How To Know He Has Feelings For You, Based On His Zodiac Sign

Is he into you? Here's how to tell!

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Just met someone new? You've been hanging out with him a lot and you two click on every level?

If you've gotten this far, chances are you're looking for the signs he has feelings for you.

This can be a scary concept because no one likes unrequited love. So, how to tell if he's into you?

Well, every guy is different, so they have different ways of expressing their feelings for you, and that may have to do with astrology. 


Whether it's through gifts, poems, or sharing the spotlight, most guys, no matter what zodiac sign they are, will let their affection for you be known to the public — and to you — as he starts to like you.

Across the zodiac, each guy shows their feelings when they are falling in love in a different way.

How to know he has feelings for you, based on his zodiac sign

Signs an Aries man has feelings for you

Always passionate and fiery, you can know that your Aries guy likes you when he engages you. He won’t hold back his affections and will do everything in his power to ensure that you know about them.


He’ll always try to be in your proximity when falling in love, and try to take things to the next level as quickly as possible.

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Signs a Taurus man has feelings for you

Taurus men can often be very gentle when they desire you. They’ll always make sure to give you compliments and gifts as their affection for you grows.

You’ll feel a constant warmth as they will let you know that they are willing to support and protect you. Then, if they start to tell you jokes just to make you laugh, know that your Taurus boy is totally into you.

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Signs a Gemini man has feelings for you

When your Gemini guy starts to like you, his creative expression will be through the roof. You’ll be bombarded with romantic short stories, songs, or poems that express just how he feels about you. Your Facebook wall will be filled with compliments from him.

As he falls deeper in love for you, he may try to pull back as Gemini’s dual personalities may see him doing the opposite of what’s normal, but he’ll definitely be back with all of the whimsical conversations he’s known for.

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Signs a Cancer man has feelings for you

Cancer men are often very sentimental and emotional. However, they can be very reluctant to share their feelings with you, especially in comparison to more direct signs like Aries.


He will show you that he cares in an almost nagging fashion, and you can count on him to ask if you’ve eaten, or if you’ve scheduled that doctor’s appointment you’ve neglected.

When he’s ready to express his emotions, he’ll do so with a genuine approach, and you’ll be overwhelmed and delighted by the emotions.

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Signs a Leo man has feelings for you

While they love being the center of attention, when a Leo guy wants you, he’ll also make sure you’re at the center of his affection. He’ll do grand gestures for your attention and show off his skills any chance he gets.

When he finally gets you alone, he’ll treat you to such a sweet side of him that you’ll be surprised, and happy to know that this guy isn’t always about showing off.


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Signs a Virgo man has feelings for you

Although they’re known for being very critical of others, when Virgo guys like you, they’ll be less critical of you, and warmer. He’ll listen to the things you say and offer an often rich perspective that you may not have considered.

His shyness will gradually melt away and you’ll be with a person who is willing to serve you, and support you whenever you need him.

Signs a Libra man has feelings for you

Libra men are some of the most romantic of the zodiac. They won’t be obtuse like Virgos or Taureans, and you will be the first to know if they are into you.


They will openly compliment you, and shower you with gifts, and flowers. Like Cancers, this guy will shower you with emotions, so you better bring your umbrella.

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Signs a Scorpio man has feelings for you

Often regarded for their prowess and attraction, when Scorpio men are into you they will gaze at you intently, letting you know that they are swooning over you.

They may become a bit possessive as their affections grow, but, with their gentle suaveness, it’ll seem like only a slight annoyance than a legitimate problem. They’ll do anything in their power to woo you, and won’t be afraid to be affectionate or gentle at any time of the day.


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Signs a Sagittarius man has feelings for you

Sag men have trouble keeping secrets and, much like Libras, will openly display their affection for you. They’ll be quick to let you know how they feel, but unlike the smooth Scorpio, they’ll do it in such a dorky way that you may find it endearing or adorable.

Don’t be surprised if he asks to whisk you away on a romantic adventure that’s sure to get both of your hearts pumping and the emotions flowing.

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Signs a Capricorn man has feelings for you

The deeply dedicated workers of the zodiac are not known to show emotions as readily as some other signs. In fact, they are more interested in logic, and labor than any romantic communication or interactions.

So, when this guy starts placing you as a priority and rearranging his full schedule to spend time with you, know that he’s really feeling you and wants to take things to the next level.

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Signs an Aquarius man has feelings for you

Though they may seem distant and aloof at first, Aquarius men often hold deep romantic desires.

When they like you, they’ll invite you out to several events, and you may find them speaking with others more than they speak with you, but when you inquire with the others around him about how he feels for you, you’ll find out that he’s nervous and afraid of messing up because of his affections for you.


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Signs a Pisces man has feelings for you

While they may often seem to be daydreaming, when Pisces men like you, they will start to show great consistency in regard to you. You’ll become a part of all of their plans, and you will find yourself meeting them at regular intervals.
He’ll show great care in you, and so much affection that you can’t help to be but flattered by the subtle, and intimate display.>

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