How To Practice A Full Moon Ritual To Let Go & Make Space For Something New

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woman doing a full moon ritual to let go of the past

Using the light and power of the gorgeous moon during a full moon ritual can help you let go of the things in your life that don't serve you anymore.

Do you know how to use the energy of the full moon to let go and make space for something — or someone — new in your life? 

Once you've gotten rid of the old things holding you back, you'll realize you're now open to receiving new things in your life. This can mean experiences, people, places, and so much more.

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A full moon ritual is perfect for creating a fresh start.

Are you longing for a new relationship while you're single? Looking for a new job? Perhaps you just really want to let go of past traumas and pain, so you can embrace a bright, new future.

Animals and plants entrain to lunar cycles and rhythms. People of many different cultures worship the moon.

Time has been gauged by its movement for thousands of years. Still today, gardeners, farmers, and fishermen are known to plan according to the moon's cycle. Even the ocean creates tides according to cycle of the moon!

Wherever you are in your life or spritual journey, you can benefit from using the energy of moon, too.

You can use the energy of a full moon to let go and make space for something new.

Now that you know the full moon is a good time for clearing the past to make way for the new, the next step is so understand how you can harness that energy for your own full moon ritual.

The energy of the full moon is all about clearing, releasing, ending, and letting go of whatever no longer serves you. Consequently, it's a great time for you to kick habits, sell your belongings, spring clean, change jobs, and move on.

It's also a good time to detox, purge, and energetically clear your living space as well as your own personal inner space, too.

Full moon energy is about commitment and action.

The full moon is not the time for passive reflection or to begin to consider a change.

It's about commitment and action — e.g., the submission of your resignation letter if you want to quit your job. Telling your boyfriend or girlfriend that you want to end things and move on. Making the decision to move and putting it into effect.

Whatever you feel has been holding you back, make the decison on a full moon to let it go and start your steps away from it.

The full moon is yang in nature: Outward, action oriented, and moving forward. It’s a time to be bold in your decisions, behaviors and actions. Not reckless, but confident, courageous, and committed.

You may experience loss and grief during full moons, but this is temporary.

Because the full moon is associated with endings, it can also be accompanied by a sense of loss and even grief. It's possible to experience sadness and grief even when a change is desired, or when there is some excitement and enthusiasm about the ending.

Graduation from high school or college can be a bittersweet experience. Professional advancements can, too.

Where a choice is particularly difficult or courageous, it can entail fear and require fortitude and confidence, yielding a sense of liberation and achievement. The emotions depend on you and how you feel once you have resolved to act.

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How do you know a partial moon is becoming fuller so you know when to act?

It depends on which hemisphere you're in.

  • Northern Hemisphere: The illuminated side is to the right and is becoming larger from right to left. The moon is visible at night.
  • Southern Hemisphere: The moon’s illuminated side is to the left and is becoming larger from left to right. The moon is visible at night.

When is full moon energy at its peak?

The peak energy for releasing and letting go is when the moon is full and bright, just before it begins its waning or decreasing stages.

A full moon ritual is beneficial to you in part because of the symbolism. As the moon wanes, it's representative of you making your choice and beginning to walk away from the old patterns in your life.

Many people believe that as the moon waxes and ultimately becomes full, its force and influence intensifies. Following this logic, the full moon is the most powerful and auspicious time to let go.

  • As the moon waxes towards fullness, take preparatory steps.
  • As the moon wanes toward the new moon, make adjustments to stay the course.

This is your chance for change and a fresh start! Use this time to get rid of something in your life that you feel is holding you back.

You can do this. The moon will be there every night to show you the way.

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Patricia Bonnard, PhD, ACC is a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) leadership coach and a certified Martha Beck life coach. For more information, visit her website or see her eBook, Smudging: Setting a Clear, Safe, and Protected Space.

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