How The Rare 'Pink' Full Moon In Libra Affects Each Zodiac Sign For The Rest Of April 2022

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How The 'Pink' Full Moon In Libra Affects Each Zodiac Sign During The Entire Month Of April 2022

Go outside to see the monthly Full Moon because it's is here, and tonight, on April 16, 2022, it takes place in the zodiac sign of Libra. This Full Moon is also known as the "Pink" Full Moon, and its powerful, friends.

So, how will the 'Pink' Full Moon in Libra affect each zodiac sign's horoscope for rest of April 2022?

There's something big in store for all of us, and for the most part, it's positive. We're looking at some major moves being played in the love department as well as an uptick in finances for a few of the zodiac signs.

There is the suggestion of doing things close to home during this lunation, and that means travel is out. So are surgeries; no surgeries should take place during Full Moon activity.

We have to consider that the Libra Full Moon isn't the only thing happening in the cosmic universe as of today and that we are also dealing with a few troubling transits, such as Moon trine Saturn and Moon square Pluto.

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Whenever we have Saturn and Pluto transit during a Full Moon, we have the opportunity to experience much confusion and conflict; these two planets are not friends, so to speak, and they represent some very different ideals.

Down here on Earth, if we let those ideals get in our way, they are made into big deals during the Full Moon.

Even though our Full Moon is in Libra, the balance that is implied with Libra transits is made null and void. We must rely on our own sense of what is right and wrong during this Full Moon, as that is what we will end up manifesting in days to come.

On this day, during the evening of the Full Moon in Libra, it would be best to stay close to home, by the side of our loved ones.

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How this 'Pink' Full Moon in Libra effects each zodiac sign in astrology for the entire month of April 2022:

Each sign has its own personal fate to deal with. Some good lessons will be set up here, and we will learn very good and helpful lessons this week.


(March 21 - April 19)

This Full Moon affects you in your seventh house of partnerships the most. You can consider yourself to be the peacekeeper today, as your good mood will not only be infectious, it will have the power to heal the hurt of others. You like being in this role, as you're tired of being the eternal battle-axe grinder; enough is enough.

You're ready to take on the part of Hero, and you will be doing so during the Full Moon in Libra. Your crusade will cover finances and home-related occurrences. If there's someone in your household who is particularly worried about money, you will show them that all is not lost, and you will be the one who will restore their faith and trust.

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(April 20 - May 20)

This Full Moon is going to activate your daily routines, which could use some improvement right now. Opportunities await you on this day, as the Full Moon seems to put all the variables for success right in front of your face. You might not be able to choose, as there will be many options available to you, however, you do need to focus and make the right decision here.

You may feel gutted by opportunities, and unused to such luck, but you are advised to focus and make that choice; this may feel pushed but you cannot let this go. Don't be shy on this day either; take what is given to you, feel the gratitude, but above all, don't let the good stuff pass you by simply because you couldn't choose.

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(May 21 - June 20)

When the Full Moon takes place this month, you may start to feel passionate about life and all sorts of things that you've placed on the backburner.

All is well on the home front, and that is mainly because you are becoming more and more stable at your job. One thing leads to another, and because you are now making more money, you are now able to get things fixed, and once the home starts to look good, you and your loved ones start to feel a whole lot better about life.

This Full Moon does its thing for you, according to what you believe a Full Moon does. That means that if you believe wishing upon a Full Moon will make your wish come true, then you can count on that as a reality. Work the magic, as it is there for you.

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(June 21 - July 22)

This Full Moon is in your sector of home and family. Today is the day you spend alone, happily. Full Moon energy can do that to a person, especially to a Cancer; it's that drive to spend quality time by one's self, and for those who relish alone-time, you'll be in bliss.

Today is the day you give yourself so that you can step back and simply witness the world around you. You needn't act on this day, nor do you need to worry. It's a great day for exercise and meditation.

Today, Cancer is best suited in the realms of rest and relaxation, and being alone.

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(July 23 - August 22)

There is something that brings out your chattier side during the Full Moon, and this energy will last all month.

This Full Moon in Libra is anything but calming for you, and even though you will be feeling exceptionally passionate about whatever it is that you wish to do, you'll also be quite aggressive.

You are no longer worried about people's feelings; that's not to say that you are ready to stomp all over them, but it has come to a point where you can no longer wait to do something.

People have stood in your way, and this Full Moon seems ways too powerful for you to let yourself be held back. Today is the day you plow through whatever it is that needs to be done.

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(August 23 - September 22)

Today, this Full Moon begins to make some changes in your sector of personal property, which includes finances. Your concern is all about money. You feel very threatened by the idea of spending too much, and what's going to happen is that you are going to withhold your money and end up feeling sorry for yourself because of it.

This Full Moon has a weird effect on you; it brings out your worrying side, and that worry is always bound to financial concerns. Someone in your life will present the idea to you that maybe you should treat yourself better and stop worrying so much, but that will only infuriate you further. Try not to make money so seriously, Virgo. It may be important, but so are you.

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(September 23 - October 22)

The Full Moon in your zodiac sign brings you to a place where you start to see things you want to do for yourself, and this becomes a theme for the entire month of April Seems like money is the main theme for many of us here today, during this Full Moon in Libra.

You'll be feeling a little more secure than usual on this day. You've worked hard and now you are noticing that hard work definitely does pay off. You intend, on this day, to further your skills and therefore make even more money in the future.

This day will also show you that you are actually someone in a position of power; this is something you hadn't expected to recognize. Knowing that you are secure makes you feel very good. Strength is with you today, Libra.

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(October 23 - November 21)

The Full Moon in Libra will have you celebrating love and life all through April, as you will be getting together with close and beloved friends for meals and drinks.

You love your special friends and anytime you get to be with this 'gang' is a time for rejoicing. If there's anyone in the Zodiac who will actually be doing Full Moon rituals or dancing in the moonlight, it's you, Scorpio.

You've got a coven full of happy people, all waiting for the right moment to celebrate, and lo and behold: the moment is here. Dance 'til your heart's content.

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(November 22 - December 21)

You are a believer in the power and magic of a Full Moon, and this one is going to have you so in love with your own mind for the entire month; you can't help but have a very happy day. You see the world before you; all things are possible.

Your wild and wacky sense of optimism is backed up by the cosmos, and whether you are spending this day alone or with good friends, everything you imagine comes with possibility.

You feel as though you are at the gate of art itself, and everything past that gate is pure potential. Open the gate, Sagittarius.

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(December 22 - January 19)

While things are all going very well in your world, especially at home in the love department, now and through the end of the month, during the Full Moon in Libra, you'll be more obsessed with work than love.

And that's a good thing because it's by doing the intense work that you do that you are able to afford the lifestyle in which you and your partner live. So, today is spent honoring that which you can control: your work life and schedule.

You love your life and you are incredibly blessed to be so talented. Spend the day honoring your life, as you just happened to be one of the lucky ones.

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(January 20 - February 18)

This Full Moon is going to bring out your aggressive side, and this may last all month. At first, you'll be concerned over your love life, but it will rapidly morph into family issues — the stuff that can't be avoided.

This lunation is ramping up your energy levels, and all of that energy will be spent on trying to separate certain family members so that they don't end up killing each other.

You will resent being in the position of referee, but there is no one else to do this job. You have prior experience there, and while it's a dirty job, somebody has to do it.

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(February 19 - March 10)

This Full Moon brings all sorts of promise and possibility, that starts now but extends through the next three months. You have your head in the past, and it's being amplified by lunar energy.

You just can't stop thinking about someone who is no longer in your life, and it's getting to you. Perhaps this is an anniversary for you because this day gets to you more than other days.

You have much to live for, and yet, today, you cannot see anything more than what you've lost.

Things will change, and you can count on that. But as of today, you feel obligated to stay in the past, as if you're best off honoring a situation that ended a long time ago.

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