What This Tuesday Will Be Like For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Free daily horoscope for Tuesday, December 8.

The weekend is still quite a few days away, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the day at hand! Read on for your daily horoscope for Tuesday, December 8 to see how your day is shaping up.

Sagittarius: Dress to impress today, because it’s a love fest for you at work. We also suggest putting your phone on silent. It’ll be BLOWING UP with new followers, new connections, and new contacts… no need to disturb the rest of the office with your popularity. The love also flows over into the evening hours … *wink*.

Capricorn: Plans on plans on plans! A full day of work, a group sesh at the gym AND happy hour. Remember to keep your eyes open for new opportunities every step of the way, and work your magic.

Aquarius: At least Tuesdays are a little less horrible than Mondays, right? If you have to leave the house, make it worth it. Go somewhere new! Shake it up — even if it’s just a new lunch spot.

Pisces: You’re making big strides this week. You’ve been going all in at work, but let’s not overdo it, k? There are still three days left in the week, no need to burn the candle at both ends. Remember to save some flame for tomorrow.

Aries: You’ve been SUPER busy, and some things have fallen off. Important things. Like, bank account things (GASP). Do yourself a favor and log into your online banking account (scary, we know). It’s time to get those finances in order.

Taurus: Money’s looking good today, but slooooow your roll — that doesn’t mean you should blow it all at the mall. Try treating yourself to a nice massage or healthy meal. You’ve been extra busy, and now’s the perfect time to replenish!

Gemini: For the most part, work is a breeze for you today — but you might wanna avoid engaging in any water cooler gossip or sassy G-Chats. People are in a sensitive mood today, and they might misread what you have to say. Communicate clearly!

Cancer: You’re FINALLY getting back into the swing of things. You’re balancing work & play like a pro, and manage to satisfy everyone — including yourself!

Leo: You know your dreams are bigger than your hometown. They might even be bigger than your home state — or home country. Don’t hold back, the world is yours. Think big and far, you’ll get there in no time. Have you saved enough for a plane ticket yet?

Virgo: Ask and you shall receive! You’ve been feeling under-appreciated and underpaid — but that’s all about to change. It’s. About. Time. Now go buy yourself something pretty. You deserve it.

Libra: Lucky for you, the universe is still in your corner. You’ve been going hard in the paint at work the past few weeks and are finally starting to see some rewards. Remember, it’s a process — don’t expect to be an overnight success.

Scorpio: Welcome back, Scorpio. After a lazy Monday, you’re energized and ready to kick Tuesday’s ass. Start off the day with yoga or a gym sesh, and end the day with a sesh with bae.