What Your Pallas Sign Reveals About Your Intellectual Prowess

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The asteroid Pallas in astrology is named after the Greek goddess Pallas Athena.

In the natal chart, this placement can show us where we feel more strengthened intellectually and creatively since Athena was renowned for her brilliance and bravery.

Pallas shows us how to spark our intellectual pursuits and what drives us to them. We can also see what might fuel the visionary in us. 

Pallas sign meanings

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Pallas in Aries

Pallas in Aries follows their instincts. Their intellectual prowess comes through when they are competing in fields they are interested in. Innovation ignites their passion for learning.

Pallas in Aries needs to be very excited about a subject or major for them to progress. So if those with this placement are in careers that bore them and they are not motivated to succeed, they will not evolve. 

Pallas in Taurus

The arts captivate their attention as long as they can perfect their skills. Pallas in Taurus will enjoy learning through their creative expression.

As a sign that is ruled by Venus, they will naturally be drawn to artistic fields that are connected with most of their senses. Painting, drawing, sculpting, or building will pique their interests. They could also be drawn to films, music, writing, and other jobs that are linked to Venusian topics.

Pallas in Gemini

Pallas in Gemini enjoys devouring information and learning as much as possible. Writing, podcasting, journalism, or finding other forms to communicate will keep their energy flowing.

They want to be the best and will excel in fields where they are allowed to express themselves freely through their words as long as they have discipline. These fields can range from the artistic industry, music industry, or even politics.

Pallas in Cancer

Pallas in Cancer placements are natural leaders. They are wise, energetic, and not afraid to speak their mind.

Positions in which they can connect with others and apply their emotional intelligence will help them feel fulfilled. They can be great social workers, therapists, or doctors, excelling in fields where they can help others and show them empathy.

Pallas in Leo

Pallas in Leo will enjoy learning more in an environment that helps them develop their self-esteem and courage. They enjoy being in careers that put them in leadership positions and can easily thrive as long as they can help motivate those working with them.

They can excel anywhere as long as they have their head in the game and are confident and passionate about the work that they do.

Pallas in Virgo

Pallas Athena in Virgo is diligent, studious, and ambitious. They aim high and will do what it takes to get there.

They exert their intellect by always being a step ahead. Planning is important and helps them feel empowered.

Pallas in Virgo excels in fields where their organizational skills and intellect are tested. Because they are extraordinary managers and teachers, they can help to guide others with ease as long as they do not get overly critical.

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Pallas in Libra

Pallas in Libra gravitates towards law and politics. These people are bookish, empowered, and driven. They thrive when they pursue educational goals linked to their networking skills.

As long as they can help the underdog and help them advance they will feel strengthened to make greater social changes.

Pallas in Scorpio

Pallas in Scorpio is a tactician and warrior. They are incredible researchers who can thrive in career fields that enable them to use this skill.

Natives with this placement might be excellent scientists, librarians, doctors, detectives, and lawyers because they are organized. Their detective-like skills to solve puzzles and succeed in obstacles will allow them to triumph.

Pallas in Sagittarius

Finding new learning experiences will keep Pallas in Sagittarius engaged and entertained academically. It is a placement that enjoys expanding their education and uncovering things through the connections that they make with the people they meet.

Those with this placement in their charts will have a fondness for understanding and might become lifelong students. Careers that help them keep their love for learning ongoing will suit them best.

Pallas in Capricorn

Pallas in Capricorn is very ambitious, always focused on reaching the summit. They will want to follow their dreams and will fight their way to get there. Expect them to study hard and work harder.

Capricorn Pallas natives may thrive in positions that put their leadership roles to the test. They can bring a lot of order amid chaos when others respect them.

Pallas in Aquarius

Those with this placement are similar to Pallas in Pisces. However, they want radical changes without losing themselves in the process.

Fields that push them to become more confident in their decision-making skills and compel them to help build and create a new world of changes and opportunities help them feel fulfilled.

Pallas in Pisces

There is a lot of emotional intellect with this placement which can allow them to be quite imaginative and creative. Pallas in Pisces excels in fields where they can practice their empathy to help others. They can also make great artists because of their great storytelling abilities.

They could be drawn to jobs in many different fields. Succeeding comes easy when they focus on a goal with concrete plans.

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