TGIW! Celebrate The Short Week With Your Wednesday Horoscope

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Your free daily horoscope for Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Hooray for national holidays! We're thankful for Thanksgiving, because that means the work week is officially over. Celebrate with your free daily horoscope for Wednesday, November 25. 

Sagittarius: Love is in the air! The full moon tonight has you looking deep within. Sure, there's the fun part of dating and relationships. But don’t forget about that part where we learn a lot about someone else — and in the process, ourselves. Tonight is full of revelations… write ‘em down. Get ready for a major breakthrough!

Capricorn: Stress has been building up lately. But you've been better about taking care of yourself, and it shows. The full moon has you feeling a little ‘00s emo, so try some yoga or meditation to channel the good vibes. While you're at it, take a peek around the room. You're attracting lots of attention, so don't be surprised if you leave with some numbers along with your newfound zen!

Aquarius: This full moon has you all starry eyed and bursting with affection. You want to lavish your bae with kind words and kisses. You're feeling super creative, straight up DIY mode. But you can't get it all done tonight, so make a list! You'll have weekend projects for months.

Pisces: It's a good day, Pisces — and a better night. The full moon has you feeling domestic af, and craving the comforts of home. Light that fireplace (or, ya know, some candles) and make that pot of soup you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest. You can start on prepping for tomorrow, too. Make the kitchen your b*tch! Now where’s that apron?!

Aries: It's a full moon, and tomorrow is Thanksgiving. You're feeling a little crazy between running all the errands in preparation for the big gathering and trying to get some personal projects finished. You're definitely introspective today, so try to get all your shopping done early. Then you’re free to enjoy that cup of tea with your thoughts tonight!

Taurus: You’re still soaking up the spotlight, and it's a great night for a special someone (wink, wink). The full moon intensifies any feelings for your current boo or a new person on the scene. But try not to get too swept away! Do you really know what you ultimately want and need? There’s never been a better time to figure it out.

Gemini: The day is as good as any, but just like your two opposing sides, the night takes on a different vibe. The full moon brings out some buried feelings. Have you felt torn between your work life and your social life? Sometimes, it seems like we can only fully focus on one thing at a time. You'll figure it out. Sit with your feelings first — then go from there.

Cancer: You’re still in nesting mode. With the full moon tonight, things are even more intense. We’re talking bangs in they heavily-lined eyes emo. Someone from your past is back. Maybe things weren’t really over? Whatever you do, DON’T make a decision tonight. Leave the loves me, loves me not for another day.

Leo: Oh Leo, it’s been as awesome as it’s been stressful. But you know when to pounce and when to lick your wounds. Strong feelings surface tonight — you can thank the full moon for that one. Whether future career moves or a relationship sitting heavy on your heart, don’t make any rash decisions tonight. Wait until this hurricane of emotions passes.

Virgo: It’s been a little stressful lately. Usually your poker face is on point, but tonight brings a major shift in your life. You could kinda feel it coming on, but still — ugh! Keep breathing and take it day by day. Remember: you deserve any good changes that come your way.

Libra: Oh, yanno, just another day full of good vibes ahead. This positive energy is totally motivating you to get super healthy and organized! It’s like NYE came early. Hey, nothing wrong with getting a head start!

Scorpio: This full moon has got you feeling more practical than emotional. You’ve been processing a lot lately, and at this point you really want to just get things done! Your creativity is on point right now, and you’ll see results soon if you keep on this path. Keep on keepin’ on!