Each Zodiac Sign's 2024 Tarot Card Of The Year & What It Means For You

Each zodiac sign's 2024 tarot card reveals the themes driving your year.

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Each zodiac sign has a 2024 tarot card of the year, which can provide insight into the themes driving your year and where the bulk of your focus and energy will reside.

While each year may present its own kind of struggles and successes, ultimately, you will always get to choose whether to take a path laden with heavy obstacles or one that is surrounded by the blossoming of hope and joy. But to recognize that you have a choice, you also must step into your divine power, which is precisely what Tarot encourages you to do.  


The tarot card for 2024 for the collective is Strength, as it correlates with the eight year in numerology.



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While it may seem that you are feeling exhausted from the strength you’ve had to embrace in 2023, this card points to a triumphant conclusion to a major life situation, struggle or problem that you’ve been moving through. This is the confirmation that not only is 2024 an easier year, but it’s also one that will start to bring in the rewards, blessings, and abundance that you’ve been trying to manifest.


The most important thing is to trust that you are precisely where you are meant to be and continue to allow yourself to be led toward your fate by the divine workings of the universe.  

Each zodiac sign's 2024 tarot card of the year

Aries 2024 tarot card: The High Priestess 

aries 2024 tarot card of the year high priestessPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva

Self-growth, spirituality, romantic healing, intuition


In 2024, you will be taken on a profound path of inner healing which will also reflect into your close personal relationships. Because of this, everything as you see it now may not necessarily be truth, or even how it will all turn out — which is exactly what the High Priestess card describes.  

Despite the challenges in growth, and likely the necessity of solitude in 2024, there is a highly abundant energy around you right now as you are sowing the seeds for the life that you want to live. Instead of focusing on external factors or evidence for your decisions, take time to tune into your divine intuition as only your inner self will be able to help you manifest all of your dreams.  

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Taurus: Temperance

taurus 2024 tarot card of the year temperancePhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva


Health, healing, balance, abundance  

In 2023, it seemed as though there were many challenges you had to move through as you chose the path of your higher self and embraced growth. Now that you are on the other side of these lessons, it’s time to focus on creating a new sense of balance. With how life has changed, you are now in the position to see allow greater ease to begin to filter in which is what Temperance will help you with.  

The Temperance card encourages you to find balance in your life, avoid conflict and focus on your own health, which will be highly active this year with the South Node in Libra highlighting these themes. Try to see everything as a new beginning point in your life, as you must no longer subscribe to what isn’t working. Instead, you can create a life that nurtures your individual spirit.  

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Gemini: Three Of Wands 

gemini 2024 tarot card of the year three of wandsPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva

Expansion, new opportunities, social activities, joy

In the midst of all you have been going through, you’ve been preparing for a brilliant and exciting new era in your life. This is represented by the Three of Wands which also symbolizes Jupiter moving into your zodiac sign in 2024. You are looking forward to what the year ahead will bring because you already intuitively know it’s set to be a time of expansion.  


The Three of Wands symbolizes that you have entered the space of creation and optimism, and because of that, you are in the place for great achievement. Jupiter in Gemini will take you on a journey of expansion, growth and new opportunities while the Nodes of Fate will encourage greater happiness in your life. 2024 is all about a better life and year as you feel ready to seize all that is divinely meant for you.  

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Cancer: The Star

cancer 2024 tarot card of the year the starPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva


Hope, inspiration, optimism, ease 

No one deserves the Star card more than you after what 2023 (and previous years) have brought into your life. You have just wrapped up a significant chapter in your life as Pluto shifted out of Capricorn and into Aquarius, and now you are ready to start looking toward the future. As much as you’ve been trying to plan your steps for what you hoped would occur, with the fresh new lightness surrounding you, you will start to believe that the best is yet to come.  

The Star card brings hope, inspiration, peace, and an inner renewal for your spirit. As you begin to move through 2024, you can trust that everything you’ve begun will only continue to flourish. One of the hardest things to do after moving through a dark time in your life is to trust that things are in the process of improving which is precisely what The Star is all about because you are meant to shine your full radiant light in 2024.  

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Leo: Two Of Cups 

leo 2024 tarot card of the year two of cupsPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva

Romance, love, soulmates, new outlooks

While you may have many goals in 2024, one of the most important will be to focus on matters of the heart. Pluto has just recently shifted into Aquarius which rules your romantic sector, while Saturn in Pisces is in your house of transformation and life partners. You are being guided to not just focus your energy on creating a healthy partnership, but also to allow your outlook on love to shift in alignment with your personal growth.  


The Two Of Cups foretells a time when everything you do will become better and more successful if you do it together versus alone. While there is a strong influence on love and soulmates in 2024, you may also find that you are living a less solitary life and instead focusing your energy on creating dynamic partnerships in every facet of your life. Success overflows for you in 2024, especially when you realize that love is just as worthwhile a pursuit as fame or money.

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Virgo: Wheel Of Fortune 

virgo 2024 tarot card of the year wheel of fortunePhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva


Fate, determination, release, transformation

2023 was a year that helped you become more mindful and grateful of the present moment as you began to shift your perspective on life. But once one lesson is learned, another one always begins. You have already been intuitively aware that there are a host of positive changes on the way for you in 2024, which is what the Wheel of Fortune card will deliver.  

The Wheel of Fortune card denotes that you are heading toward abundant and positive changes within your life. This series of events will improve your life in all facets but will also require you to let go or release something within that process. Try to not see anything as a loss during this time, especially as what you may release might be more akin to a self-limiting belief or way of life. You are truly heading into one of the most abundant eras of your life, so there is no reason to fear change, as it will help deliver you precisely to where you are meant to be.  

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Libra: Ten of Cups

libra 2024 tarot card of the year ten of cupsPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva

New beginnings, love, growth, fulfillment

You’re learning that you must create space for what you really want to be able to experience. After the lessons, release and maturing that you moved through in 2023, you now stand on the brink of new love and the promise of fulfillment. While certain aspects of life may still feel as if they’re in process, you must keep trusting the path ahead as you are surrounded by the possibilities of new beginnings and love in 2024. 


The Ten of Cups represents the abundance of love and connection that you will feel in your life in 2024, which is also mirrored in the North Node in Aries, ruler of your house of love. While you are still trying to keep the focus on yourself and the dreams you have for life, you will also be given the ability to create the romantic relationship you’ve always desired. While you first had to move through your own healing, now that you’ve reached this pinnacle place within yourself, you truly stand to gain everything you’ve ever wanted.  

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Scorpio: The Fool

scorpio 2024 tarot card of the year the foolPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva


Freedom, innocence, new beginnings, hope

It might seem that The Fool isn’t a positive sign of 2024, but it actually couldn’t be better for you. You are no longer who you were. You have grown and changed, and because of that, what you want for yourself and your life has transformed. Already this puts you on the precipice of new beginnings, but what you are looking to create is something you’ve never had before, so you need hope to carry you through.  

The Fool represents freedom, new beginnings, and even luck. It represents that you have reached a point in your life where you will need to take a leap of faith, and you may be able to see how it will all work out, or even plan each step. But through it all, you are being guided by the universe to take advantage of this opportune time as Pluto shifts into Aquarius, ruler of your house of home, healing, and nurturing the life you want to live. You may not know what to expect from this new chapter, but you can believe that it will make everything you’ve had to go through worthwhile.  

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Sagittarius: The Lovers

sagittarius 2024 tarot card of the year the loversPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva

Marriage, generational healing, abundance, stability

As much as you are known to prefer your freedom, you may find that your biggest desire and accomplishment in 2024 is finally making a romantic commitment that honors your heart. With the North Node in your house of marriage and Saturn in Pisces in your sector of home and family, you have been approaching love and relationships differently, as you truly are looking to commit to the one meant for you which is what The Lovers represents.  


The Lovers card conveys a profound romantic relationship, like soulmates or twin flames. But in this process, it’s also looking at what needs to change or be decided to achieve it. You are being reminded that the romantic partner you choose also has a dramatic effect on your own life path, so it’s wise to be careful with what choices you make. However, with Jupiter shifting into Gemini in 2024, everything is pointing toward you not only making a significant romantic commitment but receiving confirmation that it’s also fulfilling your destiny.  

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Capricorn: Ace of Wands

capricorn 2024 tarot card of the year ace of wandsPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva


Happiness, success, wealth, connection

It’s no surprise that success is yours in 2024 as you strive to create a healthier and more abundant balance between your professional and personal lives. While this idea of success in your personal life (as well as in your career) is a long-term theme, with the Nodes of Fate in these areas of your life in 2024, you are guaranteed to achieve everything you have been dreaming of.  

The Ace Of Wands brings ultimate success to your life in whatever area you are investing your energy in. But for you, this will show up in multiple areas as it feels like you’ve finally moved beyond the challenges and lessons, and now can fully show up for all the blessings that are divinely yours. You will feel lucky this year as any new venture is backed by your passion and confidence in yourself, which lets you not only receive the accolades you desire, but the loving connections you’ve come to want as well.  

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Aquarius: Justice

aquarius 2024 tarot card of the year justicePhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva

Autonomy, transformation, freedom, authenticity 

You are entering a phase in your life where you will receive justice for yourself and others based upon past choices and actions. After an immensely profound life phase in which you took charge of your life and healing, you may have still found that it seemed like it hasn’t changed the behavior of others or even completely resulted in the way you had hoped. But all of that is about to change in 2024 with the Justice card. 


The Justice card represents the receipt of success and retribution for the work that you have been putting in. This also coincides with Pluto, the ultimate transformer, shifting into your sign of Aquarius in 2024. You’ve been working toward living a life that is in alignment with who you are as you’ve strived to become more authentic, and now not only will justice be served, but you will be able to attract all the luck and success that is divinely destined.

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Pisces: Nine Of Pentacles 

pisces 2024 tarot card of the year nine of pentaclesPhoto: Chikovnaya and Shen Stock / Canva


Wealth, blossoming, growth, self-worth  

When you show the universe that you are serious about your dreams, you also stand to reap the full benefits of what is meant for you. Since Saturn entered your zodiac sign of Pisces in 2023, you’ve been putting in more work and laying the foundation for what you hope to achieve. You may have wondered when it would feel like your chip was finally being cashed in — rest easy, as 2024 is the year of making your dreams come true.  

The Nine of Pentacles card mainly deals with success in your career. You’ve been putting in the work, effort, and integrity and now you stand to inherit not only financial wealth but also accolades and fame. But for you, with Jupiter shifting into your sector of home and the South Node in Libra in your house of transformation and life partners, you will find abundance in both your love life and in your professional one. After years of being uncertain if all your effort was going to pay off, you will now enter a brand-new level of your life where you finally receive everything you deserve and more.  

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