What This Thursday Will Actually Be Like, Based On Your Horoscope

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Free daily horoscope for Thursday, January 7.

Now that we're officially over the hump, you're free to start rounding off the first full week of 2016. Check out your free daily horoscope for Thursday, January 7 to see what the stars predict for you today.

Capricorn: You’re super sassy today — and oozing with sex appeal. You won’t have any trouble lining up some dates for the weekend, but why not get started now? Everyone’s gonna want to hang with you, so plan to fit ‘em all in.       

Aquarius: You hit a few tiny speed bumps today, but don’t let it get to you. Keep driving through it. Try to make things fun and get creative with some solutions. Don’t hold onto the negativity.

Pisces: Looks like you’re the main attraction today. Whether at work or at home, everyone wants to be around you. Sure, they can fight over you but be sure to stay grounded and say no to any demands you don’t have time for.

Aries: Creativity is your middle name today. Your ideas are flowing nonstop. Take note of ‘em or they’ll be gone as quickly as they came — and at least one of them is sure to be a winner.

Taurus: Everything’s running smooth at work and at home — everyone’s on your team. You’re usually one to pamper others, so it’s nice to have it reciprocated. If someone wants to buy you lunch, let ‘em! And if your partner offers you a massage … take it.

Gemini: Everyone is noticing you today. Your flirty mood is attracting a ton of social and romantic attention. Take it and run with it, and get a nice head start on the weekend. You may meet someone you want to spend more time with in the next few days.

Cancer: You’re full of inspiration and in the mood to start something new. Your energy is perfect for a new project, or even a new look — guarantee that certain someone you’re trying to impress will notice.

Leo: If anyone knows how to enter a room, it’s you. Use it to your advantage! Whatever your main priority is — power, love, friends — go for it. It’s one of your best days of the month, and you have everything you need to attract exactly what you want.

Virgo: Your sensuality is off the charts today. That earthy confidence is attracting people on all fronts. Put on your form fitting best and show the world you’re not afraid to rock your beauty.

Libra: Your empathy is high today. You’ve got that helpful ear your friends need to work through their issues. You certainly do make a difference today. Doesn’t it feel good to lend a helping hand?

Scorpio: You’ve been keeping a close eye on your bank account since the turn of the new year. Meet with a financial advisor, maybe sign up for some seminars — whatever you can to keep everything in check. Keep this up and you’ll be killing it all year.

Sagittarius: Never one to shy away from anything, you’re coming out of your shell even more today. Whether you opt for an eclectic new jacket or some new bling, you’re making a statement. Work. It.