Your Sign's Weekend Theme Song Is HERE To Kick Off The Weekend!

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Free daily horoscope for Friday, January 15.

The weekend has arrived. Celebrate the sweet, sweet freedom with your free daily horoscope (and theme song) for Thursday, January 14!

Capricorn: Your favorite person right now is you, and you know what? That’s perfect! Whether or not your birthday has already passed or is just coming up, it’s time to indulge. Work hard, play hard! That doesn’t mean you should totally put work aside, though. A career opportunity you don’t want to refuse is coming up, so keep one ear in the office at all times.

Capricorn's weekend theme song: Birthday —Selena Gomez

Aquarius: You’re in the mood for love this weekend. Starting tonight, your mojo is on fire and all eyes are on you. Flaunt it and you’ll be attracting more paramours and suitors than you know what to do with. Take some of that appeal and apply it to a more practical matter. May we suggest a new gym class? You’ll see immediate results.

Aquarius' weekend theme song: The Girl From Ipanema —Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz

Pisces: It must be pay day, because money is looking good for you right now. Don’t go overboard on spending; use this time to find the right investment. By Sunday, you’re itching to mingle with other singles. If you’re taken, take on the nightlife with your beau and some friends.

Pisces' weekend theme song: Work —Iggy Azalea

Aries: You’re chock full of charisma this weekend. Get out there! The world is waiting for you. If you’re single, this is your chance — and you’re not going to meet anyone while Netflixing alone. Sunday is a super day as far as second chances in career and love. Don’t let a tight budget stress you out. A little goes a long way this weekend.

Aries' weekend theme song: I Will Possess Your Heart —Death Cab For Cutie

Taurus: We know you can be a little stubborn, but you don’t mean any harm. You just always know best, don't you? This weekend is no different. You're definitely outspoken! Don’t be surprised if you ruffle some feathers, but hey — as long as you’re being your fabulous self and coming from a good place, you can smooth it over quickly. They know you mean well.

Taurus' weekend theme song: What Do You Mean —Justin Bieber

Gemini: Huzzah for the weekend! It’s always your favorite time of the week, and this weekend you’re a total bombshell. Whatever you have your sights set on, you’re sure to get. As you saunter your way into Sunday, keep an eye out for something good coming around the bend. It might be a lead for money or a partner willing to lead you to an epic night. Go willingly!

Gemini's weekend theme song: My Doorbell —The White Stripes

Cancer: Good news: this positivity you’re feeling today lasts throughout the weekend. The only negative facing you this weekend is some random haters. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you do, they’re still gonna criticize. Stay centered and let it roll off your shell.

Cancer's weekend theme song: Cheerleader —Omi

Leo: You’re r(o)aring to go. It’s a blissful weekend on the home front, and you and that special someone are deep in the romance. Just watch your tongue and your actions on Sunday because others may not take to kindly to your claws.

Leo's weekend theme song: Once In A Lifetime —Talking Heads

Virgo: Your star is on the rise and your energy is damn good. We know you always work hard, but this weekend you really need to focus on one thing because it will happen for you. Seriously, by Sunday, you’ll be seeing signs of your future success. Who rules the world? Uh, you do!

Virgo's weekend theme song: Boss —Fifth Harmony

Libra: You’re known for your easy going nature, and this weekend is a testament to that. Romance is going well, your social life is on fleek. With everything going so smoothly, you can definitely take some time out for a beauty treatment.

Libra's weekend theme song: Sunny Sundae Smile —My Bloody Valentine

Scorpio: Things have been spectacular for you lately — and it isn’t changing yet. This weekend is full of more opportunities... People buy into you, your projects and your attitude. The best part is, you mean all of it! It’s not just about your powers of persuasion, it’s that you’re that damn passionate about it. Bravo!

Scorpio's weekend theme song: Sex Machine —James Brown

Sagittarius: You’re in a great mood, and we’re not surprised. Friday and Saturday calls for getting out of the house to mingle. By Sunday, you’re feeling a little frazzled — take some down time. Sometimes it’s okay to just recoup, Roku and relax.

Sagittarius' weekend theme song: Here With Me —Dido