3 Zodiac Signs Whose Heartbreak Ends During The Full Moon In Libra On April 16, 2022

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zodiac signs whose heartbreak ends april 16 2022

Ah, the Full Moon in Libra, such potential it brings. Libra is known for its practicality and ability to sort things out so that they make sense.

And so, we can expect this lunation to help us out in terms of love and most especially, heartbreak. Some people believe that heartbreak never goes away, but that would depend on what happened, right?

There are degrees to heartbreak, just as there are limited amounts of time spent being heartbroken. It just can't last forever, and with self-love and trust in the universe, we can use this Full Moon in Libra energy to help ourselves out of heartbreak and back into the light.

For those of us who have suffered heartbreak, it is no joke; this stuff hurts for a long time. Sometimes we swear we'll never get over it, and even if we try, we end up sinking deeper into the abysmal world of broken hearts.

Depending on what broke your heart, whether it was the loss of someone dear, or a bad break up with a romantic partner, it's all about trying to make day-to-day life bearable.

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During the Full Moon in Libra, we will get such a chance. And, if we allow this healing to take place, we may just get a chance to live our lives in peace, henceforth.

Some people do not wish to let go of their pain, as they believe they owe it, as some sort of payment — like guilt. This is where we have to understand that we owe no one our pain. If we survived someone, that is just the way life went. If we were hurt by someone, that's just the way life went.

Life does its thing, and because our lives are short, we need to live them. It's OK to spend a certain amount of time indulging in the pain of heartbreak, but it's not OK to do it for life. Let this Full Moon help you to reclaim yourself. You are not meant to suffer.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Heartbreak Ends During The Full Moon In Libra On April 16, 2022:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You have spent so much time suffering in heartbreak that you are starting to define yourself as a sad person, and that's so NOT who you are. Yet, you feel as though you can't get away with one single day without feeling the pain of some occurrence in your life.

You feel betrayed and abused, and while you constantly chant to yourself that you are OK, you're not, and you won't be OK until you decide it's real. But what makes it real for you, Aries? What has to take place in order for you to be able to let go of the pain and just live the rest of your life in peace?

It takes self-love and self-acceptance. This will become fairly obvious during the Full Moon in Libra, and you should grab that chance to heal now. You've always thought of yourself as the person who can survive anything, but you also feel as though you've had enough of the pain. Well, guess what? You have had enough. It's time to release yourself.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

You feel so betrayed and misunderstood that you've built an entire persona around this hurt feeling. You are now starting to watch yourself become inhuman; you just can't take another betrayal, and in order to prevent this from happening, you've taken yourself out of the field, entirely.

You don't let yourself get hurt anymore because you don't let yourself FEEL anything. You are dead to your emotions, and despite your efforts to deaden yourself completely, you're still alive — and still in pain! It's time to wish upon a star, Gemini.

It's time to believe that the universe has something better in store for you, but that it's up to YOU to let it happen. The Full Moon in Libra can restore your balance, but you first have to admit that you are imbalanced. Feel it to heal it, Gemini.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Your heartbreak has no use for you, at this point in your life. It's just a waste of redundant thought that you go over in your mind on a daily basis, all going nowhere, all leading nowhere. During the Full Moon in Libra, you will take this to heart.

Thinking and dwelling constantly on the past and on the people who did you wrong has done nothing for you but made you shrink.

You're half the person you could be because you spend so much time resenting those who did you wrong — so long ago.

What's happening today, Sagittarius? Are you moving with the times and living your life at the moment, or have you sacrificed all of this precious time to spend it thinking about people who couldn't care less about you?

Remember this: they are not thinking about you, and they do not care. So why bother putting another ounce into them? No need. Move on. Heal.

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