Which President Is Lowkey Your Soul Mate, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Free daily horoscope for Monday, February 15.

It's President's Day! Today, we celebrate all of our nation's presidents, past and present. What better way to pay homage to our nation's leaders than to envision what life would be like as First Lady? Look to your free daily horoscope for Monday, February to find out which U.S. President is your best match.

Aquarius: Monday means back to work for most people but for you, it’s all play. If you’re lucky enough to have the day off, take advantage of it! Otherwise, satisfy your needs with an early happy hour with your girls or a romantic post-Valentine’s dinner with bae.

Aquarius' presidential soul mate: George Washington

Pisces: Hopefully you’re reading this as you’re nice and cozy on your day off. If not, that’s OK too… Settle for a mani-pedi after work. Away for work? Put a few cocktails on that expense account… we won’t tell.

Pisces presidential soul mate: Abraham Lincoln

Aries: Today, you’re looking on the bright side. You’re everyone’s dose of optimism this morning and it’ll last through the day. Good for you! Your smile and stellar attitude will bring immediate results.

Aries' presidential soul mate: George Bush

Taurus: You really need some downtime. Not that you haven’t enjoyed the oodles of love coming your way, but some me-time is on the agenda. Take it easy before you run yourself down. Your work will still be there tomorrow.

Taurus' presidential soul mate: John Quincy Adams

Gemini: You’re in good spirits and the universe wants to keep you happy. Today is full of positive vibes in your career and in love. But be careful! Don’t burn the midnight oil at the office or partying — you still have a whole week to go!

Gemini's presidential soul mate: Thomas Jefferson

Cancer: Seems like some love is still lingering from the Valentine’s Day weekend. You really hit the jackpot! Don’t over think anything. Just enjoy the moment and if you must return to work, try to keep the daydreams to a minimum — you do have some work to do, after all.

Cancer's presidential soul mate: Harry S. Truman

Leo: You’re all business today, banging things out as quickly as they come in. If your higher-ups offer you a chance to travel, take it. You’ll enjoy the perks and if it gets you higher up the ladder? Even better.

Leo's presidential soul mate: Barack Obama

Virgo: You’re in the mood for a day trip. If you have to go to work, keep your favorite songs on rotation to get through the day. Then enjoy an exotic dinner with bae or a friend — any way you can get a change of scenery.

Virgo's presidential soul mate: Lyndon B. Johnson

Libra: Love is lingering on the brain today. If it’s a broken heart you’re mulling over, try being hopeful. Don’t make any big relationship decisions today, and keep your head up.

Libra's presidential soul mate: Richard M. Nixon

Scorpio: You want to be the boss today. Take action at work, but let someone else cater to you once you leave the office. Whether you’re pushing paper or picking up a glass of wine, you’ll make sure it’s a productive time for all.

Scorpio's presidential soul mate: Martin Van Buren

Sagittarius: Money, money, money… that’s the song you’re singing all day. Not usually one for material pursuits, today you just know how (and where) to cash in on opportunities. And let’s face it — we all know you’ll share the wealth.

Sagittarius' presidential soul mate: Theodore Roosevelt

Capricorn: Seems like someone made quite an impression on you this weekend. In true Capricorn form, you indulge in the love — until your first sip of coffee reminds you that it’s Monday, and there’s work to be done! Plow through the work day, but feel free to delve back into love land tonight.

Capricorn's presidential soul mate: Dwight D. Eisenhower