15 Spiritual & Psychic Signs Someone Is Thinking About You

There are plenty of physical signs you're on someone's mind.

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Whether you’re attempting to manifest someone’s attention or just want to know if you’re on someone’s mind, there are certain signs someone is thinking about you.

When you can’t seem to stop thinking about someone, it’s only natural to wonder if they’re thinking about you, too.

So natural, in fact, that over the years people have come up with several different superstitions and signs from the universe that supposedly let you know someone is thinking about you.


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And the best part? You don’t need psychic abilities to know whether or not you’re on someone’s mind. Sometimes, the signs show up physically. You just need to know what to look for.


15 Spiritual and Psychic Signs Someone is Thinking About You

1. You sneeze randomly.

If you’re not sick and don’t have allergies but suffer a random sneeze attack, it may be because someone is thinking about you.

According to many Asian cultures, one sneeze means someone is thinking positive thoughts about you. Sneezing two times in a row means someone is having negative thoughts about you, and three sneezes means the person thinking about you is in love with you.

2. You feel a burning sensation in your ears.

Often, your body reacts to things without you having any conscious idea of why.

For example, there’s often no physical reason for your ears to randomly start burning. As such, it’s become a common superstition that burning ears are a surefire sign that someone is talking about you.


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3. You get random hiccups.

A Russian superstition claims that a random hiccup attack means that someone is thinking about you.

And while there are many different tricks to get rid of the hiccups, if they’re caused by someone thinking about you, according to this superstition they’ll only go away by saying the name of the person that caused them by thinking about you.

So not only do you know that someone is thinking about you, you’ll also know who that person is by the time your hiccups go away.

4. You feel your left or right eye twitching.

How many times have you randomly had an eye start twitching? Often, there seems to be no real cause for the sudden itch or twitch.


There are many superstitions and cultural meanings of eye twitching around the world, one of which being someone is thinking about you.

It’s important to pay attention to which eye is twitching because the affected eye will reveal whether someone is having positive or negative thoughts about you.

For men, the left eye twitching is a sign that someone is thinking negatively about you, while the right eye twitching means they’re having positive thoughts about you. For women, it’s the opposite.

5. You have the sensation that someone is touching you.

It’s a little creepy to be by yourself and then suddenly you feel like there’s a hand on your shoulder or like someone’s brushing up against you.


However, there’s no need to be scared — this might be a spiritual sign that someone is thinking about you.

Usually, something this intimate means that you have a strong emotional connection to the person thinking about you.

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6. You dream about someone.

Dream meanings vary based on the content of the dream and what’s going on in your own personal life.

However, one dream interpretation of dreaming about someone is that that person is thinking about you in their waking life.

7. You have random mood swings.

There are many possible medical causes behind mood swings, but sometimes, they simply can’t be explained.


In these cases, it’s thought that mood swings are your body’s physical reaction to being in someone’s thoughts. The reason your mood changes so abruptly is tied to the types of thoughts that person is having about you.

8. You randomly choke on your food while eating.

If you start to feel your throat closing up while you’re eating or even literally start choking, it may mean someone is thinking about you. It’s believed that your mind feels a tension created by someone’s thoughts about you, which makes it difficult to swallow.

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9. A butterfly lands on you.

Butterflies are very spiritual animals and their presence has different meanings. They’re often associated with the afterlife, and it’s thought that a butterfly landing on you means someone important to you who has passed is thinking about you.

10. You find a white feather.

A white feather is thought to represent dreams coming true. So if you’re thinking about someone and happen to come across a white feather, it means that person is thinking of you, too.

White feathers are also often associated with the afterlife and angels, so finding a white feather may mean that someone you loved who died is thinking about you.


11. You experience synchronicities.

Synchronicities are meaningful coincidences. While they may seem random at the outset, they tend to be coincidences with a deeper meaning.

For example, having a passing thought about someone and then receiving a text from them or hearing a song that reminds you of them are examples of synchronicities, and are signs that person is thinking about you as well.

12. They randomly send you a message on social media.

This is a fairly obvious sign that someone is thinking about you but one that shouldn’t be overlooked.


If you open your DMs to find that someone sent you a meme, it means they not only thought about you when they scrolled by that particular post but also felt strongly enough about you to send it to you.

13. You think of them out of nowhere.

If this is someone you haven’t had contact with in a while but you suddenly find that they’re on your mind, chances are it’s because they’re thinking about you, too.

14. A Tarot reading reveals someone is thinking about you.

If someone is on your mind and you want to find out if they’re thinking about you as well, a 3-card tarot reading can reveal not only whether or not this person is thinking about you but also give you a rough idea of what their thoughts are about.

15. You encounter angel numbers.

Angel Numbers are repeating numbers that act as messages from the universe. Different numbers mean different things, but each provides an important spiritual message the Universe wants you to hear.


If you find that you keep seeing a specific sequence of numbers as you go about your day, it may be a sign that someone is thinking about you.

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