How The 10 Most Impactful Astrology Transits In February 2024 Will Affect You

The most influential February 2024 astrology transits will shape the upcoming weeks and beyond.

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As Aquarius season continues and multiple planets make their way into the innovative and rebellious air sign, the most significant astrology transits of February 2024 promise to create lasting change.

Here are the most life-changing February 2024 astrology transits and their effects.

1. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 5

First of all, the planet Mercury will officially step out of Capricorn and into Aquarius at the beginning of the month on February 5, so expect a massive shift in energies. After all, the timing is rooted in Aquarius season, and an Aquarius Mercury just makes more sense right now!


As for how it will affect you, the answer lies in what you consider to be unconventional (since it's different for different people around the world). The ideas, inspiration, conversations, and interactions you have now will broaden your mind and become excited for future possibilities.



Who knows? Maybe a groundbreaking collaboration might be in store for some of you.


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2. Pallas moves to Sagittarius on February 6

The asteroid Pallas in astrology (aka Pallas-Athena) represents the more refined things in life, like appreciating art, valuing justice and good judgment, and creating win-win situations wherever possible. And on February 6, this asteroid will be transiting from Scorpio into Sagittarius.

In Sagittarius, Pallas loves to blend cultures and philosophies. But it gives you the freedom to choose where you wish to broaden your horizons, be it in fashion, media, art or something else. This energy is also beneficial for folks who are actively seeking patronage or want a big win in the form of a generous opportunity.

Fire signs will especially benefit during this astrology transit. But Sagittarius is not known to discriminate, so the rest of the signs will be looked upon favorably too.


3. Ceres transitions from Sagittarius to Capricorn on February 7

February seems to be a month of quick-changing energies because immediately after the above two transits, Ceres will move to Capricorn on February 7. And if you know anything about Ceres in astrology, you should know that its presence in Capricorn means “harvest season” has just arrived for all Capricorns, especially those with Capricorn sun, moon or Venus placements.

But, in general, Ceres in Capricorn heralds a new era for those who wish to change things in their life for the long term and nurture incredible success in the wider world outside. So now would be a good time to sit down and set some intentions. And then follow it up with a harvest ritual to get the law of attraction in motion.

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4. Vesta retrograde ends as Vesta goes direct in Gemini on February 8

In astrology, the asteroid Vesta is the “keeper of your spiritual flame,” so its retrograde motion from November 2, 2023, to February 7, 2024, should have given you enough time to take a closer (and harder) look at your life and past and figure out if you are on the right path according to your soul or not. With Vesta going direct on February 8, now's the time to take those plans and evaluations and make solid changes.


What are you faithful to? What do you consider your divine path and mission? You can interchange the word “divine” with something else, depending on your spiritual beliefs. But the essence is all about what you consider your undeniable internal truth. And since it's a Gemini Vesta, the focus will heavily be on how your personal mission and soul truth intermingle with the people around you and help you create friends and conversations wherever you go.

5. New moon in Aquarius on February 9

The cosmic train of transits continues on February 9 with the new moon in Aquarius. That makes it a five-day streak of non-stop energy shifts since Mercury's waltz into Aquarius on February 5, so expect massive changes this week!



Plus, the Lunar New Year 2024 is on February 10. So all those who celebrate the Chinese New Year will feel extra blessed this weekend when the Year of the Wood Dragon roars in. Can there be a more blessed new moon? The answer is unimportant as long as you don't forget to take advantage of this massive cosmic alignment through a new moon ritual or two.


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6. Mars enters Aquarius on February 13

Aquarius energy will continue to rise through the month when Mars enters Aquarius on February 13. So all you Aquarius-heavy folks out there, be prepared! Your time to shine is here.

As for the rest of the world, Mars in Aquarius is the perfect time to let your inner maverick make its mark on the world. Big or small doesn't matter as long as you honor the call of your inner genius and put it to use for the betterment of one and all. The allies you choose now will matter though. So make sure you pick your compatriots wisely.

7. Venus moves to Aquarius on February 16

The Aquarius-heavy energy will get denser on February 16 when Venus moves into Aquarius, so if there ever was a time to do a manifestation ritual to set into motion massive changes, now's the time to do so. Plus, you will still be in the waxing cycle of the moon, which is best for such things.


Did you know that Venus can help you manifest your desires and bring in good fortune? With Mars and Venus both in Aquarius at this time, the cosmic benevolence seems to be focused on change-makers, toxic-rule breakers, and community protectors. Lean into this for the best results!

8. Pisces season begins as the sun enters Pisces on February 18

Officially, Pisces season is considered to begin on February 20. But with the entrance of the sun in Pisces on February 18, let's just say that the universe runs on its own schedule. So be prepared for a sudden rise in creativity around the world and an upsurge of your own inner gifts. Just don't hold yourself back when you feel this! If you allow yourself to be “different” and “weird” with your style and artistic flair, you will surprise yourself and everyone with your level of genius this season.

Plus, with Mercury, Mars, and Venus in Aquarius right now, you will soon understand that creativity is always unconventional and it's great to have the energy of unconventionality on your side while you are at it.

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9. Mercury enters Pisces on February 23

Expect things to get strange and supernatural when this transit occurs. A Neptune-touched Mercury can temporarily gift you psychic abilities of the mental kind, including heightened senses since Mercury rules the nervous system. Also, Mercury in Pisces is an excellent time to talk about the more ephemeral parts of life with your significant other and friends. And since Valentine's Day will be in the past by this time, it's the perfect period to prove the reigning sentiment that one should celebrate love every day and not just on Valentine's Day.

10. The February full moon in Virgo is on February 24

The last major astrology transit of February is the full moon in Virgo on February 24, also called a Snow Moon. It will mark the end of the six-month Virgo moon cycle that began with the new moon in Virgo on September 14, 2023, so any wishes you made around that time and projects you started should start to show results now.

It's a lunar harvest season! And earth signs will experience the best of the best under this influence.

Of course, the February 24 full moon begins a new six-month lunar cycle of processings and endings that will continue until the next Virgo new moon in 2024. Use this time to make changes in your daily routine, health and the little things that comprise a life. Full moons are the perfect time to end what isn't useful and pave the way for something new.


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