The Meaning Of The New Moon In Each Zodiac Sign

New moons affect different areas of life depending on the zodiac sign it's in during each cycle.

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The new moon is a period of ushering in new beginnings. After a full moon transit, the new moon is an effective way to clear the energy and start fresh. The time can help us connect more with our desires, depending on the theme of the house in which it is occurring.

A new moon transit usually occurs once a month when the Sun and Moon are conjoined at the same degree. New moons occur during the season of the sun, so an Aries new moon will happen either in March or April during the Aries season and so on.


During new moons we can set intentions, and goals and do some reflecting to see where we envision ourselves in the long run.



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New moon meaning in each zodiac sign

New moon in Aries

Eclectic and assertive, this energy is not violent or aggressive as Aries is sometimes believed to be. Instead, it helps us get back into form. A Mars-ruled moon that will make us all want to work our way to the top and win. We will be driven to pursue our passion and awaken our dreams. An Aries new moon is a period where we are inspired to believe, just like when we were younger. The sky is the limit during this transit because it is in a cardinal sign, meaning we have the momentum but getting things done after the fireworks may feel quite tedious. 


New moon in Taurus

A Venus-ruled moon that will have us all evaluating our worth and potential. This transit can feel enlightening and transformative after the new moon in Aries. We are all much calmer, more detail-oriented and passionate about our intentions. This is a transit that can enable us to look after ourselves and our loved ones. Falling in love during the Taurus new moon shows that the natives could be more focused on finding a partner that encourages stability and harmony in their lives.

New moon in Gemini

Occurring every May or June, during the Mercurial season, this transit is linked to new possibilities. We are opened to a new world of opportunities because the new moon in Gemini is social and wants to connect. It can feel like we are being pushed out of our comfort zone and into the spotlight, but it will work in our favor because through socializing we can meet new people, make new friends and meet future romantic partners. The Gemini new moon is for the brave and curious, it can also help us see what brings us joy when we set out to learn new things. 

New moon in Cancer

An energy that brings us closer to developing good emotional balance if we accept what we feel and do not shy away from expressing it. A transit that will feel heavy and uncomfortable if we have not been honest with ourselves or transparent. The new moon in Cancer helps us uncover our inner warrior because we develop strength after enduring some obstacles. It is a cardinal transit that allows us to make breakthroughs and improve our career path. We gain focus and clarity here as well as discipline.

New moon in Leo

When the new moon is ruled by the Sun, it can feel like an awakening as this transit powers us to believe in what we are capable of and see ourselves in a more flattering light. We are prompted to dream and reach new heights as we become more connected with our ego. This is a transit that can have even the shyest people get closer to being in the spotlight. Allow yourselves to shine during the new moon in Leo because it will be worth it. Leo's energy motivates us to chase our dreams and fall in love with the world around us.


New moon in Virgo

New moons are challenging but useful. This is the transit that can help us get to the planning stages of initiatives we have started during a cardinal new moon transit. We put the pen to paper, visualize, and start making practical decisions that continue to motivate us and inspire us to make positive breakthroughs if we have felt stuck. We have a critical eye here that allows us to see things in a more balanced way which can help us catapult our ideas during the next new moon.

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New moon in Libra

The second Venusian ruled new moon and it is a transit that will help us get to the top of the game because we have laid out the plans and acquired the tools — now, all we need is the social aspect and the charm to receive guidance or new partnerships in business that will help us get to where we want. It is a new moon that is essential for collaboration and career success. Of course, Libra is ruled by Venus so this could be a romantic transit for singles and those who are in relationships to express their love dreamily.

New moon in Scorpio

Co-ruled by Pluto and Mars, the energy here makes us aware of what is needed to feel grounded in our day-to-day lives. It is a period of release to feel more connected with our path for our future. If there is baggage that the native is holding onto, the transit is about making peace and moving forward. The new moon in Scorpio is when we start to look ahead and feel more content with our choices and prior decision-making. We reconcile with ourselves and give ourselves the grace needed to bring back attention to the things that give us happiness and infinite joy.


New moon in Sagittarius

Ruled by Jupiter, this moon can be refreshing and encapsulating. The energy can make us very focused on personal improvement and mastery. We can take the lessons learned during the new moon in Virgo to become more engaged in the things we are passionate about, this can be a career or hobby. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so the energy feels potent, fierce, and optimistic. There is much to uncover and learn about the self during this transit as well. Jupiter wants us to grow and shed parts of who we were to embrace our more empowered selves.

New moon Capricorn

The new moon helps us get to where we want because this can be a relentless transit when the native is close to their goal. Here we have the fruits of our hard work, energy spent along with sweat and tears. Now is when the recognition begins and the native receives praise. It can be an ego-driven transit since it focuses on career and the public spotlight. The new moon in Capricorn is a time for victory, but a planned and meticulous one. The lessons learned from the new moon in Libra can help the natives win the favor of others through charm and diplomacy.

New moon in Aquarius

When the new moon is co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn, it brings a dynamic energy that helps us become more visionary and risk-takers. It is a time to embark and learn to be more connected with friends, family, and community. We are pushed to receive the support needed especially after such an ego-driven moon like the Capricorn one. This is a time when we can appreciate our successes and relax a bit. There is also a lot of learning and wisdom because the moon has transformed through several signs and carried lessons along the way.


New moon in Pisces

The end of a chapter and a time to gain new perspectives on what is valuable in our lives. It can feel like a spiritual time since this moon is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. We learn to cut free from the ties of the material, look after ourselves a little more, and help others. We may do a lot of dreaming, so it is also important to establish discipline. It is a time to learn to value what we have around us and to be more appreciative. While we may need to expand there is also a need to balance our reality with practical decision making.

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