always love exploring!

Taurus' weekend theme song: Ophelia —The Lumineers

Gemini: Maybe it's because you have been focusing on yourself more than usual, but things are going really well. See what happens when you pause for a second and get back to basics? You're ready to get out and mingle this weekend. Now that you're rejuvenated, you can connect with someone on a deeper level. Sunday soul searching is on the agenda.

Gemini's weekend theme song: Have You Ever —Brandi Carlile

Cancer: It's all about your intuition this weekend. You're letting go of logistics and following your heart. A certain someone is tempting you to open up more, and they may just be worth it. As long as you leave a window for your creative pursuits you'll feel at ease. This weekend, be sure to go with your gut.

Cancer's weekend theme song: Stranger To My Happiness —Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

Leo: The light is really shining on all of the things in your life that you want to change. Take this opportunity to clear your head and make a plan for the future. A day trip or quick get-away may help you get the larger perspective you need. Start by writing things down and you can whittle away at the details later.

Leo's weekend theme song: Beez In The Trap —Nicki Minaj (Feat. 2 Chainz)

Virgo: This weekend is looking good for your bank account. But you're not a very materialistic person, so financials don't run your weekend — you still make some time for soul searching. You're more interested in inner happiness than a new shiny car. On Sunday, splurge a little on yourself and your favorite companion.

Virgo's weekend theme song: Lighting Bolt —Jake Bugg

Libra: It’s a productive couple days for you, and your health is a big priority. In between work, you’re hitting the gym or making time for some yoga stretches. Sunday is set for love, so plan a romantic hike (or other ways to get your blood flowing). Single Libras should definitely get out to a class of some sort — be sure to don your best form-fitting yoga pants.

Libra's weekend theme song: Free Love —Cage The Elephant

Scorpio: Those wheels are turning — and in very creative ways. You’ve got an innovative solution for all of your problems, at work and at home. Dealing with some relationship issues? You know how to fix those, too. People really admire you right now, and who can blame them? What would we do without you?

Scorpio's weekend theme song: Heroes —David Bowie

Sagittarius: You’ve been in vacay mode since last night. Your love life is getting hit with some good vibes, so single Sags need to get out and mingle — you’re bound to draw in some new admirers. If you're coupled up, head out for a romantic getaway or a spa staycation. Let the sparks fly!

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: Can't Remember To Forget You —Shakira (Feat. Rihanna)

Capricorn: You need an outlet for all of the restless energy that's building up. Try a quick day trip or a long run, something to help you relax and give you a change of scenery. You can use some of the energy to throw yourself into your work, but leave some time on Sunday for your bae. You can find ways to relax together!

Capricorn's weekend theme song: Work —Rihanna (Feat. Drake)

Aquarius: Camping or a yoga retreat would be perfect for you right now. You want to get out of town, but you're craving a healthy and fulfilling time. Spending some time out of the house with your sweetie will work if you can’t get away. By Sunday, you're ready to stay in and enjoy the perks of home. Make a healthy meal and cuddle on the couch. Enjoy the domestic bliss!

Aquarius' weekend theme song: Spirits —The Strumbellas