How To Create A New Moon Ritual To Jump-Start Something New

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How do you create a new moon ritual to jump-start something new?

Metaphysically, the new moon is about beginnings. It marks the start of a lunar cycle.

The "supermoon" occurs at the point in the moon's orbit where it's closest to the Earth — called the perigee — regardless of its current phase. Its proximity to the Earth intensifies our experience of the moon's energy, whether it's new or full.

When occurring simultaneously, you can use new moon supermoon energy to jump-start something new.


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So, you might be wondering how a new moon ritual works.

When the sun, Earth, and moon perfectly align, the Earth's shadow blocks the sun's light from the moon's surface.

Having no luminance of its own, the moon appears dark. It seems to vanish from the sky. But it doesn't.


In fact, during the new moon, the moon is at or near its perihelion: Its closest point to the sun in its monthly orbit of the Earth. This intensifies the sun's effect on the moon and the moon's effect on us.

New moons happen once a month. Occasionally, there are two new moons in one month, which are called a "black moon." 

That's because the moon orbits the Earth in approximately 28 days — 27.3 more precisely, according to NASA — which is slightly less than a month.

Consequently, the calendar and lunar cycle don't absolutely align, causing the new moon to occur at different points in the month across time.

Since dates are always changing, these astrological events seem special and surprising. Yet, in reality, they happen regularly.


What are the great metaphysical outcomes of these astral positions?

Metaphysically, the moon is about change, no matter which phase it's in.

We also associate it with water, as it governs the ocean tides as well as the ebb and flow of our mood and emotions.

It's emblematic of the subconscious, memories, dreams, shape-shifting, and spiritual guidance by virtue of its connection to night skies, cosmic bodies, and deep, nebulous darkness, in general.

The new moon, in particular, is a time to start something new.

It's time to stop thinking about it and do it. Take action now!

Accept a job offer. Enroll in a class. Start a diet. Buy something new. Start a relationship. The possibilities are endless!


And because the new moon is about beginnings, it can be hopeful or unsettling. Outcomes of change are uncertain, and this uncertainty can create some apprehension, insecurity, and anxiety.

Consequently, there are always two sides to the new moon, and each person and situation can possess a combination of hope and fear associated with the transition.

However, new moon energy is inherently hopeful, optimistic, and action-oriented. It's filled with outward energy, making it quite "yang" in nature.

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A new moon draws also upon the qualities of the sun due to its proximity.

Metaphysically, the sun is about strength, resolve, transformation, transmutation, and creation. It's associated with higher intelligence and our creative processes.


The presence of the sun behind the moon contributes to the new moon's significant potential to effect change and initiate something new.

Supermoons are imbued with Earth energy.

All supermoons are imbued even more intensively with Earth energy, due to their close proximity at the perigee.

While the moon is our subconscious, the Earth represents our consciousness. Its influence is to center, ground, and align ourselves with our true nature and authentic intentions in harmony with all of nature on Earth.

As a result, the Earth focuses and reinforces not only new moon energy, but of the sun and the earthly environment.

A supermoon new moon is truly an auspicious time to start something new!


Creating a new moon supermoon ritual to initiate change

If you like rituals and working with the moon, you might want to do reflect on what you'd like to bring into your life prior to the new moon, and be prepared.

Take time to explore your intentions and prepare yourself. You might journal or design a vision board.

Alternatively, you could take a walk in nature with an explicit intention to receive symbols and guidance. You could light devotion candles or create a crystal grid.

Create what feels natural and true for you.

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Patricia Bonnard, Ph.D., ACC is a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) leadership coach and a certified Martha Beck life coach. For more information, contact her or visit her website.